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What is there not to like about adobo seasoning? The spice is flavorful and has a savory flavor. Adobo seasoning was formerly common in Mexico, Spain, the Philippines, and South America. It is used to meats before frying or grilling.

Adobo flavor is now adaptable and may be used in taco meat, soups, steaks, and many other dishes. Adobo seasoning is widely available in the spice department of most grocery shops and supermarkets.

Yet, finding shops that sell adobo seasoning might be difficult in certain areas of the globe. In such cases, you’ll need an excellent adobo seasoning replacement.

Chili powder, Cajun spice, and Greek seasoning are other common adobo seasoning replacements.

What is Adobo Seasoning?

Adobo spice, as we know it now, originated in the Caribbean and was traditionally used as a meat rub before cooking or grilling.

The seasoning used to come in both wet and dry forms, however the dry variety increasingly gained popularity.

Garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, salt, pepper, and occasionally dried citrus are vital spice components.

McCormick and Goya, for example, have modified and refined the adobo taste and market the adobo spice mix. Goya, for example, sells eight different spice mixes.

What Is a Good Substitute for Adobo Seasoning?

If you can’t find adobo spice, the good news is that you can create it from yourself using items from your own kitchen.

If you don’t have time to make your own adobo seasoning, you may quickly go for some spice that tastes and tastes like adobo seasoning. Among these seasonings are:

1. Chili powder

Chili powder is widely available and can be bought in almost every shop in most countries.

Chili powder incorporates typical elements used in adobo seasoning such as black pepper, garlic, cumin, and oregano.

The primary distinction between adobo seasoning and chili powder is its color. Adobo flavor adds a yellow colour to meals, while chili powder adds a brilliant red hue.

Both seasoning hues, regardless of color, may be used interchangeably for the same purpose and in the same quantity.

2. Cajun seasoning

Cajun seasoning may also be used in place of adobo seasoning. Garlic, black paper, and oregano are common elements in both seasonings.

To be sure, using Cajun seasoning instead of adobo spice will not give the same taste. Even so, using Cajun flavor ensures a nice, delectable, and savory dish.

3. Greek seasoning

If you want Mediterranean tastes, you may easily substitute Greek spice for adobo seasoning.

The main distinction between Greek seasoning and adobo seasoning is that Greek seasoning includes marjoram and thyme, whilst adobo seasoning does not.

What Can I Substitute for Adobo Seasoning?

If you want the same taste as adobo seasoning, you may simply substitute adobo paste or sauce for the seasoning.

It’s worth noting that the adobo sauce has the same components as the adobo seasoning. The main difference is that adobo sauce contains more liquid and oil owing to its pasty consistency.

When substituting adobo sauce for adobo spice, keep in mind that the sauce form is inherently waterier, so use with care.

Because of the high water content, adobo sauce is ideal for soups and casseroles. The paste is also great for lathering over meat before grilling to add color and taste.

How To Make Homemade Adobo Seasoning

When looking for a proper alternative for adobo spice, we propose making your own adobo seasoning with certain pantry staples.

Additionally, homemade adobo spice tastes better than store-bought and allows for greater versatility.

If you want hot and spicy meals, for example, you can simply double the chili powder or cayenne pepper in your adobo combination.


  • 2 tablespoons paprika
  • 2 tablespoons salt
  • 1 ½ teaspoons onion powder
  • 1 ½ teaspoons dried oregano
  • 1 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric
  • 2 teaspoons black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon
  • ground black pepper


Mix all of the ingredients in a mixing bowl until completely blended. You may use a food processor to achieve a smoother mix until you reach your desired consistency.


Keep in a cold, dry location in an airtight container or jar until needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Adobo Seasoning Made of?

Garlic powder, powdered peppercorns, and oregano are the main components in adobo spice. It is worth noting that the seasoning components change from location to region.

How Do You Make Adobo Seasoning from Scratch?

All you need to make adobo spice are a few pantry staples and a mixing dish or food processor.

You’re good to go with a tablespoon of salt, oregano, paprika, onion powder, black pepper, garlic powder, ground cumin, chili powder, ground black pepper, and turmeric.

Which Adobo Seasoning Is the Best?

Some of the greatest adobo seasonings on the market seem to be Goya Adobo All-Purpose Seasoning, Chef Merito Adobo Carne Al Pastor, and Badia Adobo spice.

What Is Adobo Seasoning Used for?

Adobo flavor is a versatile condiment that may be used in a variety of meals, including chicken, beef, hog, fish, and even non-meat items such as soups, beans, rice, and even eggs!


Adobo spice is famous among chefs and cooks due to its flexibility. The spicy spice is also widely available in most supermarkets, which has contributed to its popularity.

In the event that you run out of adobo seasoning, we hope that this article will come in helpful by providing you with a suitable replacement.

Remember, nothing prevents you from producing your own adobo spice with only a few cupboard components.

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What can I use in place of adobo seasoning?

All you need are a few spices like black pepper, paprika, garlic powder, cumin powder, and onion powder to produce a superb adobo seasoning alternative. Using all of these spices, you can make a fantastic seasoning alternative.

What can I use instead of adobo and Sazon?

Substitutes for Adobo

In a pinch, sazon, chili powder, Cajun spice, and Greek seasoning can suffice, but they will change the color and taste character of the meal. They’re similar, but not identical.

What is the most popular adobo seasoning?

What is the finest adobo to purchase? Badia, Goya, and McCormick are the most popular brands. These dry adobos, also known as adobo completo or complete seasoning, are mainly a combination of salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, oregano, and other dry herbs and spices.

What is adobo seasoning made of?

Adobo Seasoning is a popular seasoning in Latin American, Caribbean, and Spanish cuisines. Although the specific formula varies by area, the main components are garlic powder, ground peppercorns, oregano, and sometimes onion powder.

What is similar to Goya Adobo?

Alternatives to Goya for adobo and sazón are listed below:
Loisa. Frontier Co-Op Organic Adobo Seasoning Mix, Amazon. … Primal Palate Adobo Seasoning Jar at Vitacost. Simply Organic Adobo Seasoning from Thrive Market. Amazon…. Costa Rican. Calicutts Spice Co. Etsy. Freakin Rican.
Jul 14, 2020

What is alternative vinegar for adobo?

Cane or coconut vinegar has traditionally been utilized. I used rice vinegar for my own recipe since it is less harsh on the tongue. However, to be honest, I’ve prepared a lot of last-minute adobos using white vinegar, apple cider, or a mix of whatever I had in the cupboard, and they’ve always come out fantastic.

What is similar to chipotle adobo?

Poblano peppers, ancho chilies, and any other smoky red pepper you can find are excellent alternatives for Chipotle chiles in adobo sauce.
The 5 Greatest Chipotle Pepper Substitutes in Adobo Sauce
1 – Cayenne Pepper.
2 smoked peppers… 3 Chipotle Mexican seasoning.
4 – Dried Chipotles.
Paprika, smoked.
Feb 20, 2023

What is similar to Goya seasoning?

Oregano – you may use either dried or crushed oregano. (The powdered oregano used in the Goya brand comes from a plant). Since powdered oregano is so potent, you’ll need to use half the quantity or less.

What is Goya adobo seasoning made of?


What is the most popular seasoning in the world?

Black pepper is the world’s most popular spice. It is one of the oldest known spices, with people using it for almost 5,000 years. Pepper is used in many cultures, but it is notably popular in Indian and Southeast Asian cuisines.

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