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Let’s face it: sweet onion is one of those items that you just cannot live without. It’s flexible, flavorful, and can be used in almost any dish.

The trouble is that sweet onion is only accessible during the spring and summer months, which means you’ll be without it for most of the year.

My opinion is that you’re seeking for sweet onion alternatives that will provide you with the same fantastic flavor without having to wait for your seasonal components to become available again.

What do you decide?

Bermuda onion, maui onion, red onion, white onion, spinach, yellow onion, walla walla onion, vidalia onion, and garlic are all excellent sweet onion replacements.

What Is Sweet Onion?

Sweet onions are a kind of onion that is sweeter and gentler than conventional onions, allowing them to be eaten raw! They’re crisp and juicy, making them ideal for salads, salsas, and sandwiches.

They are also excellent for caramelizing since they keep their sweetness when cooked. In comparison to other onions, sweet onions have a high water content and a low sulfur level. This gives them a moderate taste and allows them to be eaten uncooked.

Moreover, we’re not just talking about French onion soup; they can be used in almost any cuisine, from lasagna to chicken tikka masala!

Texas (1015Y Supersweet), Washington (Walla Walla), Georgia (Vidalia), California (Imperial Sweets), Tennessee (Tennessee Sweet), and Oregon are the states where sweet onions are cultivated (Red River).

Each type has a distinct taste character, but they all have a comparable sweetness that allows them to be used interchangeably in recipes that call for sweet onion.

Best Sweet Onion Substitutes

1. Garlic

While it is not the finest substitute, garlic may stand in for sweet onion. Garlic is a kind of onion that includes a variety of nutrients and health benefits.

It is a well-known vegetable with a strong taste and scent. It is used in savory recipes to give meals a distinct taste.

Sweet onions are gentler and sweeter than sweet onions.

Because of its strong taste and aroma, garlic should be used sparingly in most meals to avoid overpowering other ingredients.

2. Bermuda Onion

Bermuda onions are huge, round, and mild in flavor. They are usually yellow with thin papery skin. Because of their mild taste, they are an excellent sweet onion alternative for salads or eating raw, since they do not dominate other flavors.

Bermuda onions, on the other hand, have a little stronger taste than sweet onions. Nonetheless, they are wonderful in a stir-fry. Its robust taste will withstand the heat of the pan and integrate nicely with the other components.

It’s also great for pickling, hamburgers, and other savory foods.

If you’re not sure which sort of onion to use, consider trying with both. Bermuda onions might be precisely what you’re looking for to take your cuisine to the next level!

3. Spanish Yellow Onion

This onion is juicy and has a rich, deep taste. It may be used both in cooking, as an ingredient to flavor other foods, and raw, where it can offer a needed crunch.

It may be used in lieu of sweet onion in a variety of culinary methods, including sautéing, roasting, braising, grilling, and more. If you’re making a meal with onions as the main component (such as salad or onion rings), choose Spanish yellow onion, which has a somewhat stronger taste than Sweet Onion in raw form.

Yet, if you’re creating a meal where onion taste compliments other components (such as French onion soup), you may use either. Yet, since Sweet Onion is sweeter when cooked than Spanish yellow onion, it may be your favorite for these dishes.

Caramelizing Spanish Yellow Onion is a popular method of preparation.

4. White Onion

White onion and sweet onion have some taste and look similarities, but they also have many distinctions. Because of its increased water content and reduced sugar level, White Onion is a preferable option for many meals.

White onions are a mainstay in South American cooking. The skin, meat, and juice of onions are all white.

They have a milder taste than yellow onions and are crisp and snappy.

White onions aren’t as sweet as yellow or Vidalia (sweet) onions, although they do become sweeter as they cook.

When you caramelize white onions, for example, they become quite sweet and delicious.

White onions may be used raw in salads or sandwiches for a clean, crisp taste and crunchy texture. They taste great on pizzas and in salsas.

Go no farther than the white onion as a substitute for yellow onion in your recipes!

5. Maui Onion

Maui onion is a sweet onion variety found in the United States. The Hawaiian island of Maui has a distinct environment that is excellent for cultivating a variety of onions, including the famed Maui onion.

Sweet onions are flat and spherical, while Maui onions are oblong. Both have a moderate flavor, although sweet onions are sweeter than Maui onions. Sweet onions are more often used in cooking, although Maui onions may also be employed.

Yet, since Maui onion contains more water than conventional sweet onion, it has less bite when eaten raw but is simpler to caramelize or simmer down into a jam or chutney.

6. Red Onion

Red onions are a kind of Allium cepa (the same species as white onions and sweet onions) that are distinguished by their crimson hue.

Red onions are popular for their mild, sweet taste, which makes them ideal for raw meals such as salads or crudit platters. They have an appealing look, which makes them popular among chefs and culinary fans.

Sweet onions, although lighter in taste than red, ordinary white, or yellow onions, are generally sweeter.

7. Vidalia Onion

If you like a milder flavor and perfume, a Vidalia onion is a fantastic choice. This is because it is cultivated in a specific area of Georgia where the soil yields onions with reduced sulfur levels, resulting in a richer onion taste.

