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Can you freeze Greek yogurt, particularly if you have leftovers and no plans to use them in the following several days?

Yes, you can, but it comes at a cost, just like storing coconut milk in the freezer. You’d be compromising both the delicious flavor and the thick and creamy consistency.

While eating it raw after defrosting isn’t a bad idea, there are other methods to cure it and utilize it, which we’ll go over here. Therefore be certain that you don’t miss a single word on this page.

Can You Freeze Greek Yogurt?

When it comes to freezing this dairy product, freezing will surely help prolong its shelf life, but it is not the best approach.

This is due to the fact that greek yogurt is not a dairy product that freezes well. You can’t just pop it in the freezer and eat it like ice cream.

There are, however, alternatives. Defrosted Greek yogurt works well in both cooked dishes and smoothies.

You may be asking why freezing would change the flavor.

When it freezes, the liquid within tends to split. When thawed and stirred back to life, it will likely lose some of its thickness, and in most instances, there will be a minor difference in flavor.

Also, it will no longer have the same curd-like texture that it formerly had; a textural shift is unavoidable.

When frozen yogurt is thawed, it becomes runny and somewhat gritty.

It’s OK, you can still eat it this way. But, if you are texture-conscious, as I am, you may want to try using it in tasty yogurt dishes such as a chilled yogurt smoothie or fruited yogurt shakes, where it will be undetectable.

As a result, if you insist on conserving your greek yogurt by freezing, this approach will assist you.

It’s VERY simple, requiring just a handful of sealed containers and only about 5 minutes of hands-on work.

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How to Freeze Greek Yogurt in an Ice Cube Tray

Step 1: Fill an ice cube dish halfway with greek yogurt. I advocate using ice cube trays instead of bags since they are reusable and better for the environment.

Step 2: Place the trays in the freezer and leave them there until the coconut milk cubes are completely frozen. Depending on the size, it takes 3 to 5 hours to completely freeze.

Step 3: Place the frozen cubes in freezer bags or containers. Then put it in the freezer. Tah-Dah! You can now effortlessly scoop a few cubes to add to a recipe or defrost a lot for a smoothie.


Finally, since yogurt is mostly liquid and will expand when frozen, leave some room in the containers to allow for expansion.

If you’re not comfortable with this technique, you may be interested in the container method. Thus I strongly advise you to read our post on freezing coconut milk, since we have outlined the processes there.

Remember, frozen and defrosted greek yogurt works best in cooked and baked meals, or in recipes where the texture of the yogurt isn’t critical to the dish itself.

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What happens to Greek yogurt if you freeze it?

Is it possible to freeze Greek yogurt? Yes. As it thaws, however, it will split into a gritty texture, so it will no longer be the creamy yogurt it once was. But, defrosted greek yogurt works nicely in meals where texture isn’t as important.

Why does Greek yogurt say do not freeze?

This is due to the fact that freezing causes the protein networks in yogurt to collapse. The method produces water, which separates from the milk solids when frozen. Thawed yogurt doesn’t make the smoothest sauces, so if you’re worried about texture, save it for a baking project or a smoothie.

What is the best way to freeze Greek yogurt?

It’s best to freeze yogurt in sealed freezer bags to minimize freezer burn and the yogurt collecting freezer smells. Close the freezer bags fully, and then use a permanent marker to label the yogurt with the date frozen. Frozen yogurt should be eaten within six to eight months after being frozen.

Can you freeze store bought Greek yogurt to make frozen yogurt?

Any yogurt can be used to make homemade frozen yogurt. I like greek yogurt since it has more protein, but normal would do. If you’re wondering whether you can freeze greek yogurt, the answer is yes! Greek yogurt freezes beautifully.

How long does Greek yogurt last in the fridge?

Yogurt should be used within 1 to 2 weeks after purchase, according to the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service Foodkeeper app. (By the way, this time period implies you’ve been refrigerating your yogurt.) There’s no assurance that your yogurt is still safe to consume after that. It’s best to get rid of it.

Can you freeze Greek yogurt to make it like ice cream?

You can certainly freeze yogurt, just as you can sour cream and other dairy products. Therefore, if you purchased too much yogurt the last time you went grocery shopping, this is the greatest method to keep it for later. You’ll be able to save money while also reducing food waste!

Can Chobani Greek yogurt be frozen?

Absolutely! Frozen ChobaniĀ® Greek Yogurt products may be kept in the freezer until the expiry date printed on the package. The cultures become dormant when they are frozen. But, once frozen, they revert to life and activity.

Can you eat yogurt after its been frozen?

Once thawed, frozen yogurt is entirely fine to consume if you like the taste and texture. If the texture and flavor alterations don’t appeal to you, reserve your frozen yogurt for smoothies and baking dishes where the variances won’t be noticeable.

How do you make Greek yogurt last longer?

To keep strong odors at bay, store your yoghurt in an airtight container. You can keep it in its original container, but make sure to close it with the lid rather than just the foil seal. Keep your yoghurt fresh by keeping it in the back of the fridge, where temperatures remain cool and consistent.

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