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The Anaheim pepper is native to California and is called for the place that made it famous, Anaheim. This chili is fairly adaptable and has a moderate taste and intensity.

If you don’t want to use Anaheim pepper for any reason, you may use acceptable Anaheim pepper replacements such as jalapeño pepper, poblano pepper, bell pepper, chilaca pepper, serrano chilies, Fresno pepper, and so on.

Anaheim pepper measures 500-2,500 Scoville heat units, while jalapeño pepper goes from 2,500 to 8,000 SHU; Anaheim is gentler, but not without a kick.

What Does Anaheim Pepper Taste Like?

The Anaheim pepper has a mild heat and is a medium-sized chili pepper that may grow to be 6-10 inches long. They are most usually seen and utilized in green, although there are red variations as well.

Anaheim peppers are available fresh, roasted, dried, or canned, and are green when unripe; the chilis become a vivid red as they mature. When dried, the Anaheim chile develops a rich maroon hue.

Canned anaheim chilies, often known as green chilies, are a tasty complement to eggs, stews, and vegetable dishes.

While anaheim pepper is getting more popular and grown over the globe, there may be occasions when you need an alternative, which is what this article will assist you with.

Best Anaheim Pepper Substitutes

1. Bell Pepper

When you don’t want any spice in your meal, bell peppers are a great anaheim pepper replacement. Are anaheim peppers similar to bell peppers in flavor? No, but bell peppers are a tasty and nutritious substitute for Anaheim chilis.

Bell peppers are widely accessible around the globe and may be used in a variety of culinary and stuffing techniques. These peppers may be eaten either raw or cooked.

Bell peppers come in a variety of hues, including red, yellow, orange, and green. As a result, when they are added to any meal, they offer a splash of color that brightens everything up.

Bell peppers also have less calories and are abundant in vitamin C and other antioxidants that are required for good bodily functioning.

2. Poblano Chilies

Poblano peppers are a near equivalent for anaheim peppers in terms of intensity and taste. Poblano is a well-known chili from Puebla, Mexico; it is quite hot and has a heat level equivalent to anaheim peppers.

Unripe poblanos are dark green, but as they mature, they become dark red or brown. Because of their thick shell, poblano peppers are ideal for stuffing dishes since they can survive lengthier cooking periods.

To prepare a variety of sauces, these peppers may be roasted, fried, or dried. When cooking or preserving poblanos, peel off the skin if you don’t want their waxy texture to change the preparation.

3. Jalapeno Pepper

The jalapeño pepper, which originated in Mexico, is a well-known chile that is now grown and used all over the globe. This pepper has a particular flavor and taste, and it is also quite comparable to Anaheim in terms of flavor and availability, making it an excellent substitute.

Jalapeno peppers have a moderate heat level. They are green when unripe and have a peppery taste, but as they grow, they acquire a sweet flavor and become red!

Poblano is versatile and may be used in virtually any cuisine. Nevertheless, bear in mind that this pepper is more hotter than anaheim pepper and should be handled with care.

4. Hungary Wax Pepper

Wax peppers, which originated in Hungary, are adaptable chiles that may be used in place of anaheim peppers.

Nevertheless, Hungarian wax peppers are very spicy (nearly 20 times hotter than anaheim pepper), so use this replacement with care and only if you can withstand a lot of heat.

Wax peppers, unlike anaheim peppers, have a little acidic taste towards the end in addition to being quite spicy. This may result in a dramatically different taste at the conclusion of your dish.

Hungarian wax peppers may be stuffed, baked, fried, or pickled to add flavor to the peppers and preserve them for longer.

5. Serrano Chilies

Serrano peppers are another great substitute for anaheim peppers. These chilies are hotter and more peppery than anaheim peppers, yet they have a similar smoky taste.

Serrano peppers may be gently roasted and heavily seasoned before eating. This imparts an exceptionally rich flavor to the chilies. They may be used to produce salsa or to add flavor to any form of sauce.

6. Chilaca Pepper

Chilaca peppers are a good replacement for anaheim peppers since they have the same flavor and intensity. This chile has around 1000 SHU, which is the same as an anaheim pepper.

Chilaca has the same deep, earthy, and sweet taste as anaheim pepper and may be roasted, grilled, or baked!

7. Fresno Pepper

Fresno peppers have comparable properties to jalapeño peppers, making them a good substitution for anaheim peppers. These peppers have a delicious and sweet taste as well as being very spicy and fiery.

In this way, they may mimic the flavor of anaheim peppers, but since Fresno peppers are hotter than anaheim peppers, you must be cautious with the quantity you use.

You may also choose other alternatives if you want something more neutral or reasonable.

8. Guajillo Pepper

Guajillo peppers have an unique flavor and taste that may stand in for anaheim peppers in many recipes.

These peppers have a distinct smoky flavor that compliments their sweet and fruity undertones, which are quite pleasing to the palate.

