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If you’re a cheese enthusiast or expert, you’ve probably tried hundreds of different cheeses. And you know that not all are as good as they seem.

I understand! It is difficult to satisfy everyone all of the time.

Most people like Cheddar cheese, but others find it excessively harsh. Mozzarella has a bland flavor, Brie looks stale, Parmesan is this, and Gouda is that. Yet there is one cheese that everyone raves about: Havarti. So how does Havarti cheese taste?

Havarti has a buttery scent, and some kinds are sharper and nuttier than others. The cheese has a buttery, slightly tangy flavor that falls in between Monterey Jack and Muenster.

Let’s discover more about Havarti cheese and its flavor right now!

What is Havarti Cheese? 

Havarti is a semi-soft Danish cow’s milk cheese that has a pleasantly creamy buttery taste.

It has the appearance and flavor of Swiss cheese, but with uneven eyes. It was, however, invented in Denmark in the mid-1800s by a trailblazing woman named Hanne Nielsen.

She spent her childhood studying how to make cheese on a cheese tour around European nations.

She eventually created a perfectly mild but never boring cheese that can be sliced, grilled, or melted into a variety of meals.

What Does Havarti Cheese Taste Like?

Show me a cheese fan who doesn’t want cheese with every meal, and I’ll show you a cheese lover who hasn’t tried Havarti.

Havarti cheese is mild enough for both children and adults to enjoy, but it also has sweet and creamy flavors that hug your tongue in a beautiful experience.

You’ll be hooked after just one mouthful of the main course or dessert. This crowd-pleaser will undoubtedly spark a lively discussion at the dinner table.

What are you going to do with this cheese?

It has almost limitless potential!

Havarti Cheese’s delicious taste complements and combines well with a broad range of foods. Whether shredded over pizza, in casseroles, over burgers, or in wonderful in a Havarti grilled cheese, Havarti never fails to do justice.

The buttery richness is also ideal in sweets, fruits, and some of your favorite drinks, among other things. A typical pairing is wine and Havarti cheese. On a dish, slice it and serve it with grapes, apples, dried fruits, and pears.

Crackers and whole-wheat bread with Havarti are also a winning combo. You may also combine it with different cheeses to create contrasting tastes.

Apart from that, Havarti Cheese pairs well with practically any beverage, including cabernet sauvignon wine, Beaujolais, pinot noir and merlot, red zinfandel, or Weiss, lighter pilsner, Saison, a hearty stout, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Difference Between Havarti And Swiss?

Havarti and Swiss cheese are two distinct yet similar cheeses. Both feature holes or eyes, but their taste and texture profiles are quite different. Havarti is a semi-soft cheese with a buttery, creamy taste, while Swiss is harder, nuttier, and has more holes.

Havartis eyes, on the other hand, are smaller and more equally spread than Swiss cheese eyes.

Why Does Havarti Cheese Have Holes?

It is owing to the presence of some beneficial bacteria in the manufacturing process, such as shermanii. This bacteria then turns lactic acid into carbon dioxide, which seeps into the skin and remains trapped, resulting in the formation of little eyes.

How Long Is Havarti Cheese Aged?

It is up to the cheesemaker whether they want a soft or semi-soft text or a harsher taste process. Nonetheless, Havarti cheese is typically kept for three months to guarantee that the creaminess and mild taste remain.

While other kinds are matured for more than a year, they are generally saltier with a pronounced nuttiness and a harder texture evocative of hazelnuts.

Is Havarti Cheese Fermented?

Indeed, Havarti, like Gouda, Mozzarella, feta, and ricotta, is a fermented milk product that allows humans to reap the advantages of lactic acid-producing bacteria.


Now that you know what Havarti cheese tastes like, what should you do? Are you heading to a cheese store to get some Havarti?

If so, you may try flavoring herbs, spicy peppers, horseradish, or caraway seeds. If you do this, I guarantee you’ll be impressed by how buttery and delicious it tastes on the first bite.

If you reside in the United States, this is an unique privilege that I am providing for free. Just give it a go and you’ll thank me later!


What is Havarti cheese similar to?

The Top 10 Havarti Cheese Substitutes
Gouda is a kind of cheese. Is a great alternative for Havarti cheese because of its sweet, creamy taste and golden appearance. … Swiss Cheese…. Tilsit Cheese…. Esrom…. Colby…. Monterey Jack…. Saint-Paulin cheese.
Additional details…•June 24, 2022

What is Havarti cheese best for?

Havarti is a table cheese that is great for slicing, grilling, or melting. When kept at room temperature, the cheese softens fast, making it ideal for use on a cheeseboard alongside hard cheeses. It’s great melted into pasta meals like macaroni and cheese or in a grilled cheese sandwich.

Does Havarti taste like cheddar?

Cheddar, another versatile cheese, is closely comparable to Havarti, particularly when matured. This cheese, which is stronger in flavor and scent, is great for melting and emits crisp notes of hazelnut and a subtle acidity.

What does Havarti cheese pair with?

Havarti complements sweeter, fresher fruits such as pear, fig, or Honeycrisp apple. If you like cheese with jam or jelly (and who doesn’t? ), try havarti with raspberry jam or honey. And, of course, don’t forget to add some crunch with walnuts, crackers, or crusty toast.

Is Havarti a good snacking cheese?

They’re perfect for a snack in between meals. The cheese is delicious.

What cheese is best for mac n cheese?

Cheddar is the best cheese to use in mac and cheese. Cheddar is a common ingredient in many recipes, as is Parmesan. … Gruyere is a salty cheese with distinct characteristics. Upgrade your mac and cheese dishes using Gruyere…. Brie…. Smoked Gouda…. Monterey Jack. Fontina. Jack. Sausage Mac and Cheese.
More to come…

Is Havarti similar to brie?

The original Havarti (made with full pasteurized cow’s milk) and fldehavarti (“cream Havarti”), which has cream added to get the butterfat up to what the French would term a “double crème” (think Brie).

Is Havarti like mozzarella?

Mozzarella has a mild, somewhat sweet flavor, while Havarti is lighter and more buttery. Havarti has a nuttiness to it as well, whereas Mozzarella is smooth and creamy. Because of its stringy, elastic nature, Mozzarella is the best option for melting and using in recipes.

Does Havarti cheese taste like provolone?

Havarti Cheese (No. 5)

What exactly is this? Havarti is a decent alternative for provolone since it is often prepared with cow’s milk and has a tangy flavor.

What lunch meat goes with Havarti cheese?

Soppressata, a kind of dry salami, may be produced from either pig or beef. You can’t go wrong with any variety when paired with havarti, a creamy, semi-soft cheese. The supple, buttery flavor of Havarti lets the herbs and spices in the soppressata to shine through while pulling out the cheese’s nutty, earthy overtones.

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