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Vegemite is a dark brown Australian indigenous cuisine created from leftover brewer’s salt, yeast, B vitamins, malt extract, and vegetable extract.

In 1922, Cyril Callister, an Australian pharmacist, invented yeast spread in Melbourne, Victoria. So how does vegemite taste? Is it bitter or sweet in flavor?

Vegemite has a pronounced sour to bitter, salty flavor with traces of malt. The spread also contains a lot of glutamates. The flavor is also entirely dependent on how you consume it. When consumed plain, Vegemite tastes more bitter.

It’s worth mentioning that vegemite has no artificial flavors and is low in sugar and fat. That is really quite beneficial to a vegetarian or vegan.

Let’s have a look at some other ways to utilize Vegemite!

What Is Vegemite Made Of?

Yeast extract is the primary component in Vegemite. It is created using leftover brewers yeast extract, a byproduct of beer production, as well as different veggies and spice ingredients.

Its hue is dark reddish-brown, nearly black.

What Is Vegemite Used For?

Vegemite is a popular condiment for sandwiches, crackers, and toast. Vegemite is also used as a filling in several Australian bakers’ pastries and other baked items.

What Does Vegemite Smell Like?

Vegemite has a distinct flavor. It has the aroma of a well-cooked beef stew.

Sulfurol, a brand of Vegemite spread, is said to smell like sulfur, pork, and chicken soup. Vegemite fans identify it as the scent that fills their noses as they remove the jar’s lid.

How to Use Vegemite Spread

The salty to bitter-tasting spread may be utilized in a variety of ways; it goes well with a variety of handmade delights.

Let us summarize them shortly.

  • Spread it on sandwiches.
  • It goes well with crackers.
  • It goes well with toasted cheese and marmite on bread.
  • You may use it to season casseroles.
  • You may also season bacon with it.

Vegemite Vs Marmite: Any difference?

The British prefer Marmite over Vegemite, whereas the Aussies prefer Vegemite. It’s worth noting that the yeast extracts used to make the spreads are quite similar.

The following are the acknowledged distinctions between vegemite and marmite.

  • Despite the fact that they are both full of taste, vegemite has a more strong flavor than its British equivalent.
  • The texture of Vegemite is comparable to that of peanut butter, however the texture of marmite is syrupy in nature. In fact, it is often assumed that the flavor is quite similar to molasses.
  • The hue of Marmite is lighter than that of the Australian spread.

The spreads do not vary much. Most crucially, marmite is British, while vegemite is Australian. Which of the two flavors is your favorite?

Nutritional Qualities of Vegemite

Sure, we know you’d be ecstatic about this! It’s fantastic news for Vegemite fans. According to research, Vegemite is very healthy, with a teaspoon amount containing:

  • 9 calories
  • Protein content: 1.3 g
  • 0 gram fat
  • 0 gram carbohydrate
  • Fiber content: 0 g
  • 0 gram sugar

The spread is also high in the following vitamins:

  • Thiamin (Vitamin B1) (Vitamin B1)
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) (Vitamin B2)
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3) (Vitamin B3)
  • Folate (Vitamin B9) (Vitamin B9)

A teaspoon contains about 25 to 50% of the daily recommended intake of the vitamins mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vegemite taste like Nutella?

While the spread resembles Nutella in appearance, it tastes nothing like it.

Is Vegemite banned in the US?

An Australian news firm in October 2006 announced that Vegemite has been banned in the United States. But it was unjustified. In any event, the US Food and Drug Administration indicated that there were no intentions to restrict Vegemite.

The United States Customs and Border Protection attempted to debunk the idea further, claiming on its website that there is no known limitation on the importation of Vegemite and that CBP has no formal policy targeting Vegemite for interception.

Is Vegemite really that bad?

Vegemite is a fairly nutritious spread with little health risks. Yet, some people are concerned that Vegemite contains too much salt. One teaspoon of Vegemite contains roughly 5% of your daily sodium requirements.

Does Vegemite taste like beer?

It has a beer-like flavor. The essential issue is that Vegemite has a particular flavor that cannot be defined in a single word.

What does Vegemite go well with?

Vegemite and butter go nicely together on toast or crackers. Spread it on bread and top with avocado or cheese slices.

Do you refrigerate Vegemite?

You don’t have to keep vegemite in the fridge. It is a shelf-stable product, so once opened, just store it in the cabinet or pantry to keep it fresh until the best before date.

How do you eat Vegemite on toast?

The first step is to smother your bread with butter, then smear on some Vegemite, and lastly, relish the salty and savory sensations in your tongue.

Can I use Vegemite as stock?

Absolutely, if you run out of beef stock cubes, a teaspoon of vegemite will suffice. It may be used in savory mince, bol, stew, soups, and other dishes.

Is Vegemite vegan?

Vegemite is suitable for vegans and vegetarians since it includes no animal components.


What is the flavor of vegemite? One may argue that this is a personal question, and that person would be correct. The flavor changes based on a number of circumstances. If you eat the spread plain, it will taste harsh; it will taste quite different when topped with a cheese sandwich.

But, Vegemite is an acquired taste; test it first before deciding on the true flavor. Vegemite is the best option for vegans and vegetarians.

You may enjoy the savory flavor by spreading it on toast instead of sweet jam or peanut butter.

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Is Vegemite an acquired taste?

Even the producer, Vegemite, considers it an acquired taste, recommending that it be “best acquired as a youngster” (via the The New York Times). In other words, it’s a very salty condiment that may be too strong for the average American palette.

Why does Vegemite taste so good?

“Brewer’s yeast is the secret to Vegemite’s beloved flavour,” Vegemite said. This brewer’s yeast extract is a byproduct of beer production, and it, combined with salt, barley malt extract, vegetable extract, and B vitamins, gives Vegemite its distinct flavor.

Why do Australians eat Vegemite?

Vegemite dominated the Australian market during World War II. Since Marmite was unavailable, the Australian Army provided Vegemite to their soldiers. Although being acquired by the US corporation Kraft, Vegemite became an uniquely ‘Australian’ product in the 1950s and 1960s.

Can you eat Vegemite by itself?

Even while the health benefits remain, many individuals now consume Vegemite just for the flavor. It is often spread over sandwiches, toast, and crackers.

Why is Vegemite not sold in the US?

The US Customs and Border Protection attempted to debunk the notion by declaring on its website that “there is no known limitation on the importation of Vegemite” and that “there is no formal strategy within CBP targeting Vegemite for interception.” The account of the “ban” subsequently took on the stature of urban legend.

Why don’t Americans like Vegemite?

Why it’s strange: Vegemite tastes incredibly salty to those of us who aren’t accustomed to it. Not to mention that when you ask what it is, the most straightforward response you’ll get is “yeast byproduct,” which does not sound appealing.

Is Vegemite sold in the US?

Is Vegemite illegal in the United States and Canada? No, Vegemite is not prohibited in the United States or Canada and may be bought.

What does Vegemite taste like to Americans?

What Is the Taste of Vegemite? Vegemite has a powerful, salty, meaty taste (although there is no meat or meat byproduct in it). The taste is similar to a strong tamari or soy sauce.

What is the American equivalent of Vegemite?

Although both are powerful, acidic, and salty yeast extracts, enthusiasts will notice a minor but detectable variation in flavor between the two. Marmite is saltier, whereas Vegemite is sweeter.

Does Vegemite taste like miso?

Miso. Miso is distinct from Vegemite in that it is creamy, salty, spreadable, and full of umami. Spread with a little butter on bread. It is, nevertheless, a tasty replacement.

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