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It is easy to feel overwhelmed while dining in a Mexican restaurant due to the often extensive menu selections available. It’s interesting to note that there are a million various ways to mix the same three ingredients—beans, pork, and cheese.

This essay is for you if you have reduced your options down to the two most popular Mexican dishes, burritos and enchiladas, and you want to know the difference between enchiladas and burritos so you can make a decision.

We put the enchilada and the burrito head-to-head to establish the primary distinctions between the two and to help you decide which one is superior.

What Is Enchilada?

Traditional enchiladas are created with a thin corn tortilla that is wrapped over a filling of chicken or mutton and then topped with chili sauce. Enchiladas are an ancient Mexican cuisine that has changed through time but has maintained its basic form.

The word “enchilada” originates from Spanish and literally translates as “decorated with sauce.” Before being put in the oven to bake, these packed corn tortillas are first coated with sauce and then topped with cheese. The result is a dish that is genuinely embellished with sauce.

The enchilada is so well-liked that it even has its own day of celebration: the fifth of May is known as “national enchilada day.” A wide range of ingredients may be stuffed inside of an enchilada. It is possible to make it with fish and vegetables, and the contents may be customized according to individual preference and hunger level.

Enchiladas are considered side dishes, therefore they must be served in addition to the main meal when they are prepared. You may even create them from leftovers. When it comes to the amount, the toppings and dressing that are added to enchiladas are not a significant portion of the dish.

When you take a bite off of an enchilada, the sauce will explode into your tongue, releasing a medley of different flavors. Because there is so much sauce on the dish, it may be hard to eat it with your hands, and you will therefore need to use a fork to do it.

What Is Burrito?

Another traditional Mexican food is the burrito, which differs from traditional corn tortillas in that it is made using flour tortillas. The filling is rolled up in a folded tortilla, which is then wrapped around the filled. It may be filled with a wide variety of items, although beans and meat are the two most common ones.

The components that go into the filling might change not just according to one’s own tastes but also according to where they are made.

The filling for burritos in Mexico often consists of meat and beans, plus on sometimes Mexican rice. On the other hand, in the United States, it is often stuffed with lettuce, avocado, salsa, sour cream, and cheese in addition to the standard meat and beans.

Recipes for burritos often do not provide specific instructions for the filling, so there is always room to experiment with different flavor combinations.

The typical size of a burrito is on the larger side; in fact, the amount of food included in one burrito is comparable to that of three enchiladas. The burrito is very filling, and a single dish may soon make you feel satisfied.

It is not often necessary to put a substantial amount of sauce on top of a tortilla. Because it is covered in foil, eating it with your hands is simplified to the point where the only thing left to do is unwrap the foil.

Difference Between Enchilada And Burrito

1. The filling for an enchilada is wrapped in corn tortillas, whereas the filling for a burrito is covered in wheat tortillas. Enchiladas may be created with whatever filling you choose.

2. The word “enchilada” literally translates to “decorated with sauce,” and the meal in question is both wrapped in and doused in sauce. On the other hand, the tortilla almost always requires a few splashes of sauce, and it is always folded up beautifully.

3. Since the enchilada is doused with sauce, it is not possible to eat it with your fingers; rather, you will need a fork and a knife to consume it. Burritos, on the other hand, are usually nicely wrapped, which makes it much simpler to consume them with your hands.

4. When compared to the size of a burrito, an enchilada is more manageable to eat. A single burrito is equivalent to three enchiladas because of the burrito’s larger size.

5. While the typical filling for an enchilada is either chicken or mutton, a burrito often consists of beans, meat, and occasionally shredded beef.

6. The finished enchilada is covered in sauce after having multiple layers of filling stacked on top of it. On the other hand, while constructing a burrito, the filling is first combined with the sauce before being folded up in the flour tortilla and covered with it.

Enchilada Vs Burrito: Which Is Better?

Since you now understand the difference between an enchilada and a burrito, you may be wondering which one is superior. The two meals are distinguishable from one another due to the fact that the contents are prepared somewhat differently, despite the fact that they have many traits in common.

If you like wheat tortillas, then a burrito is just what you need. You may get enchiladas cooked using maize tortillas, which is the traditional method of preparation in Mexico. Enchiladas are available.

The quantity of sauce that is added is another factor that might be a deal breaker for some individuals. Choose an enchilada if you want your food coated in sauce, but go for a burrito if you want your tortilla to be folded up properly and be simple to eat with your hands. Enchiladas are a common meal in Mexican restaurants.

Inexperienced diners who are eating Mexican cuisine for the first time could get overwhelmed due to the many menu options available at Mexican restaurants.

The distinctions between enchiladas and burritos have been outlined above; with this information, you should be able to make a snap selection anytime you are dining at a Mexican restaurant.


What’s better enchilada or burrito?

If you like wheat tortillas more, then you should get a burrito instead. You should order the enchiladas if you like corn, since it is the typical method that Mexican food is prepared. The choice between burrito sauce and enchilada sauce is often the deciding factor.

What is the difference between a burrito and enchilada and a chimichanga?

A burrito consists of a wheat tortilla wrapped around a variety of contents, which may be fairly different from one burrito to the next. Enchiladas are made by rolling corn tortillas around ground beef and serving them with a plethora of chile sauce. Chimichangas are essentially burritos that have been deep fried, however they are often presented in a manner that is more analogous to the manner in which enchiladas are served.

What is the difference between enchiladas and wet burritos?

Corn tortillas are often used while making enchiladas, but huge wheat tortillas are typically used when making wet burritos. Second, enchiladas are rolled with the ends left open, while wet burritos are wrapped in such a manner that they are completely sealed off at the end.

What’s the difference between a burrito and an enchilada and a fajita?

Wheat tortillas are used to prepare burritos and chimichangas, whilst corn tortillas are used in the preparation of enchiladas. While maize and wheat tortillas are often used to make tacos, the term “fajita” refers to a specific cut of meat that is traditionally served with tortillas.

What is a burrito covered in sauce called?

Burrito is a Spanish word that literally translates to “little donkey.” This name may have originated from the fact that burritos mimic the look of the bedrolls and rolled bundles that donkeys carry. In Spanish, “moist” is translated as “mojado.” Burritos that do not include sauce are referred to as just burritos, but burritos that contain sauce are referred to as burritos mojados, often known as wet burritos.