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A dish of polenta is a breakfast treat that virtually everyone would like, particularly if you make a hot porridge polenta on a chilly morning.

It’s a fantastic pantry staple to have on hand. However, it is not uncommon for a nearby store to suddenly run out of stock, leaving you polenta-less and sad.

Have you ever been in this scenario or want to try something similar to polenta that may still provide a rich and fulfilling experience?

Oatmeal, mashed potatoes, sweet mashed potatoes, cream of wheat, rice risotto, rice risotto, pureed cauliflower, pureed pumpkin, and more alternatives are available.

Best Substitutes For Polenta

Below, we’ll go over each of them, telling you what dishes you can use them for and how to use them.

Lets get started!

1. Oatmeal

Consider this: just as polenta soft porridge may be served with milk or cream and fresh fruits for a substantial breakfast dish, so can oatmeal when prepared properly.

Oatmeal is a great source of whole grains that include beta-glucan, a heat-protective starch that may help decrease cholesterol and perhaps reduce the risk of some malignancies.

So, if you suffer from glucan intolerance, oatmeal is your savior. Simply substitute 1 cup oatmeal for 1 cup polenta. Also, you want to cook it for a much longer period of time so that it becomes as soft and creamy as polenta.

Add additional milk for added richness, and sprinkle dried or fresh fruits on top for a bit of crunch.

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2. Mashed Potatoes

When coupled with flavorful meats and veggies, polenta provides the ideal lunch or supper.

If you want anything other than polenta in your savory recipes, mashed potatoes would undoubtedly suffice.

And, with potatoes selling like hotcakes in the market, I’m sure most home kitchens never go without them. When possible, try to get organic ones.

Furthermore, powdered mashed potatoes are readily available in the market for your convenience in order to save time.

A generous cup of mashed potatoes may be made from three medium-sized potatoes.And a cup of polenta can be substituted for almost any meal.

For an added flavor, top it with beef stew, steaks, or any kind of vegetable.

3. Sweet Mashed Potatoes

While regular potatoes can replace polenta, sweet potatoes are the healthier choice. Fiber content is higher; carbohydrate content is lower.

They are, in my opinion, preferable. They may be used in both savory and sweetened cuisines. So you’re killing two birds with one stone.

It makes a great nutritious breakfast when topped with dried fruit and almonds. Alternatively, serve it as a lunch with cream and crispy fried bacon.

Furthermore, they are always available in the grocery store throughout the year. However, unlike regular potatoes, packaged sweet-mashed potatoes can be difficult to find.

To replace a cup of polenta, boil and mash 2 big sweet potatoes.

4. Cream of Wheat

You may thank me later if you use cream of wheat today.

I strongly! strongly!! All day, every day, I recommend the cream of wheat.

They are one of my favorite instant food discoveries from my kitchen journey.

It’s more like oatmeal, but in a powdered form that’s lot more creamy and delectable.

It is a brand of farina, which is a sort of breakfast porridge mix produced from wheat semolina. It is simply delicious food that warms and feeds both the body and the spirit.

1 cup cream of wheat may be substituted for 1 cup polenta.It’s as simple to make as oatmeal. All you need is boiling water and some toppings like almonds and even more cream to make it creamier.

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5. Couscous

Couscous is often seen as a healthier alternative to polenta.

When boiled for a long time, its thick consistency resembles polenta.

They don’t have much in common. Apart from that, couscous lacks the distinct cornmeal flavor that polenta provides.

They are both classified as cornmeal, which is simply a coarse flour or meal prepared from dried maize. Couscous, on the other hand, contains somewhat more iron, protein, and vitamin B3, as well as about twice as much fiber.

Those on a gluten-free diet, on the other hand, may wish to reconsider.

6. Rice Porridge

Rice is another carb replacement that is always available when you want polenta. You may use it to make savory or sweet dishes.

Most people would prefer powdered rice or rice flour, but I’d rather acquire the real rice and make porridge with it anytime I feel like eating polenta.

They are one of the easiest carbohydrates to find in any supermarket shop. Above all, they are a less expensive option.

Rice porridge is a good option for a supper, particularly if you’re sick and can’t eat anything solid. Simply combine honey, cocoa, and milk. Sauté chicken, ginger, garlic, and rice until it turns into a porridge for a savory dish.

Finally, remember that rice swells quickly when it absorbs more water. Consider using half a cup of rice instead of a cup of polenta when replacing.

If you choose a rice that is difficult to rise, feel free to add extra substance to the porridge to enhance the amount.