Guajillo chilies and anaheim peppers have comparable qualities. They have a somewhat sweet taste and may be used for stuffing as well as roasting.

Guajillo peppers are pleasantly spicy and have a heat level of 2,500 to 5,000 SHU, which is somewhat higher than anaheim peppers, which have a heat level of 500 to 1,500 SHU.

9. Shishito Pepper

Shishito peppers originated in East Asia and may be substituted for anaheim peppers in a number of cuisines.

These are fiery chiles that are somewhat hotter than bell peppers. Shishito peppers taste like anaheim peppers but are less hot.

These peppers are best used for frying and grilling, and their thick shell makes them ideal for stuffing dishes.

10. Cubanelle Pepper

This is the final but not least variety of pepper you may use in place of an anaheim pepper. This sweet pepper has a little tinge of spice, and it has numerous other features with anaheim peppers.

Both peppers are moderate with a dash of spice and a little sweetness. Cubanelle peppers may be used in frying and stuffing dishes; they can be used in a variety of recipes and cooked in a variety of ways.

Nevertheless, because to the mild taste of cubanelle peppers, you would need to add more pepper to meet the heat level than you would with anaheim peppers.

This list of the best anaheim pepper substitutes can come in help when you can’t find anaheim pepper for a dish. You may choose an alternate choice based on your preferred heat level, taste, or what is readily accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Poblano And Anaheim Peppers The Same?

No, poblano and Anaheim peppers are not the same. They have a few peculiarities, the most noticeable of which being their look.

Anaheim peppers are tiny and curved, giving them the appearance of chili. Poblano, on the other hand, resembles a bell pepper in look.

There is also a variation in spiciness, with anaheim peppers being milder than poblano.

Is Anaheim Pepper the Same as Serrano?

No, anaheim is not the same as serrano, however the peppers do have certain characteristics. The color contrast between the two peppers is remarkable. Serrano peppers are milder and become orange-red when mature, as opposed to anaheim peppers, which turn a vivid crimson when ripe.

Can You Substitute Anaheim Peppers For Jalapenos?

Absolutely, Anaheim peppers may be used in place of jalapenos. Anaheim chiles are gentler and less spicy than jalapenos, but depending on the reason for substitution, you may increase the amount of anaheim chiles in the recipe to equal the hotness of jalapenos.


What can I use in place of Anaheim peppers?

Depending on the recipe, bell peppers, poblano peppers, or cubanelle peppers are the ideal Anaheim pepper alternatives. You may substitute them for bell peppers or cubanelles in ordinary cookery, such as when cooking them with onions and garlic. A tasty option for stuffing is the poblano pepper.

What is the best sub for Anaheim peppers?

Bell peppers, poblano peppers, jalapeno peppers, Hungarian wax peppers, and hatch chili peppers are some of the greatest Anaheim pepper replacements. What exactly is this? Each of these selections will deliver a comparable amount of heat, but each has a distinct taste that you may like.

What is Anaheim pepper compared to?

Anaheim chiles are a pleasantly spicy pepper with a Scoville heat unit range of 500-1000. (SHU). On the Scoville Scale, they are around 5-16x milder than a jalapeo.

What can I substitute for dried Anaheim chili?

The ideal substitute: poblano pepper

They both have only a smidgeon of heat, with Anaheim having a somewhat higher potential for more. The Scoville heat unit varies from 1,000 to 1,500 for the poblano and 500 to 2,500 for the Anaheim.

Are poblano and Anaheim peppers similar?

These are two distinct types of peppers. The Poblano is a mild chili pepper that is hotter than the Anaheim. Poblano is distinguished by its long, somewhat twisted heart form, pointy tip, and dark green hue. Anaheim is longer, skinnier, and lighter green in hue.

Do Anaheim peppers taste like bell peppers?

An Anaheim pepper’s flavor may be characterized as smoky, sweet, and tangy. It does have some heat, but not the type that lingers as in hot peppers.

What is closest to Anaheim pepper?

Finest Anaheim Peppers Substitutes.
Bell peppers. If you don’t have a strong tolerance for heat, bell peppers are the ideal anaheim pepper replacement. Poblano Peppers. Jalapeno Peppers. Hungarian Wax Peppers. Chilaca Peppers. Fresno Peppers. Guajillo Peppers. Shishito Peppers.
Additional details…•November 1, 2022

Are Big Jim and Anaheim peppers the same?

The Big Jim Chile Pepper, developed in 1975 at New Mexico State University, is the biggest of the New Mexican pod kinds, formerly known as Anaheim, California, or green Chiles.

What is the spice scale of Anaheim peppers?

Anaheim peppers are a mild chili pepper that usually registers between 500 to 2,500 Scoville heat units on the Scoville Scale.

Can I substitute poblano for Anaheim?

Anaheim peppers may be used in place of poblano peppers. They have a similar flavor profile, however the flavor is significantly sweeter. They may be utilized similarly to poblano peppers and are a wonderful alternative for foods that need a bit extra sweetness.

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