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Most people confuse palak and saag paneer for the same meal, however they are not the same.

The flavors of both curries are similar, but the main distinction between palak paneer and saag paneer is the variety of veggies utilized in their preparation.

I hope you will bear with me while we compare and contrast Palak Paneer and Saag Paneer.

What Is Palak Paneer?

Palak paneer is a combo meal prepared of spinach leaves, also known as palak. For cooking palak paneer, you only need a few key components, although some individuals add their own few things to give it the flavor that they want.

The flavor of palak paneer varies from that of saag paneer since saag paneer contains a lot of green vegetables.

In the United States, the palak paneer dish is known as green paneer since it includes many other green veggies than spinach owing to the scarcity of fresh spinach leaves. While presenting this meal, you may serve it with side dishes like as roti, bread, naan, or kulcha.

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What Is Saag Paneer?

Saag paneer is a relatively new addition to Indian cuisine. It is one of Punjab’s most famous dishes, and it is also popular in certain other eastern Indian states such as West Bengal and Odisha.

This recipe is also not consistent, since numerous variations of saag paneer may be found in Odisha.

Saag paneer, aloo saag, saag gosht, and saag chicken are some popular saag varieties. Since it is served to the deities at festivals or after a prayer session, saag paneer has traditional advantages.

Palak Paneer Vs Saag Paneer: Major Differences

The main distinction between these two is the kind of vegetable utilized in their preparation.

Saag paneer, for example, is made using saag, a blend of green leaves such as spinach, mustard leaves, Chenopodium, fenugreek leaves, radish greens, and Chenopodium, also known as podium, while palak paneer is produced with just one vegetable, spinach leaves.

The paneer in each of them generally contributes to the creaminess of these curries. This is the primary distinction between these two delectable curry meals. Their colors vary as well, with saag paneer being light green and palak paneer being lighter green.

Similarities Between Palak Paneer and Saag Paneer

There are few parallels between these two, but the most apparent one is that they are both from the Indian state of Punjab.

They both have a similar component, paneer, which adds thickness and heft to the meal, and they are both cooked with green vegetables, although while palak paneer only has one vegetable, spinach, and the other has a lot of green leaves.

These two may be used as substitutes for each other since their tastes are comparable, and you won’t have to spend time acquiring it from a restaurant or fast-food restaurant because you can eat it at home.

Cumin, coriander, cinnamon, black peppercorns, cloves, and seeds are typical spices used in both.

Since palak and saag paneer can be farmed all year, supply should not be an issue. The main limitation to palak paneer is the availability of spinach, which may become quite scarce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Saag and Spinach the Same?

No, there is no solution to this question! Saag is often a mixture of vegetables, while palak is a spinach meal. Saag is a Punjabi word for leafy vegetables.

Is Palak Paneer Healthy?

Palak paneer is not a horrible meal, but it is also not healthy, since it includes a lot of calcium, but the body only absorbs approximately 5% of this calcium, which interferes with iron absorption, making palak paneer unhealthy.

What Does Saag Mean in India?

Saag is simply green and leafy vegetables found in India’s subcontinent, such as Pakistan and Nepal. Saag is most often used to refer to leafy vegetables such as mustard greens, spinach, fenugreek, basella, and collard greens.

Why Does My Palak Paneer Taste Bitter?

Palak paneer gets its bitter flavor from spinach, which has a bitter taste. The flavor is mainly attributed to the oxalic acid contained in spinach. If you like a less bitter flavor, increase the amount of cream in your recipe.

Why Does Spinach Have a Metallic Taste?

The metallic taste of spinach is caused by the presence of calcium and insoluble oxalic acid. As you chew, this acid creates crystals that attach to your teeth, giving it a gritty flavor that some people characterize as bitter.


Which is better palak or saag?

Since heavy whipping cream is added at the conclusion of the cooking process, saag curry is richer and creamier. The dairy element in Palak curry is yogurt rather than cream. This produces a drier sauce with a unique tanginess.

What is the difference between saag aloo and saag paneer?

Saag is referred to as’saagwala’ on certain menus. Saag is often eaten as part of a Saag Aloo meal, which consists of dipped potatoes in spinach curry. The meal is also available as saag paneer, which is spinach with paneer cheese.

Why not mix palak and paneer?

Spinach or palak, according to the expert, is high in iron, whereas paneer is high in calcium. “When these two foods are consumed together, calcium reduces iron nutrition absorption.”

What are the disadvantages of palak saag?

Spinach has a lot of oxalic acid, which may cause calcium oxalate stones in the kidney. Spinach’s high purine content may worsen gout or gouty arthritis, causing joint discomfort, edema, and inflammation.

What are the disadvantages of saag?

How can saag cause gas or bloating?
Overeating saag and using a large amount of spinach in the dish might induce bloating in some people.
Some additives, such as using too much ghee and butter, might induce bloating.
Saag may be difficult to digest when served with maize chapati (Makke ki roti).
Dec 10, 2021

What is Palak called in USA?

spinach is a noncountable noun. Spinach is a green vegetable with big leaves.

Why is my Palak Paneer bitter?

What’s the deal with my bitter Palak Paneer? Spinach has a very bitter flavor. This flavor is often caused by the presence of oxalic acid in spinach. You may add fresh cream to this dish to reduce the harshness of the spinach leaves.

What do we call Saag in English?

(s) (in Indian cuisine) spinach.

Do Indians eat saag paneer?

Saag paneer is a popular Indian vegetarian meal that combines spinach and other leafy greens (known as saag) with paneer (Indian cottage cheese). The greens are crushed into a paste and spiced up. The paneer is then fried and placed on top. This dish originated in the northern Indian state of Punjab.

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