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Okonomiyaki is a Japanese-style pancake cooked with shredded eggs, cabbage, water, flour, and a variety of additional ingredients. At Japanese food shops, you may be able to purchase okonomiyaki-specific flour.

Tasty okonomiyaki may be made simply by employing flour as an active component, but what happens when you can’t find this flour anywhere? You may just replace different okonomiyaki flours instead.

You may substitute okonomiyaki flour with all-purpose flour, Japanese or Chinese yam, Takoyaki flour, tempura flour, bread crumbs, potato starch, rice flour, and okara powder.

If you want to go completely natural and handmade, you may manufacture your own okonomiyaki flour.

Best Okonomiyaki Flour Substitutes

Even though you can easily prepare okonomiyaki at home, some alternative replacements may come in useful and are extremely simple to obtain.

1. All-Purpose Flour

The primary component in okonomiyaki, as we all know, is flour. Even if you don’t have any baking powder on hand, you can still cook great okonomiyaki using all-purpose flour.

Some individuals like to use more eggs than the recipe calls for in order for the dish to be nice and fluffy, but you may do what you want.

Likewise, if you just have flour and no dashi, I recommend mixing soy sauce with a touch of sugar, salt, and pepper before baking the dough.

2. Rice Flour

If you want to prepare gluten-free okonomiyaki, rice flour is the finest choice. Those with wheat allergy may be unable to enjoy the meal since most Japanese restaurants use wheat flour as the dough.

Instead of learning about this, you may simply create your own okonomiyaki by utilizing rice flour.

You may use rice flour in the same manner that you would conventional all-purpose flour, and you can also add flavors to suit your taste.

3. Japanese Yam or Chinese Yam

In Japan, a common option is to include grated Yam into the okonomiyaki batter, which makes the dough fluffy and nutrient-dense.

Some people love to add flour and mix it with the grated Yam, but if you don’t have any okonomiyaki on hand, you may make it only with the grated Yam. Once this is done, you may add your eggs, shredded cabbage, and garnishes to taste.

Since grated yam is often quite sticky before baking, it causes the dough to hold together very firmly. Japanese yam is known to be stickier than Chinese yam, therefore I recommend purchasing Japanese yam instead.

4. Bread Crumbs

Since bread crumbs (panko) are made from bread, they may be used in place of both flour and baking powder. Bread crumbs make the okonomiyaki airy as well, but you must follow these few tips to get a better outcome.

Soak your panko in lots of water before mixing it with the cabbage; you may even use milk instead if you like.

You should use room temperature milk or water, and after that, you should wait around 10 minutes for the dough to rise; you may also add yeast to make it grow quicker and fluffier.

5. Takoyaki Flour

Takayuki flour is an excellent Okonomiyaki flour replacement. The rationale is simple: most of the components required to make Takoyaki flour are identical to those used to make okonomiyaki flour. Nevertheless, this does not imply that their compositions are identical; their compositions vary somewhat.

The amazing thing about this alternative is that you don’t need to add any dashi or spice to it while creating okonomiyaki since it’s almost identical. This alternative is difficult to find in shops, so make sure you use it wisely if you do find it.

6. Tempura Flour

Since it comprises flour, baking powder, and an emulsifier, tempura flour helps keep your dishes crispy. Unlike Takoyaki mad okonomiyaki flour, tempura flour has no dashi.

7. Potato Starch

Since potato starch may make your meal gummy, it should be used sparingly. If you’re really cautious, this pancake will turn out like chi Jimi, crispy on the surface and chewy on the inside.

Corn starch is considered to be a wonderful alternative for potato starch, but it doesn’t work well in this situation; the thickening of the dough would be slower if corn starch was used, making mixing the dough more difficult.

8. Okara Powder

Okara refers to the residue that remains after the milk has been squeezed out of soy milk in the process of manufacturing tofu and is one of the greatest okonomiyaki flour alternatives. It has long been recognized as a gluten-free substance, and it is currently a common alternative for wheat flour.

It may be used in the same manner as all-purpose flour since the okara flavor will not overpower your okonomiyaki meal. Okara has the additional benefit of making the meal tasty and fluffy.

Can I Make My Own Okonomiyaki Flour at Home?

Absolutely, by combining your all-purpose flour, dashi, and baking powder. If you don’t have dashi on hand, you may use mantsuyu or dried bonito.

