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Pasilla is often used as a guajillo alternative not just because of its spiciness, but also because the tastes are more complementary. The guajillo pepper is a Mexican food staple that is becoming more famous across the globe. It is used in recipes that call for fiery, sweet, or smoky peppers, as well as in mole sauce chilies.

So what distinguishes pasilla from guajillo? The fundamental distinction between pasilla and guajillo is their look, flavor, and application. Pasilla is mainly used in sauces, but guajillo is mostly used in Mexican dishes like salsa and tamales.

Pasilla peppers are sometimes referred to as Chile negro. They have a heat level similar to ancho peppers, but they may also approach the level of guajillo peppers, ranging from 1000 to 2500 SHU. While pasilla may be used in lieu of guajillo, its flavor is sweet with overtones of berry and chocolate.

What Is Pasilla?

The dried form of the chilaca chili pepper is known as pasilla Chile. It’s both long and thin. It has a delicious taste that is both mild and fiery. While fresh, it may grow to be 9 inches long, but when dried, it is only around 7-8 inches long.

It was dark brown when completely grown, yet it seems dark green as it is still developing. If not inspected carefully, it might be confused with poblano, a larger kind of pepper. In its dried form, poblano is also known as an ancho.

What Is Guajillo?

The dried version of mirasol chili is known as guajillo chili or Chile. In Mexican cuisine, it is the second most often used pepper after the anchors. Zacatecas, Mexico, is one of the states most recognized for producing guajillos. These peppers are categorised according to their size and heat level.

The first is guajillo puja, while the second is just a lengthier form of guajillo. Guajillo pujas are smaller and hotter, whilst the other has a more distinct and fuller taste and is less spicy.

Pasilla Vs Guajillo: Their Differences

What Is Pasilla Used For?

Pasilla may be used in sauces. They are often served with shellfish, lamb, mushrooms, garlic, fennel, honey, and oregano. They may be consumed whole or powdered.

What Is Guajillo Used For?

These chilies have several uses and may be found in a variety of Mexican dishes, including salsas and tamales.

The fruits are seeded and soaked before being pureed or mashed into a paste and cooked with a variety of additional ingredients to create a delectable and savory sauce.

Guajillo chiles are also delicious in marinades, salsas, butters, and pastes. Since guajillo chilis have a mild taste, they may be used in fish and chicken dishes.

Are Pasilla And Poblanos The Same?

Pasilla and poblano are used interchangeably in the United States, however in other nations, pasilla refers to dried chilaca pepper. Poblano peppers are often dried to extend their shelf life, and when dried, they are known as ancho peppers.

What Peppers Are Similar To Poblanos?

Poblano peppers are native to the Mexican state of Puebla. They are one of the most popular peppers growing there. While these peppers are plentiful in Mexico, they may be in short supply in other nations.

If you live in a country where poblano peppers are difficult to get, you may try other suitable replacements. They are as follows:

1. Jalapeno Peppers

This is another another popular pepper, particularly in Mexico. They have a similar flavor and texture to poblano peppers, but they are spicier. The appearance of this pepper may be misleading since it does not resemble poblano peppers.

Remove the ribs and seeds before swapping it for poblano to lessen the intensity of this pepper. They go well with salsa, rice, and even stuffed meat.

2. Bell Peppers

Another excellent option for poblanos is bell pepper. They also have a similar appearance to poblano peppers, however they lack some of the tastes that poblano peppers have. They taste quite similar, except that they are milder than poblano.

The sole downside of bell peppers is that they lack the heat that poblano peppers have, hence it is recommended that crushed chili pepper be added to your meal.

3. Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne pepper is another excellent substitution; however, since it is too thin, it will not work well in filled dishes; yet, the tastes it adds to recipes are quite similar to those of poblanos.

These peppers are most often obtained in dried form or as a powder that may be used as a flavoring in dishes.

