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If you like portable snacks and meals, you’ve probably heard of a chimichanga or a burrito, which are usually at the top of the list of purchase-and-enjoy meals while on the move.

They’re tasty, healthful, and inexpensive. But, most of us can’t tell them difference and are often perplexed when it comes to making a purchase.

Chimichangas and burritos vary mostly in texture, flavor, and ingredients. On this page, we’ve already staged a full Chimichanga versus burrito duel, so you can finally say goodbye to both cuisines’ annoying similarities and choose your favorite.

But first, let’s go over some terminology.

What Is A Burrito?

Burrito is a flour tortilla folded into a sealed cylindrical shape around different contents, which originated in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine.

The size is irrelevant since it varies based on where you live. They are usually fairly little in Northern Mexico, almost like finger food. In the United States, however, they are quite hefty.

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What Is A Chimichanga?

Chimichangas are a kind of Tex-Mex meal that originated in the Southwestern United States. They are, however, a deep-fried burrito with the fillings wound up in a wheat tortilla.

Chimichangas VS Burritos: What’s The Difference?

Please forgive me for not delving into the dull history of different Mexican cuisines, how they were called, and so on! blah, blah, blah!!

I’m simply going to get to the point of what differentiates them and call it a day.

So here’s what you need to know:

The main distinction between both wraps is that the burrito is just a tortilla wrapped over a variety of fillings that can be readily hand-picked.

Chimichangas, on the other hand, are fried burritos served on a platter with sour cream sauce and need a fork-knife to finish.

Texture, Taste, and Nutritional Differences:

1. The Texture

Since chimichangas are deep-fried, the exterior is always crunchy and crispy.

If you buy chimichangas, you will notice two things.

To begin with, placing a fork on it reveals how crusty the skin is.

Second, after your first bite, you will see some of the filling as well as the melted cheese that gives the inside a somewhat damp and seductive appearance.

Burritos, on the other hand, are not deep-fried, so the outside is similar to that of a tortilla, simply pleasant and soft.

While the interior (depending on the filling) is soft, it is not as moist as a chimichanga.

This is due to the fact that burritos are not deep-fried. As a result, it does not absorb more oil into the filling and the cheese does not melt completely.

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2. The Taste

Chimichangas and burritos are both excellent, but they have distinct flavors.

A burrito is made out of a soft tortilla, flavorful chicken, and hard cheese.

Meanwhile, Chimichangas feature a superb mixture of crunchy, flavorful, and melting cheese. It’s a little oily because to the oil absorbed by the skin and the filling. As a result, they taste quite different.

3. Chimichanga Vs Burrito Ingredients

Within their soft tortilla coverings, vegetarian burritos include beans, rice, potatoes, and iceberg lettuce. Burritos with meat include rice and beans. Salsa, cheese, chipotle sauce, and guacamole are among the other components.

Meat is also an important component in chimichanga. Your chimichanga will have cheese, rice, and beans in addition to the meat. Guacamole, salsa, and sour cream are also often offered on the side with a fried burrito.

4. Health-wise: Which is Healthier?

Burritos are unquestionably 3X healthier than chimichangas since chimichangas are heavy in calories.

A single dish has around 1500 calories. It’s because chimichangas are deep-fried before being covered with heavy ingredients like sour cream, guacamole, and other sauces.

A cuisine with this many calories raises the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Burrito, unlike chimichangas, has a considerable number of calories. They are not deep-fried and have no high-calorie additives.


If you’ve read thus far, you’ve probably learned that although Chimichangas and Burritos are both Mexican dishes, they’re presented, taste, and are manufactured differently.

And I’m quite sure the Chimichangas vs. Burritos comparison didn’t leave anything out. Thus, the next time you go out for breakfast or supper, nothing will prevent you from making an educated purchasing choice.

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What’s the difference between chimichanga and wet burrito?

Chimichanga: a crisp, deep-fried tortilla with a spicy beef filling, often eaten with sour cream, meted cheese, and other toppings. Wet burrito: a burrito topped with red chili sauce and melted cheese; cooked with a flour tortilla; may include meat or beans.

What is the difference between a chimichanga and enchilada burrito?

A wheat tortilla is used to make burritos. Wheat tortillas are used to make chimichangas. Corn tortillas are used to make enchiladas. Fajitas are served with tortillas.

What is the difference between a burrito and a ch?

A chimichanga is just a fried burrito.

While the most common presentations include cheese and red salsa, there are several more options, such as beans and some protein.

What’s the difference between El Monterey burritos and chimichangas?

The only difference is that one of them is fried. Chimis are fried burritos, and it is their main selling point. The two Kroger grocery shops in Atlanta that I frequent haven’t stocked Chimis in a long time, and they’re typically out of bruittos.

What makes a chimichanga a chimichanga?

A chimichanga, like a burrito, is traditionally loaded with rice, beans, meat, and cheese. You may choose between seasoned Mexican-style rice, yellow rice, or plain white rice. Traditional beans include refried beans, black beans, and pinto beans.

What’s the difference between frozen burrito and frozen chimichanga?

What distinguishes a burrito from a chimichanga? Burritos are wrapped but not fried, and they feature rice, beans, and tomatoes in addition to the meat. Chimichangas are normally deep fried and include just the meat in sauce, making them crisp and crunchy on the exterior.

What does a chimichanga consist of?

Chimichanga is a Mexican snack or entree that consists of a tortilla filled with a meat or bean mixture then deep fried to make the exterior crispy. Chimichangas are shallow-fried burritos. They’re often served with salsa, sour cream, or guacamole, as well as a side of Mexican rice.

What’s the difference between chimichanga and tortilla?

Burritos and chimichangas have many similarities, since both are made with tortillas wrapped over a meat filling. Chimichangas are unique in that they are stuffed with meat before being deep fried and served with cheese and sour cream.

What’s the difference between a chimichanga and a taquito?

When a burrito is deep-fried, it is referred to as a chimichanga. The difference between a chimichanga and a rolled taco or taquito is that a chimichanga has both ends folded over and closed, creating a neat package, while a rolled taco or taquito has both ends open.

What are the 5 layers of the burrito?

Taco Bell’s Beefy 5-Layer Burrito (Copycat) is a quick and simple cheesy meal that includes refried beans, ground beef, cheddar cheese, nacho cheese, and sour cream.

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