If you don’t like the flavor of dashi, you can leave it out. Since okonomiyaki do not need to rise like pancakes, you may omit the baking powder and use all-purpose flour instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Okonomiyaki Flour Made Of?

Okonomiyaki flour is usually produced with unbleached wheat flour and soy sauce. If you want to add some taste, you may add some leavening agents and seasoning.

Is Okonomiyaki Flour the Same as Takoyaki Flour?

Even though they are similar, Okonomiyaki sauce and Takoyaki sauce are not the same. Unlike okonomiyaki flour, which is manufactured from unbleached wheat flour and soy flour, Takoyaki flour is made from soy sauce taste, which gives Takoyaki a great batter.

Can You Use Regular Flour for Okonomiyaki Flour?

You certainly can. When you are in desperate need of okonomiyaki flour and none is available, you may use all-purpose flour as one of the greatest replacements. To make the batter stickier, add additional yam starch or potato starch.

How Healthy Is Okonomiyaki?

Okonomiyaki is incredibly nutritious since it includes a variety of healthful foods such as eggs, meat, and vegetables, as well as many of our daily necessities.

What Cabbage Is Best for Okonomiyaki?

Green cabbage is the finest cabbage to use for okonomiyaki. In Japan, green cabbage is also widely available in many regions of the country. The juicy vegetable imparts the classic sweet cabbage taste while retaining the cabbage’s freshness.

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What can I substitute for okonomiyaki flour?

Substitutes for Okonomiyaki Flour: If you don’t have Okonomiyaki Flour, you may use all-purpose flour instead. To make the batter more sticky, use ordinary flour and then add more yam starch, potato starch, or rice flour.

What can I substitute for Japanese flour?

The 5 Greatest Okonomiyaki Flour Substitutes
Takoyaki flour is number one.
Wheat Flour No. 2.
Tempura Flour (no. 3).
4 – Flour that has been deep-fried.
Bread Crumbs (5th).
Feb 27, 2023

What can I use instead of yamaimo in okonomiyaki?

If you must replace anything, Kojima recommends blanched and grated okra, which has a comparable slimy feel. Nevertheless, don’t attempt this on a purist. “Japanese folks think it’s not an okonomiyaki until you add yamaimo in it,” Kojima explains.

What is the difference between okonomiyaki flour and regular flour?

So what exactly is okonomiyaki flour? Okonomiyaki flour is produced from unbleached wheat and soy flours, leavening, and flavoring ingredients such as kelp. It’s designed to rise spontaneously, so you don’t need to add other ingredients like nagaimo to make thick, fluffy pancakes.

What is the best flour alternative?

11 excellent flour substitutes
Flour made from chickpeas. Chickpea flour, which is sometimes mistaken with besan (see below), is prepared from ground white chickpeas. Almond flour is a great alternative to wheat flour…. Gluten-free flour combination…. Coconut flour…. Gram flour (besan)… Rice flour…. Buckwheat flour…. Oat flour.
Additional details…•January 31, 2023

What can I substitute for pea flour?

What Is the Greatest Replacement for Chickpea Flour? 11 Alternatives
Flour made from fava beans.
Flour made from oats.
Flour made from millet.
Flour made from quinoa.
Flour made from almonds.
Cassava starch.
Flour made from brown rice.
Flour made from buckwheat.
More to come…
•Jul 29, 2022

What is the closest healthy alternative to flour?

I’ve included my favorite healthy flour substitutions, so give them a go.
SPELT. Spelt is a light flour that, although not gluten-free, contains less than wheat flour.
More to come…

What do vegans use instead of flour?

A vegan diet often includes rice or corn flour, both of which are high in vitamins and protein, particularly from potatoes. Vegan baking is simple since cakes and bread may be made using semolina flour or malted barley flour.

What is alternative purpose flour?

In most baking recipes, cake flour or pastry flour may be used in place of all-purpose flour. Avoid cake flour for chewy bread making and instead use bread or whole-wheat flour for your no-knead and sourdough loaves.

What can replace nagaimo in okonomiyaki?

Suggested substitution: Some readers claim that grated potato may be substituted for grated nagaimo in the Okonomiyaki recipe, but after trying it myself, I have to disagree (read the post). In the piece, I recommended a couple better substations. We may be able to utilize shredded taro as well, but not raw, and we must prepare it.

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