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Salt pork is fat that is taken off a pig’s back or belly and then cured in salt for preservation. Salt pork is a deep, savory taste that adds a meaty and salty flavor to a meal.

Cooking fat may be made from the fat produced from salt pork. While salt pork has a unique flavor, there are many salt pork replacements that may be used in its place to attain the same flavor and taste without dramatically altering your dish.

Bacon, pancetta, smoked ham hock, smoked salmon, flavored olive oil, beef jerky, salted butter, fatback, and cured vegetables are some of the greatest salt pork replacements.

Following, we discuss a few viable substitutes to salt pork that you may use if you don’t have any on hand.

Best Salt Pork Substitutes

Salt pork is a savory cuisine flavor that is used in a variety of dishes. If you can’t get salt pork or don’t want to eat pig, you may still make this dish; just use a salt pork substitute:

1. Bacon

Since their tastes are comparable, bacon is the closest equivalent for salt pork. Most bacon on the market is smoked and cured with a lot of extra sweet and sour flavorings, so if you’re searching for a salt pork replacement, seek for bacon with no additional flavorings.

Seek for bacon with no added sweeteners that has been sliced into basic shapes. It is not necessary to soak bacon when using it as a salt pork alternative. Bacon is widely accessible, making it the greatest and most practical substitute for salt pork.

2. Pancetta

Pancetta is an Italian bacon that is extremely similar to salt pork; pancetta may be used effectively in lieu of salt pork since it has so many characteristics that are comparable to salt pig.

Pancetta does not need smoking and is commonly accessible, making it an easy substitute for salt pork.

Pancetta comes in the form of rolls and requires the same quantity as salt pork. Nevertheless, it is advised to only rest the pancetta for 30 minutes before slicing and replacing.

3. Smoked Ham Hock

When smoked and cured in salt brine, a pig hock may be used in place of salt pork. Smoked ham hocks are quite similar to salt pork, however you must soak and stew your hog hock for an hour before using it as a substitute for salt pork.

4. Smoked Salmon

You may substitute smoked salmon for salt pork for breakfast, which works great with brotchen and a side of cheese.

Smoked salmon is a perfect alternative for that delectable sandwich; it is salty and savory, and it can be used to spaghetti, casseroles, and even stir-fried foods.

If you dislike pig, smoked salmon may be used in lieu of salt pork and bacon since it is fatty, tasty, and healthful. If you don’t like salmon, you may easily substitute another kind of smoked fish from the market.

5. Flavored Olive Oil

If you choose to eat healthily, vegan, or vegetarian, you may still make a tasty meal without adding salt pork; substituting seasoned olive oil for ordinary olive oil is a better choice.

Flavored olive oil comes in a variety of flavors, including garlic, chili, basil, rosemary, and lemon zest. Flavored olive oils provide a lot of flavor and perfume to a meal.

Staying away from animal products like pork is one of the first steps to living a healthy lifestyle. In salad dressings, sautéing, stir-fried foods, soups, and stews, flavored olive oil may be used in place of salt pork.

6. Salted Butter

Salted butter is another excellent option for salt pork; you may use either dairy or vegan salted butter, depending on your preferences.

This allows you to enjoy the rich and fatty pleasure of salt pork while staying on track with your diet. It is preferable to use salted butter rather than unsalted butter.

This is because, other from the scent, unsalted butter does not have many tastes. If you can make baked beans using pork, make them vegan-friendly by replacing salted butter for the salt pork.

You may add mushrooms or zucchini to the meal to give it a meaty feel.

7. Beef Jerky

If you don’t want to eat pig but still want to eat meat, you may substitute beef jerky for the salt pork. Unlike salt pork, beef jerky is a beef cut that has been smoked, salted, and cured.

Beef jerky is an excellent chewy snack as a result of this. It has a lengthy shelf life, making it one of the finest options for stockpiling survival food.

You should be able to obtain a comparable delicious taste by stewing beans or making chowder. Beef jerky is not only a tasty snack, but it can also be used to substitute salt pork in your favorite baked goods.

Using beef jerky guarantees that you get the meaty texture that your favorite meal requires without using pork.

8. Cured Vegetable

This is also a good vegan or vegetarian alternative to salt pork. Curing vegetables is a lifetime process that aids in the preservation of veggies.

Vegetables become tasty and fragrant after being salted and preserved. Tomatoes, eggplants, garlic, onions, and potatoes are among the veggies that may be cured.

Replace salt pork with cured veggies to make your favorite meat-based dishes vegan or vegetarian. Using cured veggies rather of fresh ones adds flavor, smokiness, and scent to the meal.

For cooking spaghetti sauces, lasagna, casseroles, and even stews, salt pork may be used in place of cured vegetables. This makes the food healthier, with less calories but more minerals and vitamins.

9. Fatback

Unlike salt pork, fatback is a cut from the pig’s back that contains no flesh. Fatback may be used in place of salt pork in recipes that call for salt pork for fat and flavor rather than meat.

Nevertheless, fatback is not preserved in salt, so if you want a saltier taste, add extra salt to the dish. Before serving, taste the meal and adjust the salt as required.


If you don’t want to eat pork, salt pork replacement has a delicious and salty taste that can be imitated.

You may substitute different meat products, or if you have health concerns, you can eliminate the meat completely and replace it with healthier alternatives such as olive oil and butter.

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What is the best substitute for salt pork?

Replacement for salt pork

Since salt pork is pork belly that hasn’t been smoked like bacon and pancetta is pork belly that has been cured but not smoked, we believe pancetta is the finest taste alternative. While pancetta does not contain as much fat as salt pork, you may substitute lard for it.

What can I use instead of salt pork in clam chowder?

Salt pork is a kind of unsmoked slab bacon that is usually used in chowder. You may simply substitute pancetta or bacon for it. If you don’t use salt pork, you may need to season the soup with additional salt. If you use bacon, the soup will have a smokey flavor.

Can you substitute ham for salt pork?

Conclusion. Finally, the greatest salt pork replacements are bacon, ham, pancetta, fatback, and lard. Each of these alternatives has a distinct taste and texture that might enhance your food. Consider what tastes will compliment the other items in your dish when selecting a substitution.

Are pork belly and salt pork the same thing?

Salt pork is just salted pig belly; it has the appearance of side or slab bacon but is not smoked.

What can I use instead of salt pork turkey?

Beef bacon is an excellent alternative to salt pork. It tastes exactly as good and has a comparable texture. It is also lot leaner and has less fat. Bacon Beef


What is salt pork also known as?

Several recipes call for salt pork (also known as salt-cured pork or white bacon). In appearance, salt pork resembles an uncut slab of bacon, although it is neither cured or smoked like bacon.

What is the best thickener for clam chowder?

Just mix equal parts cornstarch and COLD water until thoroughly combined (this is called a cornstarch “slurry”), then add into a low simmering or boiling liquid and it will thicken it instantly like magic!

Do you need to salt pork?

Pork chops are a lean, tasteless piece of meat on their own. Seasoning the meat with salt before cooking is vital for bringing out the inherent tastes of the meat. Season liberally, and keep in mind that even a brief brining (just 30 minutes) can enhance the flavor and texture of the meat.

What makes pork naturally salty?

Bacon is naturally salty because to the salt-based curing process. To clarify, the brining of hog flesh with salt and sodium nitrate, another salty component, is used in the production of bacon.

Is jowl bacon the same as salt pork?

Hog Jowl is a pig’s cheek sliced from the face. It’s mostly fat with a few streaks of meat. It may be smoked and cured, and utilized in the same way as bacon or salt pork would. It may be purchased fresh or cured and smoked.

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