Vidalia onions are more costly than sweet onions because they need unique growing conditions. Nonetheless, if you can afford it, you will enjoy it in salads, salsas, and sandwiches.

They’re also great grilled or caramelized with other veggies as a side dish or in casseroles.

8. Walla Walla Onion

A Walla Walla onion is a sweet onion that originated in Washington State’s Walla Walla Valley. The texture of Walla Walla onions is crisp. The onion taste is subtle, sweet, and mild.

They are best utilized in raw dishes and salads. Sweet onions, on the other hand, have a fragrant smell and are somewhat peppery. They are most typically used in cooked dishes such as sautéed or grilled onion rings, soups, stews, or any cuisine that calls for a mild-flavored onion element.

The sweetness of both onions varies depending on where they were grown, how they were collected, and how they were preserved.

Also, Walla Walla onions are somewhat smaller than sweet onions and contain more water. Nonetheless, both have white meat and taste identical.

Related Questions

What Onion Is Closest To Sweet Onion?

Vidalia Onion, which grows in the South Georgia region of the United States and is recognized for its sweetness, is the onion most similar to a sweet onion in terms of flavor and usage. As opposed to a sweet onion, the Vidalia onion has a milder flavor and scent.

The Vidalia onion, like a sweet onion, may be sautéed or cooked raw in a variety of ways.

Can I Substitute Regular Onion For Sweet Onion?

Yes, from a culinary standpoint. Yet, you may not want to. Regular onion and sweet onion are both members of the allium family and have a similar appearance. They are, however, two separate types with unique tastes.

You would not substitute a sweet potato for a russet potato. Sweet onions, which are gentler, sweeter, and more delicate, have a considerably stronger taste than regular onions.

Can You Use Shallot Instead Of Sweet Onion?

You may use shallot for sweet onion, but you may need to tweak your recipe to account for the shallot’s differing texture and taste. Shallots are a kind of vegetable that resembles a little red onion. They have a stronger flavor than onions and are not as sweet.

Since shallots are significantly more pungent than sweet onions, you should only use half as much shallots.

Why Do you cry While Chopping Onions?

Onions are scientifically proved to make people weep. But why is this so? It turns out that crying when cutting onions is caused by the emission of a gas known as propanediol S-oxide.

As this gas is discharged into the atmosphere, it reaches your eyes and reacts with the water in your eyes to form sulfuric acid, causing you to cry. Therefore, in essence, your body is attempting to defend itself against an imagined assault.


Sweet onions are a delightful and versatile component that may be utilized in a variety of dishes. The main issue is that they are not always readily accessible or simple to locate.

And if sweet onions become scarce, your best bet is to utilize this sweet onion replacement. So go ahead and try them out!


What is a good substitute for sweet onions?

Walla Walla Onions are a fantastic replacement for Vidalia Onions if you’re looking for a particularly sweet onion. These onions are aromatic and light in taste, making them ideal for cooking. In form and color, they are similar to red potatoes.

Can I substitute a white onion for a sweet onion?

Although both kinds are white onions, they have substantially greater sugar content and much lower sulfur concentration (the stuff that gives onions that sharp smell and flavor). Maui and Vidalia onions should be used when a recipe expressly asks for a “sweet onion,” although a white onion would do in a pinch.

What kind of onion is considered a sweet onion?

Sweet Onions – The most prevalent types of sweet onions are Walla Walla and Vidalia. These onions are sweet and lack the strong, astringent flavor of ordinary onions. They taste great thinly sliced in salads or on top of sandwiches.

Can I substitute a red onion for a sweet onion in soup?

Its vivid color makes them appealing when added to salads and other dishes for appearance. Nonetheless, once cooked, these onions taste extremely similar to yellow onions and may be used in recipes to replace yellow onions (or vice versa… use yellow onions to replace red onions).

What are the mildest sweet onions?

Vidalias. Vidalia is the officially recognized name for the squat, ovoid, sweet yellow onion cultivated in and around Vidalia, Georgia. Vidalias are among the mildest onions in the onion kingdom because they are very low in pyruvic acid, which causes tears when exposed to air.

How do you make food taste good without onions?

To add flavor and brightness to the meal, use a variety of spices, fresh herbs, lemon juice, or vinegar. To bring out all of the flavors, make sure the dish is adequately seasoned. Finish with garlic infused garlic oil or garlic ghee, if desired.

What is the sweetest onion to cook with?

Yellow onions are an excellent option for caramelizing since they retain their inherent sweetness.

What is a sweet onion compared to yellow?

Sweet onions are larger and flatter than yellow onions, with lighter colored, less opaque skin. They contain more sugar, making them ideal for caramelizing. Because of their greater size and sweeter taste, they are perfect for producing onion rings.

Can I use a yellow onion instead of a sweet onion?

You may, although sweet varieties (such as Vidalias, Walla Wallas, and Texas Spring Sweet) have a naturally greater water content and will need somewhat longer cooking time.

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