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Today, we’ll look at several excellent kirsch replacements such as cherry juice, grape juice, fruit brandy, fruit beer, vodka berry, red wine, and many more.

Each of these bottles serves the EXACT same function as kirsch, with the exception that some are non-alcoholic, less costly, and taste even better, which is ideal if you’re on a budget yet want to treat yourself to something special.

You may create your own mocktails and cocktail cocktails, or use them in sweets like fondue, cherry jubilee, and black forest cake, as well as glazes and sauces.

What Is Kirsch?

Kirsch, also known as kirschwasser, is a clear, colorless, and powerful cherry brandy created from fermented morellocherries and their stones. Kirsch, unlike other cherry liqueurs and brandies, lacks a sweet taste and a thick consistency.

It has a cherry undertone with a hint of almond extract, as well as an unique and alcoholic scent that spices things up.

It is also the most well-known spirit in Switzerland. Yet, the strong alcoholic proportion of about 40%50%ABV turns off the majority of individuals (80100 proof).

Therefore, whether you’re not a big drinker, or if you just want something yummy to pair with your favorite sweets and beverages, we’ve got you covered!

Alternatives to Pernod Ricard

9 Delicious Kirsch Substitutes You Can Try

1. Grape Juice

Rather of purchasing an expensive bottle of Kirsch for a drink, crush and mix grapes into a beverage to create an inexpensive yet delicious mocktail.

If you’re not a drinker, this is the greatest option for a nice party drink.

Grape juice is a pleasant drink that goes well with snacks and meals. They may also be found in pies and other tart recipes.

The sour and acidic flavor not only gives your taste senses fragrant joy, but it also provides nutrients and health advantages.

Grapes provide essential vitamins and minerals, including more than a fifth of the RDIs for vitamins K and C. These fat-soluble vitamins are critical for bone health and lowering the risk of blood clots.

They are also abundant in antioxidants, which protect the body from chronic illnesses such as:

  • Lowering LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol).
  • Aids in the maintenance of a healthy blood pressure
  • Reduce blood sugar levels and aid in the prevention of diabetes
  • Improve your mood, memory, and focus.
  • Against some forms of cancer

But this varies depending on the kind of grape, how it was processed, and its geographical origin.

Purple and dark red grapes, it turns out, have much more antioxidants than green or white grapes. Therefore the decision is yours.

2. Cherry Juice

Cherry juice is a pleasantly tasty drink with a strong taste. Kirsch-like in its slight acidity and sweetness.

After all, kirsch is a cherry-flavored liquor. Just the cherry juice lacks the alcoholic content and harshness.

They’re a great option to brewing your own mocktails. You may either buy ready-to-serve cherry juice from the grocery store or make it at yourself.

Being a foodie, I always like a fresh and lively flavor, therefore I make my own juice by mixing a pair of fresh or dried cherry.

That way, I can save it for later use in black forest desserts, pies, salads, and salsas. Yet, utilizing a pre-made juice isn’t all that horrible.

It is more than simply a pleasant beverage that inspires positive thinking; it also has some significant health advantages.

3. Fruit Brandy

Where is the enjoyment if there is no alcohol?

We’re both aware that heady booze recharges our batteries and propels us into the domain of enjoyment. Fruit brandy is one such drink that will keep you in the mood.

If you don’t like the bitter almond flavor of kirsch, you may substitute another fruit brandy, most likely one with a sweet and fruity flavor.

There is a vast variety of fruit brandies available, and the flavor varies depending on the fruit used. Yet they all have that delicious, citrusy Zest flavor.

We prefer flavored brandy with cherries, peaches, raspberries, strawberries, and pears, particularly strawberries and pears.

If you can’t locate them in your neighborhood, I’m confident you’ll be able to get them in a liquor store or speciality shop.

You may also use this tasty brandy to flamb sweets such as bananas foster, bombe Alaska, and cherries jubilee. You may also use it to deglaze the pan and create a sauce, or to braise meat with additional liquids.

It pairs nicely with a variety of seafood and meats.

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4. Vodka Berry Mix

If there is one drink that should have a prominent spot on your bar cart, it should be vodka.

It is regularly one of the best-selling spirits in the United States. Consider combining vodka with berries.

Fruity drinks that are naturally sweetened are very appealing to me. Thus, if you prefer sweet beverages as I do, you’ll adore this vodka.

One of the interesting aspects of this distilled alcoholic beverage is how it interacts with other fruits.

Its combination may result in a lovely sugar-free summer drink.

Just take a shot of vodka, sprinkle in some crushed cherries, and let it dissolve.

Tah-Dah! You’ve prepared a last-minute kirsch with an even sweeter taste and a forceful finish with each drink.

If you can’t get cherries, sliced strawberries are usually a good substitute. You can even brighten the mood with three fresh basil leaves and some crushed or cubed ice.

5. White Wine

Is white wine really a contender?

Although you may be lured to the delicious kirsch tastes, you may believe that this staple would be difficult to replace, particularly if you want to make specific recipes with it.

What you may not understand is that white wine is an excellent option for savory foods and sauces, but it is not suited for baking.

The fruity and light flavor might also work nicely in drinks. There are several sorts of white wine. Some may be more flavorful and promising to improve the flavor character of the foods.

6. Red Wine

On a special occasion, having a bottle or two of Red wine in a bar is almost a tradition in most houses.

In situations like these, we can’t turn back our beloved red wine, since it could just be the right kirsch alternative that saves the day.

I’m sure you’d like the sweet, dry, astringent flavor with a lower alcohol percentage of about 1215%.