7. Grits

Polenta and grits are hardly distinguishable from one another. For starters, they are manufactured from several types of maize. Polenta is produced from yellow maize, while grits are created from hominy or white corn.

We suggest using yellow grits when making this substitution, since polenta is usually made from yellow maize.

If you don’t have polenta on hand or can’t buy it at your local grocery store, Grits is a good replacement for Polenta depending on the meal.

Both meals are prepared in the same manner. Add boiling water and season to taste.

Grits, on the other hand, will always produce a different effect, so keep that in mind. They get mushy. Finally, if the recipe asks for anything more substantial, grits are out.

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8. Pureed Cauliflower

While carbohydrates are necessary for a healthy diet, they can be harmful in excess. So cauliflower is my go-to when I’m managing my carb consumption.

Pureed cauliflower is a popular low-carb replacement for polenta in vegetarian, vegan, and paleo diets. I’m not surprised since they’re high in nutrients, low in calories, and high in bad fats.

Also, I’ve noticed that most supermarkets NEVER fail to display cauliflowers in the vegetable aisle, and it’s nearly impossible to run out of stock.

If you want cauliflower, chop it into little pieces and cook it until soft.The cauliflower is then pureed in a food processor.

Because of its smoothness, it mimics hummus when pureed. It goes well with flavorful stews and grilled meats.

9. Mashed Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a low-carb winter squash. Pumpkins are significantly fewer in carbohydrates than other comparable fruits and vegetables, making them a great choice for a low carb diet.

When used in place of polenta, it tastes like sweet mashed potatoes but is creamier. They are also highly nutrient dense, which is why they are one of our top selections.

Pumpkins are plentiful throughout the autumn season and come in a variety of sizes and forms. Take advantage of a bountiful crop by incorporating it into your polenta dishes.

Replace 1 cup of polenta with 1-2 cups pureed pumpkin.Make porridge for breakfast or lunch, then combine it with some rice and meat.

I’d also suggest it as a delicious accompaniment to other meats and veggies.

However, because pumpkins are lighter than polenta, double the serving size to strike a balance. Instead of pureeing the whole pumpkin, you may incorporate bits to produce a filling.


So, now that you’ve compiled a list of the best polenta substitutes, you can satisfy your cravings. All you have to do is test one of the things on the list.

However, you should be aware that the texture, taste, and consistency may not be completely accurate for some people, but it will suffice as a tasty substitute for any polenta recipe.

So which one will it be?

Im so curious to know!

Will it be oatmeal, wheat porridge, or cauliflower puree? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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What’s a good substitute for polenta?

Packages labeled polenta indicate that the grind of the corn is adequate for making the polenta dish, although standard medium or coarsely-ground cornmeal may be used instead.

What is a gluten-free substitute for polenta?

Ground almonds are a common flour substitute in gluten-free baking. It has a similar texture to polenta and is made by grinding blanched almonds.

Can you replace polenta with flour?

In certain baking recipes, uncooked polenta may be used for flour. Pour the polenta into boiling water, according to the package instructions, and stir. The amount of time it takes to cook varies on the variety you purchased.

Can I substitute rice for polenta?

Polenta. Polenta may also be used as a gluten-free rice alternative. It has a robust, satisfying texture and may be prepared with a variety of herbs and spices to complement any cuisine.

What is the American version of polenta?

Polenta is an Italian meal, but grits are a Southern American dish.

What is the English name for polenta?

Because of the extended cooking time, the porridge form—polenta, or cornmeal mush—is highly recommended.

What is a gluten-free alternative to cornmeal?


Flaxseed is an excellent alternative for cornmeal, particularly when ground to a comparable consistency. If you’re trying to avoid corn products but still want to enjoy a few baked items, ground flaxseed is a terrific substitute, particularly if you’re on a diet.

Can celiacs eat polenta?

Many common plants, seeds, grains, cereals, and flours, such as corn, polenta, potatoes, rice, and soya, are safe to eat for people with coeliac disease. They should, however, avoid gluten-containing grains such as barley, wheat, rye, couscous, and semolina.

Is polenta just semolina?

What’s the Distinction Between Polenta and Semolina? Polenta is gluten-free since it is manufactured from maize. Semolina, on the other hand, is coarsely ground durum wheat with a high gluten content that is used to produce pasta, cakes, and breads.

Can I use quinoa instead of polenta?

Quinoa. Quinoa is a wonderful polenta alternative due to its comparable creamy texture and nutty taste. Cook until soft before blending until smooth.

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