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Natural cheeses are made from milk, salt, a healthy bacteria, and an enzyme called rennet. These are the fundamental components of every cheese. With the exception of the rennet, every cheese would have been suitable for vegetarians. What about Jarlsberg cheese, though? Is Jarlsberg cheese OK for vegetarians?

Indeed, Jarlsberg cheese is a great alternative for vegetarians who are unable to consume cheese manufactured with animal rennet; Jarlsberg cheeses are often lactose-free and are highly recommended for vegetarians.

In this post, we will look at what Jarlsberg cheese is composed of and why it is acceptable for vegans.

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What Is Jarlsberg Cheese?

It is a mild-flavored, semi-soft cheese prepared from cow’s milk that has been partially swum. Jarlsberg is well-known around the globe due to its unique traits. It tastes mild, sweet, and nutty and has huge circular holes on its surface.

The holes, or eyes, are caused by the activity of a bacteria called Propionibacterium freudenreichii, which is found naturally in milk. It is a very adaptable kind of cheese since it is widely accessible in a variety of ways.

It may be purchased as a daily staple for sandwiches and as a salad complement; it can also serve as a delightful addition to your cheeses on your cheeseboard and an excessively great snack!

It is also accessible in a variety of formats. You may acquire it with or without the rind, cut it into wedges, slices, or pieces, or have it as a grab-and-go cheese in the form of cheese snacks or cheese chips.

It may even be a massive 10 kilogram wheel. It is aged for around 3 months, while some other varieties are aged for 9 to 12 or 15 months.

Is Jarlsberg Cheese Vegetarian?

The three Jarlsberg cheese brands are 100% vegetarian: Jarlsberg original, Jarlsberg cheese, and Jarlsberg special reserve.

They are all naturally lactose-free and, since they are manufactured with artificially acquired rennet, are a wonderful alternative for vegetarians.

What is Jarlsberg Cheese Made Of?

The ingredients are very basic and easy to get by. They are as follows:

  • Milk from pasteurized cows
  • Microbiological enzyme (rennet)
  • Salt
  • Bacterial cultivation
  • 27% fat (45% fat in dry mass).

Frequently Asked Questions

What fruit goes with Jarlsberg?

Jarlsberg cheese is a hard cheese similar to Swiss cheese, except it has more taste and is nuttier. It would go well with sour apples and plums.

Is Jarlsberg cheese similar to Gruyère?

As previously stated, Jarlsberg is a Norwegian-originated cheese that is now manufactured in the United States and Ireland under permission from Norway. It is a pleasantly flavored sweet and nutty cow’s milk cheese. It has a buttery texture and a milder flavor than Gruyre cheese.

What is a good substitute for Jarlsberg cheese?

Emmentaler is a kind of cheese. It is a sort of Swiss cheese that is comparable to both Jarlsberg and Gruyre. Its hue varies from yellow to yellowish-white, and it is well-known for its ability to melt swiftly.

What is the difference between Jarlsberg and Swiss cheese?

Jarlsberg has the same consistency, texture, and hole structure as Swiss Emmental, but it has a sweeter, more nut-like taste than the Swiss cheese. Another distinction is the difference in density and weight.

Is Jarlsberg fermented?

The addition of propionibacteria gives the cheese its sweet, nutty taste that distinguishes holey types such as Jarlsberg, Emmental, and French Gruyre.


Is Jarlsberg cheese OK for vegetarians? The answer is a resounding YES!

Jarlsberg, Norway, is the originator of the buttery cheese. It is largely made in Norway, however some of its creators live in Ireland and the US state of Ohio.

It was approved by Norwegian dairy producers and is categorised as a Swiss-style cheese.

It is also a wonderful alternative for both vegans and non-vegetarians.

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Does Jarlsberg use animal rennet?

Rennet derived from bacteria. Vegetarians may consume all Jarlsberg® products. Is animal rennet used in Jarlsberg®? Jarlsberg® rennet is made from vegetable rennet.

What is Jarlsberg cheese made from?

YARLZ-burg (Norwegian: [jlsbaer]) is a mild cow’s milk cheese with big, regular eyes that originated in Jarlsberg, Norway. It is made in Norway, Ireland, and the US state of Ohio under license from Norwegian dairy farmers. ˈjɑːrlzbɜːrɡ ( Jarlsberg )

What is special about Jarlsberg cheese?

Jarlsberg® is a cross between Gouda and Emmental cheese (also known as Swiss cheese). The shape and arrangement of the holes in Jarlsberg® are distinctive – and inextricably linked to the mild, nutty flavor. Jarlsbergsuper-secret ®’s composition comprises a proprietary propionic acid, which is responsible for both the flavor and the holes.

What type of cheese is Jarlsberg cheese?

Jarlsberg is a mild cheese with huge irregular holes and a characteristic nutty taste, similar to Swiss. Its semi-firm golden interior has a buttery rich texture and a mild and somewhat sweet taste. It’s a versatile cow’s milk cheese perfect for snacking, sandwiches, entertaining, and cooking.

Which cheeses are always vegetarian?

Which types of cheese are often vegetarian? Traditional paneer and cottage cheese are produced without rennet and coagulated using an acidic substance such as vinegar or lemon juice.

What cheeses can vegetarians not eat?

A right-pointing curved arrow. The INSIDER Summary: Rennet, an enzyme found in the stomach lining of a goat or calf, is used to make Parmesan cheese. Since it is used in cheeses such as Parmesan, Pecorino Romano, Manchengo, Gruyère, Gorgonzola, and others, they are not truly vegetarian.

Is Jarlsberg a healthy cheese?

Researchers have discovered that, unlike other cheeses, everyday consumption of Jarlsberg raises s-osteocalcin levels. It includes DHNA and vitamin K2, which raise R0, cOC, tOC, and PINP, a peptide implicated in bone turnover, while decreasing HbA1c, Ca++, and Mg++.

What is the difference between Swiss cheese and Jarlsberg?

Jarlsberg is often referred to as a Swiss or Mini Swiss cheese. It originated in Norway, although it is a direct descendent of the legendary Swiss Emmentaler – the original “Swiss” cheese with huge holes.

What is the difference between Jarlsberg and Gruyere cheese?

Jarlsberg Cheese is another Swiss cheese with a taste profile comparable to Gruyere. It is gentler than Gruyere, making it an excellent option for individuals seeking a softer and sweeter flavor. Another advantage of Jarlsberg is that it is often less pricey.

Is Jarlsberg cheese bad for cholesterol?

Researchers from Norway discovered that eating a daily serving (about 57 g) of Jarlsberg cheese might help prevent bone weakening without increasing hazardous low density cholesterol, and that the health advantages are unique to this specific cheese.

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