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Unlike other birds, emus flesh is brilliant red rather than white. Except, of course, for ostrich. This is due to the presence of myoglobin in their tissues, which gives its meat a distinct flavor, texture, and color.

Ostrich and emu, although being fowl, are red meats with a powerful, deep color and taste. So, how does emu taste? Despite being a bird, emu tastes a lot like beef.

It’s worth emphasizing that the flavor of any animal’s meat is determined by three factors: the animal’s genetics, the environment in which it was raised, and how the meat was prepared.

What Does Emu Taste Like?

What Does Emu Taste Like? (Emu Taste Explained)

Todd Green, an Oklahoma State University biologist who has researched emus for many years, says:

Emu meat, like beef, includes myoglobin, which is a protein that holds oxygen and turns flesh red.

The red flesh tissues of emus suggest that its flavor is similar to that of beef or lamb, but its incredibly different diet and activity also indicate that it has slender meat.

Although it is a bird, emu tastes similar to beef. Its flavor is most similar to a lean cut of beef. To put it another way, emu meat tastes like a cross between beef and, presumably, duck.

Its very soft and is a great source of protein.

NOTE: Emu taste like ostrich.

Emu meat tastes a much like ostrich meat. They’re both huge birds with crimson flesh that tastes like a cross between beef and chicken or duck.

How to Cook Emu Meat

What Does Emu Taste Like? (Emu Taste Explained)

As a general guideline, emu meat should be cooked to an internal temperature of 150 to 160 degrees F (66 to 71 degrees C).

Emu steaks and roasts will be cooked to rare or medium rare with this method. It will get dry if you cook it for an extended period of time.

These meats lend themselves nicely to grilling. Because of their size, emus may be chopped into almost as many different types of meat as beef.

This, along with emus’ intriguing taste, means you may use it in a wide range of dishes instead of red or white meat.

Thigh slices must be cooked quickly over high heat, but no more than medium, ideally medium-rare. They should be finely sliced before being barbecued or fried. This cut may be used in stir-fry strips or as a steak.

How to Make Emu Steaks

Emu steaks charred on the grill are an excellent choice. But don’t throw them on the grill straight immediately.

Because emu has a lower fat content than beef, it might dry out if not marinated before barbecue.

Use a marinade with barbecue seasoning or a natural honey, herb, salt, and olive oil mixture.

Allow plenty of time for the emu steak to absorb flavor and moisture before grilling it to medium-rare; much more than that, and the meat will take on a disagreeable composition.

Soups, stews, and chili are the best ways to use emu meat offcuts or slivers of trim after making emu steaks.

How to Make Emu Burgers

Emu burgers follow the same procedure as before, but use ground emu meat instead of entire steaks.

Add a sliver of fat to your emu burgers by using oil, egg yolks, or bacon slabs.

This will help to keep the burger moist and juicy by insulating it from excessive heat.

Emu burgers are flavorful and healthy, and they go well with all the regular condiments plus a side salad or fries.

Emu Meat With Casseroles

Casseroles are another excellent way to prepare emu meat.

In a casserole dish, combine properly cooked and seasoned ground emu meat with mashed potatoes, then top with heaps of shredded cheddar cheese.

It produces a cheery, refreshing supper that is easy to prepare ahead of time and tastes even better the following day.

Emu Meat With Kebabs

Kebabs are another excellent way to broil emu meat, and they may be made with minced emu meat or cubed emu steaks.

They’re also quite easy to produce. You must first heat up your grill, and after it is hot, you may cook a dozen or more emu kebabs.

Large bits of onion and bell pepper complement the emu well, and I like to use a spice combination of soy sauce, honey, and vinegar to give the kebabs more flavor and a flakier crunch.

What Does Emu Eggs Taste Like?

Emu eggs are very delicious and are generating quite a stir in the culinary world. Everyone clamors for them as they are very vibrant and very rich.

Their structure is similar to that of a duck egg rather than a chicken egg.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cut of emu?

The fan filet and top loin are the softest cuts of emu meat.

Does emu have to be cooked all the way?

It does not. Because emu and ostrich contain some fat, overcooking the meats may lead them to become too dry and too lengthy.

How do you make emu burgers?

It’s very simple. Allow me to guide you through the process of cooking emu burgers:

  • Combine ground emu, taco seasoning, and shredded garlic in a mixing bowl.
  • Construct it into 4 patties
  • Broil for 4 to 5 minutes each side on a hot grill or in a pan over high heat.
  • If you’re using sour cream, top the buns with it.
  • Put in emu patties, cheese, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes if desired.

How do you cook emu filets?

Grill the Fan Filet to an internal temperature of 125-130F degrees for maximum zest and thickness. Then wrap the filet in foil and set aside for 5 to 10 minutes. If you like, you may cook the Fan Filet to medium (130-140F degrees).

How do you cook emu round steak?

Cook the emu filets in the same manner. You’ll obtain your ideal emu round steak if you follow the guidelines.


When you get a taste of emu, you’ll know it’s a wonderful piece of meat that will leave your taste buds wanting more. And there’s more. The eggs are generating quite a commotion.

So hurry, my sweetheart, go take a taste and get back to me. Because the next time, I’ll be the one to ask the inquiry. What is the flavor of emu meat?

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Do people eat emu meat?

Emu flesh tastes like beef. We’ve fed emu meat to cattle farmers who claim they can’t detect the difference in flavor or texture between it and beef.

What flavor is emu steak?

Emu is a tasty red meat source that has the texture and flavor of high-end beef but with significantly less fat.

Is emu meat red or white?

Despite the fact that ratites (Emu, Ostrich, and Rhea) are poultry, the pH of their meat is close to that of beef. As a result, they are considered “red” flesh. The raw flesh is a deep cherry red. After cooking, the flesh resembles beef and has a somewhat sweeter taste.

Why do farmers keep emus?

Another important reason for maintaining emus is to utilize them as a meat source. An adult emu can produce between 20 and 30 pounds of flesh, and the quality and taste of emu meat are highly regarded.

Why are emus so expensive?

“You have to get the market to a rational level.” It is also costly to process the meat. The US Food and Drug Administration requires emu producers to pay for their meat to be examined before slaughtering the 110-pound bird. In certain parts of the nation, these fees might reach $120 per bird.

How much meat do you get from one emu?

Like ostrich meat, emu meat is marketed as a low-fat, low-cholesterol red meat. According to Emu Ranchers Incorporated (ERI) slaughter data, the average carcass weight is 80 pounds, with a dressed yield of 53.75 percent. The average weight of meat per carcass is 26 pounds, while the average fat weight is 17 pounds.

Is emu egg edible?

Emu eggs are rich and creamy, much like duck eggs. Make omelettes, scrambled eggs, over easy eggs, frittatas, pancakes, and more with them! They have a soft and fluffy texture.

Does emu meat taste good?

Its meat is a nutritionist’s dream: lean, low in cholesterol, and rich in iron and vitamin C. According to emu enthusiasts, the bird tastes like a delicious filet mignon.

How are emus slaughtered?

Slaughter. Before being bled out, all ostriches and emus must be electrically shocked or rendered unconscious using a captive bolt cannon [62]. There is no film of ostriches or emus being slaughtered in Australia.

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