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It might be difficult to distinguish between leeks and scallions. Scallions and leeks are both members of the allium family, which implies they are relatives but not identical twins.

Although there are some similarities, there are also some significant distinctions between scallions and leeks. Hence, in this piece, I’ve chosen to clarify the air.

Scallions have straight, hollow green leaves with a little white base (tender enough to eat), but leeks have robust dark green leaves with light green stripes that shoot out from a broad white base (tender enough to eat) (not typically eaten).

But, it is not the most significant distinction between scallions and leeks; read on to learn more!

What Are Scallions?

Scallions are immature onions from the onion family that are collected before the bulb develops. They have a milder taste than mature onions and a crisp and juicy texture, making them ideal for raw recipes.

Scallions have a milder, sweeter flavor than onions. The white bulb has a softer onion taste than the green sections, which have a stronger scent.

Scallions and chives are sometimes compared because they may be used similarly, albeit scallions are bigger and are not commonly used as a garnish.

They are often eaten raw in salads or as a garnish, although they may be gently sautéed in hot oil or butter to soften their taste.

They may also be cooked for use in soups and stews, but should be added towards the end to avoid overpowering the taste.

What Are Leeks?

Leeks are vegetables from the onion family. Despite they resemble green onions in appearance, leeks are often bigger and have significantly larger stems than their relatives.

Leeks have the appearance of long, white tubes with dark green leaves at the end. Its taste is comparable to scallions, however some people like them to be softer and sweeter.

Leeks may be eaten both raw and cooked. Raw leeks are crisp with a mild taste that is sometimes characterized as sweet. They are widely used in salads and sandwiches, and they may also be used in place of onions in recipes.

When cooked with additional ingredients such as garlic, olive oil, and butter, leeks become soft and have a deep taste.

Since their delicate sweetness enhances other tastes without overwhelming them, they are often used in soups, spaghetti, stir-fries, and sauces.

Scallions Vs Leeks: Key Differences

When it comes to scallions versus leeks, there are some similarities and some distinct variances. Both are members of the Allium family.

They both belong to the Amaryllidaceae family and have a similar flavor. They’re also used in the same way: as garnishes for soups, salads, and other prepared foods.

They do, however, seem to be significantly distinct from one another. Scallions are tall green onions with a thinner stem than a leek.

Leek has a narrower leafy green structure and a bigger white or green stem that is normally only eaten partly.

The most notable distinction between scallions and leeks is that scallions lack a bulb at the base, while leeks do.

Scallions Leeks
Flavor  scallions have a sharper taste that is somewhat peppery Leeks are mild with an Oniony taste with traces of garlicky when cooked
Size Scallions are smaller and are sold in branches Leeks are bigger than scallions and are sold in single stalks
Thickness Scallions are slim with their nice little bub Leeks are thicker with bigger leaves  
Cook time Scallions come to doneness less than leeks Due to the thickness, leek demands a longer cooking time

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Leeks Like Scallions?

Whether you’re searching for a method to jazz up your dish or a reason to use up the leeks you purchased on a whim, the answer is YES!

You may substitute leeks for the scallions. Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that leeks have a milder taste than scallions.

Apart from that, leeks are a great addition to soups and stews since their delicate taste provides additional punch to your stock without being overbearing.

Are Leek Good For Weight Loss?

Leeks have been shown to aid with weight reduction. This is due to the fact that it includes several vitamins, minerals, and fiber that are crucial in the fat-burning process. Although they do contain carbs, they have a low glycemic index.

This implies they won’t induce blood sugar spikes like processed sweets or some other veggies (like potatoes). Leeks are thus an excellent alternative for anybody seeking to reduce weight! They have a delicious flavor and may be used in virtually any cuisine, from soups and stews to salads and casseroles.

Between Scallions And Leeks, Which Is Healthier?

Go no farther than the scallion for a low-calorie, high-fiber, and nutrient-dense vegetable to add to your diet.

Both scallions and leeks are members of the onion genus and the allium family, which means they have many of the same health benefits: they are high in vitamins A, B6, and C, as well as iron and folate.

These may both benefit bone health. They have calcium levels that are comparable. Both are low in fat, salt, gluten, cholesterol, and sugar.

