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Celery is one of the healthiest vegetables that has ever been cultivated and is loaded with a wide variety of beneficial nutrients. Because it can be used in so many different ways, you may want to save a significant quantity of the vegetable in the refrigerator for use at a later time. But how long can it be stored in the refrigerator before it goes bad?

As long as it is kept in the refrigerator correctly and in the appropriate circumstances, celery has the potential to remain edible for up to 5 weeks after it has been purchased and stored there.

There are a variety of storage strategies that may be used to maintain the quality of the produce you have acquired, whether you have bought a huge quantity of celery or have some leftovers.

The manner in which celery was kept determines how long it will keep in excellent condition; the table below compares the various storage techniques in terms of how long celery will keep.

How Long Does Celery Last In The Fridge?

Freezing your celery is a simple method to preserve a big quantity of the product and keep it in the best possible shape for as long as possible. Freezing also extends the amount of time that it can be kept in this state.

Those who have a packed schedule and are unable to make regular trips to the supermarket may find this to be of great assistance. As long as it is kept at the appropriate temperature in the refrigerator, celery has a shelf life of anywhere from six to eight months in the freezer before it begins to show indications of decomposition.

Your celery will remain in its most flavorful form and be quite simple to prepare if you put it in the freezer. Put the celery in an airtight container made of cling film, and then store it in the freezer until you need it.

How Long Does Celery Last In Water?

Even if you do not have access to a refrigerator or freezer, you are still able to keep your celery and extend the amount of time it will remain edible.

Preserve your celery in water, since this is a natural preservative that will keep the vegetable in the greatest condition until you are ready to consume it. Until then, store your celery in water.

As long as it is maintained correctly in the appropriate circumstances required in water, celery may be preserved in water for up to two weeks before it entirely rots away. This is provided that it is stored appropriately.

Putting celery that is no longer living into a container of water may bring it back to life because the celery will get rehydrated while it sits in the water.

How Long Does Celery Last Once Cut?

Cutting celery might shorten its shelf life, so if you want your celery to keep its freshness and last for a long time, it’s best to use a good storage technique, such as freezing, which is also suggested.

Do not keep the sliced celery on the counter after you have already used more of it than you can use at once since this might lead the vegetables to absorb an excessive amount of moisture.

Additionally, if the vegetable is allowed to absorb an excessive amount of moisture, it will rot much more rapidly.

After being chopped, celery may remain fresh on the counter for up to three days before it begins to go bad; thus, it is important to keep it correctly and in the appropriate circumstances while it is there.

You may also keep chopped celery in the refrigerator for up to two weeks before it goes bad; its shelf life is determined by how cold it is kept.

When celery that has been sliced is placed in the freezer for long-term preservation, it will stay in excellent condition for around four to five months before turning bad.

How Long Does Celery Last At Room Temperature?

When kept at room temperature, celery has a shelf life of anywhere from two to ten days before it goes bad. It is nevertheless not advisable to keep your celery at room temperature for an extended period of time; you should avoid leaving vegetables on the counter when you are aware that you will not be using them in the near future.

Your celery may still collect moisture, which can result in discoloration, mold, and a whole variety of other indicators that it has gone bad, even if it is still in its complete form.

How Long Does Celery Last After Best Before Date?

If you have canned celery that has gone beyond its expiry date but is still within its best-by date, you may consume it safely for at least one to two months after the date as long as it has been kept appropriately. However, when this period of time has passed, the canned celery should probably be thrown away.

It is important to check canned celery that is beyond its expiry date for any symptoms of spoiling before ingesting it. This will help avoid the inadvertent intake of spoiled food, which might result in stomach discomfort or other health problems.


How do you know if celery has gone bad?

There are a few different tests that may be performed to determine whether or not celery has gone bad. According to Eat By Date, celery has reached its expiration date when its stalks have become pliable and mushy, the color has lightened and faded, and the core of the stalk has been hollowed out. According to the article “Does It Go Bad,” you should throw away your celery if it has any evidence of mildew, or if it is slimy or mushy.

How long does cut celery last in fridge?

When stored properly in the refrigerator, fresh celery can keep for up to two weeks, but it will only be edible for two to three days at room temperature. After being diced, celery may be stored for up to a week in the refrigerator if it is immersed in water or for four days if it is just stored in an airtight container after being diced.

How long does celery last in water in the fridge?

Put a cover on it or wrap it in plastic wrap and seal it. Simply take them from the water and give them a last rinse when you are ready to eat. The water should be refreshed every other day. If you store it in this manner, celery will keep for up to two weeks.

How do you keep celery fresh longer in the fridge?

Instead, the most effective method for storing celery involves keeping it in one of these three conditions: Maintain its integrity by leaving it uncut, wrapping it in aluminum foil, and putting it in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator.

Is it OK to eat old celery?

Yes! Limp celery may still be consumed safely provided that it does not exhibit any other signs of rotting, such as a whiter color or an offensive odor. It is susceptible to cold and will go limp if kept in temperatures that are too cold, such as in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator, which is the one that is closest to the freezer. Celery that has become limp will no longer have its characteristic crunch.

What to do with celery before it goes bad?

Soak the celery in water.

The celery that has been stored in the refrigerator for an extended period of time will eventually become limp since it will lose its moisture content. It may be brought back to life by removing the bottom parts of each stalk and placing them vertically in a basin of cold water (add a few ice cubes to help keep it as cold as possible).

Is it OK to eat celery with brown spots?

After reading this, you may be left questioning whether or not it is safe to consume celery. Consuming brown celery, particularly in its raw form, is not recommended in most cases. This is due to a fungal infection known as pink rot, which causes celery to often contain a toxin known as psoralens. The pink rot infection is the origin of this problem.