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Today, we’ll settle the controversy over which is the finest Indian cuisine by comparing chicken Korma with butter chicken.

And it promises to be an entertaining one since they are often mistaken for variants of one meal because they share similar ingredients and seem to be the same when served.

Therefore I recommend that you have an open mind to what I’m going to say since this post is packed with conflicting ideas, facts, and opinions that will help you make the best decision.

These are both fragrant golden chicken chunks in an excellent creamy curry sauce that are offered at Indian restaurants and other locations.

They do not, however, have the same spirit. And let me explain why!

What Is Chicken Korma?

Chicken korma is a typical Indian curry meal prepared with chicken, garlic, ginger root, and garam masala.

It’s delicious, rich, and creamy.

There are two elements to chicken korma. First, make the curry gravy. Second, the sauce that gives that magical chicken korma flavor.

It has a milder flavor than other curries since it is made with yogurt rather than coconut cream or heavy cream.

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What Is Butter Chicken?

Butter chicken is a Delhi-inspired Indian cuisine.

It is generally prepared by marinating pieces of chicken with spices, ginger, garlic, and a variety of other ingredients before cooking them in a creamy, moderately spicy tomato-based sauce until they soften.

You may also add some heavy cream and lemon juice to give some more taste.

However keep in mind that this dish is extremely similar to chicken tikka masala. And we’ve also compared them in their own subject, so go check them out.

So there you have it!

Before we get into the comparison and argument, let’s take a quick look at the fundamental origins of these two meals’ misconceptions.

Chicken Korma Vs Butter Chicken: Key Similarities

  • Both Indian meals are served with a tomato-based sauce. Kormas, on the other hand, are creamier than butter chicken but less tangy.
  • Even though the main component meat is different, they are prepared with the same trademark spices such as onions, garlic, ginger, and others.
  • They’re both offered with rice and naan bread in restaurants and almost everywhere else.

Difference Between Chicken Korma and Butter Chicken

1. Texture, Taste & Flavor

Because of the yogurt and nut paste, the chicken korma sauce has a chunkier and thicker texture.

They are also used in butter chicken, albeit in lower quantities. As a consequence, the sauce has a more refined finish.

They are both great in terms of taste and flavor.

Chicken korma is a light, creamy curry spiced for taste rather than fire. Korma, for example, utilizes cardamom and cinnamon instead of cumin and black pepper.

Butter chicken, on the other hand, is a light, cream-based curry seasoned with turmeric and chili peppers for a flavorful kick.

Apart from that, the flesh is distinct. Korma often calls for mutton. Yet, the foundation of butter chicken has always been chicken.

Both sauces include tomato, although the tanginess in korma is considerably milder than in butter chicken.

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2. Calorie’s level

One dish of korma has around 300-330 calories.

Butter chicken, on the other hand, contains up to 470-630 calories per serving.

3. Price

Since it takes longer to cook, butter chicken is more expensive than chicken korma.

Chicken Korma, on the other hand, is a more affordable alternative due to its inexpensive components.

4. Cooking method

The cooking of chicken Korma and butter chicken varies as well.

Chicken korma is cooked on the stovetop or in the oven at 350°F for approximately 45 minutes, or until tender.

Butter chicken, on the other hand, takes an eternity to prepare.

It should be cooked for approximately 3 hours on low heat until soft, then another hour with butter and seasonings.

Only then can you add the heavy cream or coconut milk as a final touch.

The chicken korma is gently browned before being cooked with the sauce, which adds flavor.

Additionally, chicken korma is made in a pan, while butter chicken is better made in a clay pot, or tandoor.


In conclusion, the goal of this chicken korma vs butter chicken essay is to expand your understanding of both Indian curries.

And now that you’ve learned the differences and similarities between these recipes, we feel you may select the one that best matches your tastes.

If you still have questions, please leave them in the comments section below; otherwise, you are free to enjoy your dinner.

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What makes korma different?

Korma, also known as ‘gulai kurma’ in Malaysia, is made using coconut milk rather than yogurt. Kurma meats include chicken, mutton, beef, and deer.

What’s the difference between korma and curry?

Heat-spiced gravy made with cumin and pepper. Curry vs. Korma

Korma is an Indian dish that originated in Mughal cuisine. It is distinguished from other Indian curries by its gently spicy flavor and the use of coriander, cardamom, and dried fruits. Indian curry refers to a group of sauce-based foods.

What is the difference between chicken makhani and chicken korma?

Biteclub’s Indian Recipe Guide

Makhni is a rich, creamy, and accessible tomato-based sauce prepared with butter or ghee. Tikka Masala: A richer sauce containing Indian spices, tomatoes, onions, and cream. Korma: A spicy curry cooked with coconut milk.

What’s the difference between chicken curry and butter chicken?

Butter chicken is creamier and sweeter than chicken curry, and it has more spices. Tikka masala, on the other hand, emphasizes heat and spice. The two cuisines often share ingredients like as tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, and various kinds of chiles, but they are not interchangeable.

What does korma sauce taste like?

Korma defies classification, however this Mughlai cuisine often consists of braised beef or vegetables in a very mild silky yogurt sauce seasoned with fragrant spices. It often has a nutty undertone due to the addition of blended almonds, cashews, coconut, or poppy seeds.

What are some fun facts about chicken korma?

Chicken korma was a favorite of the Moguls, who migrated from Central Asia and took over trade routes and companies in sixteenth-century India. It was a delicious and silky delicacy produced with costly spices and special flavorings, based on cream, almonds, and dried fruit. In a nutshell, it’s a display to be proud of.

What is korma sauce made of?

A classic korma is a mild, creamy sauce prepared with yogurt, almonds, and cream. We recreated the same flavor without the nuts. Our Korma Sauce is a lighter, nut-free version that tastes just as good with yogurt, cream, or coconut milk.

What are the styles of korma?

Mughlai, Shahi, Kashmiri, and south Indian are the four most popular Korma curries in the subcontinent. The Shahi and Mughlai recipes are similar to the traditional Korma recipe in that yogurt is combined with almonds and the meat is braised in yogurt, onions, and spices before being boiled.

What does butter chicken taste like?

How Does Butter Chicken Taste? The taste of butter chicken is rich, savory, and sweet. The butter and cream bring richness, the spices lend a more classic curry taste, and the tomato sauce balances everything out with a touch of sweetness.

Is chicken korma sweeter than butter chicken?

Butter chicken is sweeter than chicken korma, which has a spice-centric center flavor. Quantity of Dairy – Butter chicken has much more dairy ingredients than chicken korma. Butter chicken utilizes butter to give its sauce a creamy buttery flavor, as well as yoghurt and double cream.

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