Scallions, on the other hand, are generally fewer in calories than leeks, with around 25 calories per serving (leeks tend to run around 34 calories).

Scallions are also richer in vitamin K and iron than leeks (which contain around 7% of the RDA for iron, while scallions have about 12%). Each serving contains roughly 2 grams of fiber.

Choose the scallion if you want more nutrients and less calories from your alliums!

What Is A Substitute For Scallions?

Although onions are excellent, they are not always easily accessible, thus replacements are available.

The following are some of the greatest scallion substitutes:

  • Onions in white
  • Chives
  • Leeks
  • Onions de printemps

Can I Use Onions Instead Of Leeks In Soup?

While onions are less sweet than leeks, they nonetheless have a flavorful scent that may complement the other ingredients in your soup. Since they have a stronger taste, you won’t need as much onion as you would for leeks.

It would be helpful if you sautéed the onions and leeks before adding them to the soup, so they are fully cooked before serving. Since leeks contain less water than onions and may burn quickly when cooked, they need longer time on the burner.

Onions brown quicker than leeks (unless they’re red onions), so keep an eye on them while they’re cooking.


I can’t tell which is best for you. I know that leeks are more popular and have more culinary applications, so they are definitely a better investment.

Nevertheless, scallions are less expensive and may be substituted in instead of leeks in most cuisines. Even expert chefs at five-star restaurants often substitute scallions for leeks.

You may, however, use our Leek vs. Scallion comparison chart to help you determine which is best for your requirements.


Can I substitute leeks for scallions?

When it comes to garnishes, leeks are a fantastic option for scallions. Just slice the white section thinly and sprinkle it over salads or soups.

Do leeks and green onions taste the same?

Leeks resemble overgrown green onions but have a gentler, more delicate taste. The white base and green stalk are used in creamy soups, fresh, stocks, and other dishes.

What do leeks taste like compared to scallions?

What Exactly Are Leeks? Leeks belong to the same onion family as scallions, but they have a distinct flavor and size. They are larger than scallions and have a mild onion-like taste. It also has a somewhat garlicky taste, however that flavor mellows away when cooked.

Can you use leeks instead of green onions?

Leeks and green onions may be used interchangeably. Since leek stems are bigger, you must use green onions when substituting green onions for leeks. Take into account that raw leeks have a milder taste than green onions.

What part of the leek do you eat?

Since they are soft and flavorful, the bottom white and light green sections of leeks are the most palatable. The dark green sections are theoretically edible, but only to a limited degree due to their toughness. If you wish to consume the dark green pieces, sauté them well so they soften.

What vegetable is closest to leeks?

scallions (in a pinch) (in a pinch) Is there one more leek substitute? Green onions, often called scallions!
Nov 11, 2020
What is the best leek substitute?
Shallot. What is the finest leek substitute? Shallots, thinly cut! Shallots are little onions that have a delicate, mild taste.
White onion or sweet onion? What about another decent leek substitute? White onion or sweet onion…
Onion green

Why don’t you eat the green part of a leek?

When it comes to leeks, the basic rule is to utilize the white section and discard the green. Its green component is high in vitamin C and may be utilized in a variety of dishes. Just a few centimeters of the normally woody top section of the leaves must be removed. Sauces, soups, and casseroles may all benefit from boiled leaves.

What are leeks called in America?

Ramps, or wild leeks, are endemic to North America and have a strong garlic-onion taste. Leeks come in a variety of names. They range from long, green narrow-leaf varieties with long, thin white stems to long, broad-leaf varieties with thicker, shorter white stems and blue-green leaves.

Can I eat leeks raw?

You have two options: Consume them raw: Raw leeks, like onions, have a strong taste. They may, however, be used as a garnish for soups, salads, roasted vegetables, meats, seafood, and other foods when thinly sliced. You may also include them into green salads, dips, and salad dressings.

Are scallions baby leeks?

Young leeks, unlike their Allium siblings, do not form bulbs or generate cloves; instead, they grow a sleek edible cylindric stem. Young leeks resemble Spring Onions, often known as scallions, since they have yet to plump up their stems or develop thick green fanned leaves like adult leeks.

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