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When it comes to beef, you may be wondering whether the herb may be used in beef meals, which brings the topic of this piece to mind: does thyme go with beef? Yes, certainly! Thyme pairs well with meat. It’s almost hard to make a steak meal without thyme.

Thyme may be found in a variety of European, British, Mediterranean, African, Latin and Central American, regional American, and Caribbean cuisines.

Thyme’s strong, warming, spicy, and pleasant perfume makes it a favorite among chefs and cooks. You may use either fresh or dried thyme, although fresh thyme has a milder taste than dried thyme.

What Is Thyme?

Thyme is a Mediterranean plant that was originally utilized for therapeutic reasons. Thyme is now used to season a variety of meals with other popular herbs such as rosemary, sage, and marjoram.

Lemon thyme, woolly thyme, creeping thyme, wild thyme, and elfin thyme are all forms of the thyme plant that grow on clusters of thin stems.

Both dried and fresh thyme may be used in cooking and can be replaced for one another; however, fresh thyme has a milder taste than dried thyme.

When replacing dry thyme for fresh thyme, use one-third as much dried thyme as fresh thyme.

Does Thyme Go with Beef?

Thyme is a classic when it comes to herbs that go nicely with steak. Most chefs and cooks would struggle to prepare a beef meal without thyme.

Both fresh and dried thyme complement beef meals and provide depth of flavor to casseroles and stews.

Thyme, as in the herb rub, should be rubbed all over steaks and roast meat before grilling or roasting.

Some wonderful thyme replacements for steak include rosemary, sage, oregano, marjoram, and dried basil.

Hence, if you run out of thyme when creating a beef recipe, the other herbs indicated above might serve as excellent alternatives.

Cooking With Thyme

As previously stated, both fresh and dried thyme may be utilized in cooking. The leaves of fresh thyme may be cut and added to a dish at any stage of cooking. Yet, the longer they cook, the more flavor they will produce.

Thyme is often used in marinades, soups and stocks, cocktail ingredients, and teas, as well as roasted meat, vegetables, or fish.

In baking, both fresh and dried thyme may be used. It is, however, better to use dried thyme. If you must use fresh thyme in your baking, pluck the little individual leaves off the stem first.

What Meat Goes Well With Thyme?

You should keep in mind that thyme does not go well with every kind of meat.

You should have a working understanding of the finest herbs to use to improve the tastes of the foods you wish to create. Thyme often goes well with steak, fish, turkey, and pig.

Which herbs do you pair with beef?

Although thyme is a typical herb for beef recipes, additional herbs that go well with beef include

  • Rosemary.
  • Oregano.
  • Tarragon.
  • The bay leaves (for stew, curries, and casseroles)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Thyme Taste Good With?

Thyme is often used in all recipes. Thyme complements fish sauces, chowders, and soups.

Thyme also goes well with lamb and veal, eggs, custards, and croquettes: the dry scent and minty taste of thyme complements tomatoes and meat recipes well.

Do Rosemary And Thyme Go With Beef?

Thyme and rosemary are herbs that may be combined in a recipe. The poultry herbs used in chicken meals include rosemary, thyme, and sage. Thyme and rosemary are also popular herbs in roasts and steaks.


As previously said, the Mediterranean-derived herb is a staple in practically every dish. When it comes to thyme with beef, the answer is yes.

It is commonly known that thyme not only complements beef recipes, but it is also a necessary herb in all beef dishes.

Thyme is also useful in a variety of different meat meals and works well with other herbs such as rosemary, sages, and others.

Thyme has therapeutic properties and may be used to treat skin and oral infections. Personal hygiene and household sanitizing products also include the plant.

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What meat goes best with thyme?

Thyme (both fresh and dried) goes well with a variety of meats, poultry, stews, soups, eggs, pastas, vegetables, and beans. Fresh thyme complements fish and shellfish. Whether creating lasagna, sautéing or roasting vegetables, roasting chicken, hog, lamb, or cattle, or making any kind of potato dish, think about thyme.

What herbs go with beef?

Rosemary is a dried herb that goes very well with steak.
The bay leaves (for stew, curries and casseroles)
Aug 22, 2017

Is rosemary or thyme better for beef?

This depends depend on the taste you want to achieve. Thyme has a milder taste than rosemary. Thyme smells wonderful while cooking and imparting flavors to the food. Thyme has a sweeter taste than rosemary, which has a more strong flavor.

What spices go well with beef?

Spices Inc., an organization dedicated to the promotion and sale of spices, offers a long list of preferred beef flavorings, including basil, bay, black pepper, cayenne, cumin, curry powder, dry mustard powder, garlic, onion, oregano, rosemary, sage, and thyme.

What flavor does thyme add to food?

The taste of common thyme (which you’ve undoubtedly experienced most often) is earthy, minty, and somewhat lemony.

Does Gordon Ramsay use thyme or rosemary on steak?

Season the steak on both sides with salt and pepper. In the pan, a “touch” of oil. Steak in, surrounded by rosemary and thyme sprigs. Sear on all sides, then remove from the pan.

What enhances the flavor of beef?

Beef is delicious when seasoned with oregano, rosemary, sage, garlic, or a mix of these herbs and spices. Spices like paprika, lemongrass, and saffron provide a taste boost to poultry. Dry mustard powder, thyme, and turmeric may be used to enhance the taste of fish.

What gives beef best flavor?

Corn is the most often utilized grain by cattle growers in terms of taste qualities. Grain-fed animals are more fatty, which results in marbling and a meaty taste.

What does thyme do to steak?

What recipes do you use it in? Thyme and rosemary are herbs that provide a somewhat savory flavor as well as an aromatic scent to cuisine. They go very well with roast beef and roast lamb. While grilling meat, you may also add fresh rosemary and thyme right on the grill.

Can you mix thyme and rosemary?

Rosemary’s pine aroma and common thyme’s camphor overtones carry their mystical properties into the kitchen. Both herbs complement a variety of recipes, whether used alone or in combination. In fact, the two complement each other well and are used in mixes like herbes de Provence, which also includes marjoram, oregano, and savory.

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