They are perfect for a variety of drink recipes as well as flavoring sweets. You may also use them to make slow-cooked stews or tomato sauces, as well as pan sauces for seared chicken, lamb, duck, or beef.

In addition, moderate consumption of red wine may help decrease bad cholesterol, maintain the heart healthy, manage blood sugar, reduce the risk of cancer, and other benefits.

7. Champagne

The softness in the tongue of this sparkling citrus, peach, or cherry tastes, maybe even almond flavors, makes it an ideal component for baking pastries.

Thus, if you haven’t tried a champagne cake before, remember that there is a first time for everything.

You are there for grabs. Make that champagne-infused dessert anyhow.

Any of the cupcakes, floats, or trifles will satisfy your sweet taste.

While preparing your meals, use concentrated champagne to ensure that the majority of the tastes are kept.

Champagne may be used for drinks in addition to sweet foods. The bubbles may stand alone and compliment almost any liquor or fruit match.

8. Fruit Beer

Fruit Beer is something you should not pass up.

This delightful coffee instantly quenches your thirst. Sweet or tangy with a faint trace of fruit taste, it never fails to delight your palate.

Almost everyone prefers kriek lambic, a cherry-flavored Belgian beer ideal for improving cheese fondue recipes or creating a mocktail. In any case, this non-alcoholic beer is an excellent kirsch alternative.

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9. Cherry Jam

A non-alcoholic replacement with a fresh, sweet flavor is cherry jam or preserve.

If you don’t want any alcohol in your food, this is the ideal option since it’s only used for sweets.

They spread quickly and are delicious on toast, cheese, biscuits, muffins, pastries, or as a cake filling.

Yet, if you have cherry trees maturing in your garden for a season, you can simply collect a few of cherries to create your own jam or, even better, buy canned cherries in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kirsch alcohol?


Kirsch is a transparent brandy, an alcoholic drink with an alcohol level of roughly 40%50% ABV (80100 proof); yet, it has a fruity taste from black morello cherries combined with almonds.

How do you serve kirsch?

The nicest way I’ve seen kirsch served as a drink at various occasions and parties is chilled as an aperitif or as an after-dinner digestif to aid digestion, particularly after a large meal.

Why is kirsch so expensive?

Kirsch is expensive because it takes around 20-30 pounds of cherries to produce just one bottle of Kirsch. Consider the time and effort.

What type of alcohol is kirsch?

Kirsch is a brandy created from the distillation of sour cherries.

It differs from cherry brandy in that it is infused with cherries rather than distilled from them.

And, if you’re wondering whether it can be drank straight, the answer is YES. Kirschwasser may be drunk neat. Nonetheless, it is often served as a digestif.


I am certain that the only way to find out what works best for you is to try with the kirsch replacements listed above.

Choose one of the drinks that calls to you and replace it with kirsch.

As you can see, we tried our best to give plenty of options for both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

If you run out of kirsch, nothing will stop you from enjoying your aperitif or after-dinner drink.

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What can I replace kirsch with?

The Top 5 Kirsch Substitutes for Fondue
Fruit Brandy No. 1.
Vodka with cherries, number two.
3 – Mirabelle liqueur.
Grappa is number four.
Red wine ranks fifth.
Mar 5, 2023

What can replace kirsch in Black Forest cake?

20 mL), you may manufacture your own Kirsch. Kirsch alternative

If Kirsch is not available, fruit-based brandy or rum can be substituted. Replace the cake with fruit juice when serving it to children. If you can get your hands on some cherry brandy essence (0.65 fl. oz.

What can I use instead of kirsch in cocktail?

Juice of cherries

The most common kirsch replacement is cherry juice. It has a similar flavor and texture as chocolate, which is often used in delicacies such as cakes and opulent drinks. If you can’t locate any fruit brandy, this may be a good substitute.

What can I use instead of cherry liqueur in Black Forest cake?

Here are some suggestions for kirsch substitutes:
Juice or syrup? Use equal parts kirsch and black cherry, raspberry, or boysenberry juice or syrup (see reference 2)….
Cherry Preserves… Framboise or Cherry Liqueur.

What does kirsch do in baking?

Kirsch may frequently be used in lieu of vanilla in baking and adds a subtle alcoholic, fruity kick to whipped cream. It’s more than simply the cherries. Alcohol improves food taste in two ways: Since it is volatile (evaporates fast), it transports food odors to our nose more quickly.

How do I substitute cherry liqueur?

The 5 Greatest Cherry Liqueur Substitutes
1. Cherry Syrup.
Chocolate Liqueur No. 2.
Peach Liqueur (no. 3).
Amaretto is number four.
Cherry Jam is number five.
Jan 11, 2023

Can I use maraschino liqueur instead of kirsch?

Desserts may use maraschino liqueur as an ingredient. It may be found in recipes for cakes, tarts, candies, and other desserts. It’s an excellent replacement for kirsch, which is often used in German and Eastern European sweets.

What can I use instead of Kirschwasser in tiramisu?

For tiramisu, just replace the lost liquid with additional coffee, and if you’re creating a trifle, consider dusting a similarly flavored fruit juice over the sponge foundation instead – for orange liqueurs, use orange juice, for kirsch, use cherry juice or syrup from a jar of cherries, for…

Is cherry brandy similar to kirsch?

Kirsch is a transparent alcohol distilled from sour cherries. It varies from cherry brandy, which is often infused with cherries rather than distilled from them.

Is kirsch the same as cherry liqueur?

Kirsch and cherry liqueur cannot be used interchangeably since one is sweet and the other is not. Despite the rather perplexing naming game, it’s not difficult to tell whether you’re holding the correct bottle. Kirsch, the unsweetened eau de vie, is transparent, while liqueurs are dark.

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