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When visiting a new nation, you should be eager to taste their local foods and cuisine. Although Australia does not offer a wide variety of delicacies, there are a few things you should not miss while there, one of which being kangaroo meat.

However, kangaroo meat is not just popular in Australia. The meat is sent to more than 60 international markets after being harvested from wild kangaroos. It is said that up to 70% is exported, mostly to Russia. But how does kangaroo taste?

Kangaroo meat has a strong, earthy flavor with a hint of game flavor. Kangaroo is not as flavorful as venison, but it is much more potent than beef or lamb.

But that isnt all there is to kangaroo meat; there is more to it, which we will discuss in this post!

Lets get started!

What Does Kangaroo Taste Like?

What Does Kangaroo Taste Like? (Things to Know)

Kangaroo meat was prohibited from being purchased for human consumption in Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales during the majority of the twentieth century.

Nonetheless, since its legalization in South Australia in 1980, it has become a popular meat. It has turned into a grocery staple and a family favorite.

Kangaroo meat is very thin and has a vivid, powerful taste that is similar to game. Foodies like it for its bold and earthy flavor, while being low in fat and high in iron and zinc.

It has a stronger taste than beef or lamb and is as lean as chicken or rabbit. But it doesn’t have the same flavor as chicken and doesn’t taste like steak. Kangaroo is a gamey meat that many foodies prefer over lamb and steak because of its softness and flavor.

It has a stronger taste than beef or lamb, and while being a very lean meat, it is not as powerful as venison may be at times.

Kangaroo may be enjoyed in a variety of cuisines, and the flavor varies according on the cut. It’s a fantastic low-fat alternative to other red meats or an adventure for those looking to try something new.

But keep in mind that, just as the taste of beef may vary greatly between a low-cost burger place and a high-end steakhouse, so can the flavor of kangaroo.

As a result, if you want to try kangaroo, go somewhere where you believe the meat has been properly prepared!

How Popular is Kangaroo Meat?

The thought of eating bush Kangaroos is unnerving for many people. However, for many Australians, eating kangaroo meat is the same as eating venison; for others, it is elk or beef.

Another advantage of eating kangaroo meat is that it is not raised in Australia. This indicates that the meat is always free of antibiotics, growth hormones, and other chemicals.

And theres more; youll find this intriguing.

Kangatarianism’s discipline has grown in popularity throughout the years.

This is a term used to describe individuals who consume only vegetarian food except for kangaroo meat. It is because of their environmental advantages.

They do not need any more land or water, and they produce very little methane.

There are no kangaroo farms in Australia, and adherents of Kangatarianism favor the diet because Australian kangaroos eat organic food, live in biological environments, and are butchered humanely.

How to Cook Kangaroo Meat

Kangaroo meat, due to its minimal fat content, may quickly become dry if overdone. There are several ways in which Australians choose to consume kangaroo meat.

Lets discuss them briefly.

  • Kanga Bangas: A popular barbeque side dish. Kanga Bangas, often known as kangaroo sausages, are significantly thinner than pork substitutes.
  • Kangaroo Steak: Served with potatoes and vegetables, or chopped into pieces for a slow-cooked curry or soup.
  • Kangaroo Mince: Kangaroo mince is a low-fat alternative to traditional beef mince. Make lasagna or hamburgers!

Why is Kangaroo Meat Banned in the US?

Kangaroo meat is not fit for human consumption in the United States since there are no USDA-approved slaughtering facilities. California prohibited the importation of kangaroo products in 1971 owing to concerns about declining animal numbers in Australian terrains.

Furthermore, since the animal is an endangered species, bringing it into the country alive violates CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) regulations. Purified game meats, such as canned or cured roo, may be legitimately imported if all regulatory requirements are met.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is kangaroo meat nutritious?

Absolutely! Kangaroo meat is really nutritious! It has more protein than beef, is richer in iron and zinc, and even contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are normally found in fish.

Is eating kangaroo bad for the environment?

No, they don’t. If you’ve been avoiding red meat due to environmental concerns, kangaroo meat might be an excellent new option for you.

Can I cook kangaroo meat at home?

Certainly! Cooking kangaroo at home is similar to cooking the perfect steak, since it is ideally served medium-rare. It goes well with almost any meat meal, including burgers, sausages, casseroles, and meatballs.

Does Kangaroo Meat Have Worms?

It does not. Let me clarify. According to research, the Australian animal has a high parasite load. A single gray kangaroo may harbor up to 30,000 worms of various types.

Although it is true that kangaroos may have such parasites at times, the meat does not contain any of them. Similarly, all commercially sold kangaroo meat in Australia has been tested for parasites and is safe for human eating.

Can You Eat Kangaroo Raw?

You cannot. Kangaroos, according to the Australian Institute of Food Safety, should always be fully cooked before eating. They should also be boiled for at least two minutes at a temperature of at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit.


Kangaroo meat should be cooked medium-rare to retain its juiciness and softness. It’s both yummy and nutritious! Yes! It may also be pan-fried and served with a tasty salad.

What is the flavor of kangaroo? I believe I have appropriately answered that question.

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What is the aftertaste of kangaroo meat?

Kangaroo meat has a lower fat level and is leaner than beef. It is classified as red meat and has a strong odor. This meat’s aftertaste has a hint of sweetness and is somewhat bitter.

What is kangaroo meat compared to?

Kangaroo is a lean meat with less than 2% fat, making it a better alternative to red meat. It also contains a lot of protein, vital B vitamins, minerals including zinc and iron, and omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Kangaroo has double the iron content of beef and treble the iron content of chicken and pig.

Is kangaroo meat legal in the US?

Kinder Surprise and kangaroo meat are both prohibited in the United States. – Australia’s most popular news website.

What does kangaroo milk taste like?

“Quite musky, a bit funky, and a little metallic.” Musky, indeed. “The best word to describe it would be pungent—definitely not enjoyable.”

What is the issue with kangaroo meat?

The RSPCA stated in October 2022 that it would remove kangaroo meat items from its stores owing to “concerns about animal welfare implications in the sourcing of these products.” The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) inspects exported meat.

Is it ethical to eat kangaroo?

Overall, consuming Kangaroo meat is more environmentally friendly and sustainable than most other meat consumption. Kangaroos can survive on a range of indigenous vegetation and do not depend on grain production since they are indigenous to the Australian climate.

Is kangaroo meat juicy?

To keep the meat moist and soft, serve it medium-rare. It’s delicious (and healthy!)

Why are many consumers reluctant to eat kangaroo meat?

The general public is turned off by a variety of causes, including a perceived lack of availability and normalcy as a meat for daily human eating. Consumers are mostly unaware that kangaroos are wild harvested, although this isn’t a substantial obstacle to acceptance.

Is kangaroo meat a superfood?

It is also high in B vitamins, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and iron, an essential element that many women need. Kangaroo has double the iron content of beef, with a 150 gram meal supplying one-third of your daily iron requirements.

Why did California ban kangaroo meat?

In 1971, California prohibited the importation of kangaroo goods because to worries about dwindling numbers in Australian landscapes.

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