4. Guajillo Peppers

In terms of the level of heat they emit, these peppers are extremely comparable to jalapenos. They’re popular in Mexican salsas and sauces, and they’re available in dried or paste form, making them ideal for sauces.

5. Ancho Chili Peppers

The only difference between ancho and poblano peppers is that ancho peppers are dried. These are more difficult to get than jalapenos, but it is worth the effort since they are the closest match to poblanos.

Serrano peppers, habanero chiles, green chili, and cubanelle are some poblano pepper replacements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Guajillo Instead Of Pasilla?

Indeed, instead of pasilla, guajillo chili is the greatest option. Guajillo is available at specialized stores and supermarkets.

The pasilla pepper is similar to the guajillo pepper in terms of heat, with a SHU of 1000- 2500 SHU to 1000- 1500 SHU.

Both are tasty, but guajillo has a more fruity flavor than pasilla, which tastes more like raisins and cocoas.

What Is The Difference Between Ancho And Guajillo Chilis?

Ancho peppers have a more earthy and deeper taste than guajillo, which is often fruity. They complement each other really nicely. The simplest method to distinguish between the two peppers is that ancho has a reddish hue and pasilla is either brown or black.


Can I substitute guajillo chiles for pasilla?

A significant increase in heat: Guajillo pepper

It has an earthy taste with undertones of tea and cranberry as well. It has a pungent sweetness that some people like, but it may be too much as a pasilla substitute depending on your recipe.

What is chile ancho vs guajillo vs pasilla?

Pasilla guajillo chili peppers have a dark brown hue and are long and thin. They have a fruity taste and a mild to moderate heat. Ancho chili peppers have a broad, flat shape and a rich red hue. They’re somewhat spicy with a sweet and smokey taste.

What is the difference between chile pasilla and pasilla ancho?

Pasilla and ancho chilies are not interchangeable. Pasilla chiles have a mild taste and are long and thin. Ancho chiles have a smoky taste and are short and broad. Unlike ancho or mulatto, a pasilla chile pepper has a longer and thinner texture.

What is the most similar pepper to guajillo?

The Ancho and Pasilla Negro chiles are rich and delicious alternatives, however they have a lesser heat. Puya Chiles have a similar taste profile to Guajillo Chiles, but are somewhat spicier.

What is the best replacement for pasilla pepper?

Substitutes for Pasilla Chile Peppers: Ancho chiles or mulato work well in place of pasilla. How To Cook Using Pasilla Chile Peppers: Pasilla chile peppers may also be used to make moles and other Mexican sauces and stews.

What is the best substitute for pasilla peppers?

Ancho peppers, Guajillo peppers, Mulato peppers, Chipotle peppers, and Habanero peppers are some of the most common replacements. Each of these peppers has a distinct taste that may offer a delightful edge to any recipe.

Which is hotter guajillo or ancho?

Which is hotter, the ancho or the guajillo? Despite its mildness, the guajillo pepper is hotter than even the hottest anchos. Ancho chilies have a Scoville rating of 1,000 to 1,500, putting them in the moderate category of spicy peppers.

What do dried pasilla chiles taste like?

Pasillas have a smokey, earthy, and delicious flavor that goes well with fruit, honey, and red meat, but it can be used in a variety of ways! It’s probably the closest thing to ancho chilies, but less sweet. Pasilla chile may have raisin or berry-like flavors coupled with a smoky richness.

What is the best use of guajillo chiles?

How to Cook with Guajillo Chiles. Guajillos provide a delicious heat to a variety of Mexican dishes and beyond. In salsa: Have them spooned over tacos, tamales, enchiladas, or tortilla chips with guajillo chile salsa. Guajillos may be used with other chillies to create complicated mole sauces and adobos (marinades).

Is guajillo and pasilla the same?

Before drying, guajillos and pasillas have various names. Guajillo peppers are dried mirasol peppers, whereas pasilla peppers are dried chilaca peppers. The progenitors of both mirasol and chilaca chilis were most likely grown by the Aztecs in the Mexican state of Puebla.

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