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Havarti cheese is often used in pizzas, grilled chicken, spaghetti, and sandwiches. It is a versatile cheese that can be used in a variety of dishes in both shredded and melted form.

What if you need Havarti cheese for a dish but don’t have any? There is no need to be concerned since there are several alternatives to Havarti cheese that will work great in the recipe.

Tilsit cheese, esrom cheese, comt cheese, Monterey jack cheese, Colby cheese, saint paulin, cheddar cheese, gouda cheese, and edam cheese are some of the best Havarti cheese replacements.

When looking for a substitute for Havarti cheese, look for something with a comparable firmness and taste.

Havarti Cheese Substitutes

1. Cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese is a versatile cheese that is often used to replace Havarti cheese. Cheddar, like Havarti, has a strong earthy flavor with an acidic taste.

The taste of aged cheddar cheese is reported to be greater than that of Havarti cheese. Also, cheddar cheese has a harder texture when compared to Havarti cheese.

The texture of the cheddar cheese should not be an issue since it melts beautifully and becomes creamy and buttery, similar to Havarti cheese.

2. Comte cheese

Comte cheese is from France, and it has a complex taste profile similar to that of Havarti cheese. This cheese is salty and buttery with a trace of sweetness. As it matures, it develops its own nutty and earthy flavor, comparable to Havarti cheese.

Moreover, comte cheese is semi-hard, comparable to the feel of Havarti cheese. As a result, you should have no trouble using Havarti cheese in meals like sandwiches, fondue, and cheese boards.

3. Gouda Cheese

Gouda cheese is from Denmark and is comparable in texture, flavor, and origin to Havarti cheese. Like most other replacements, Gouda cheese has an earthy and nutty flavor with a sweet aftertaste.

They have a similar light and yellow color to Havarti cheese, as well as a smooth buttery texture.

Gouda cheese may be used in place of Havarti cheese in recipes such as cheese plates, spaghetti, sandwiches, and fonde. Another benefit of gouda cheese is that it is sweeter than Havarti.

4. Emmental Cheese

Emmental cheese is a typical cheese from Switzerland. It’s also semi-soft, with an earthy and nutty flavor and a lot of fruitiness. This cheese also has a buttery and silky texture, comparable to Havarti cheese.

Emmental cheese may be used in place of Greta on cheese boards and fondues. I may also be found in various foods like as spaghetti, sandwiches, soups, and sauces.

5. Esrom cheese

Esrom cheese is produced in Denmark and is made entirely of cow’s milk. Although though it has a spicy taste, it has a buttery and mild flavor.

Esrom has a sweeter flavor profile, so keep that in mind when using it. The texture is comparable to Havarti cheese, and it is also semi-firm, making it an excellent alternative for Havarti cheese.

6. Tilsit cheese

Most individuals who are acquainted with Havarti cheese and Tilsit would agree that this is a close equivalent.

Since the taste and look of both types of cheese are similar, Tilsit may be used in place of Havarti cheese. This variety of cheese may be found in most European stores.

This cheese’s main benefit is that it is accessible in European shops, but it is also available in many other stores.

7. Saint Paulin cheese

Saint Paulin is a French cheese that is little more difficult to get than Tilsit, but you will like using it if you can locate it.

When Saint Paulin cheese is somewhat aged, it tastes better than Havarti cheese. Since saint paulin is relatively soft, it may be chopped and melted much like Havarti.

8. Monterey Jack cheese

You may use Monterey Jack cheese for Havarti, but the texture will be noticeably different.

Monterey jack cheese is firmer and denser than Havarti cheese, but this shouldn’t be an issue since it melts quickly and won’t slow down the cooking process.

What Are the Seven Categories of Cheeses?

The seven cheese categories are as follows:

  • FRESH (it includes no rind) (it contains no rind)

Ricotta, mozzarella, and cottage cheese are typical examples.

They have the same appearance inside and out because they lack a rind.

  • FRESH AGED CHEESE (wrinkled white to grey-blue rind)

Cottage cheese is a typical example.

Aged fresh cheeses are fresh cheeses that have developed a thin rind around them.

  • RIND SOFT WHITE (contains fuzzy white rind)

Camembert, Meaux, Chaource, and chevre logs are classic examples.

Penicillin candidum mold grows a beautiful white crusty rind on them.

  • SOFT SEMI (fine and thick grey-brown rind or orange and sticky rind)

Raclette, edam, and Port Salut are all classic examples.

To eliminate the whey and generate a rubbery texture, the curd is softly squeezed.

  • HARD (they are frequently crusty, grayish and polished or waxed and oiled) (they are often crusty, grey and polished or waxed and oiled)

Cheddar, Beaufort, and gruyere are classic examples.

To eliminate the whey and condense curd, hard cheeses are often pressed for hours or weeks.

  • BLUE (they have gritty, rough, and occasionally sticky rind) (they have gritty, rough, and sometimes sticky rind)

Roquefort, Picos de Europa, and stilton are classic examples.

Blue penicillium is sprinkled into the vat before the milk is curdled in this example.

  • FLAVOR HAS BEEN ADDED (contains various types of cheese with added flavors)

Pecorino with truffles, Lancashire with chives, and gouda with cumin are all classic instances.

This category includes a range of cheeses such as gouda and white stilton that have been flavored with fruits, herbs, and nuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Havarti Cheese Similar to Mozzarella?

Havarti cheese is quite similar to mozzarella and has the same creamy, buttery feel. The main distinction is that the tastes in Havarti are significantly stronger than those in mozzarella.

Is Havarti Cheese Like Cheddar?

Cheddar cheese is quite similar to Havarti cheese, particularly when it is old. Because of its mild undertones, Havarti exhibits many of the other characteristics seen in other types of hard cheeses.

Can You Substitute Havarti for Gruyere?

Havarti is similar to gruyere, but the main difference is that Havarti is milder than gruyere. When looking for a replacement for Havarti, gruyere and another similar cheese known as Jarlsberg may be utilized even though the tastes they give off are somewhat less than those of Havarti.

What Is the Difference Between Gouda and Havarti Cheese?

The only significant difference between the two types of cheese is their texture. Gouda has a rich, buttery, somewhat sweet, and smooth taste, while Havarti has a buttery, mild, creamy, and semi-soft texture.


Which cheese is most similar to Havarti?

Jack Monterey

Monterey Jack is a white, semi-hard cow’s milk cheese that is a good alternative for Havarti cheese due to its somewhat sweet, tangy, mild, and buttery taste. This cheese is also readily available, making it one of the most accessible Havarti replacements.

Is Jarlsberg similar to Havarti?

It has a pleasant, buttery taste and a creamy texture and is semi-soft. Since they have comparable tastes and textures, Havarti cheese is sometimes used as a replacement for Jarlsberg cheese in recipes.

Is Havarti cheese similar to Swiss?

What is the difference between havarti and Swiss cheese? Although both havarti and swiss cheese contain holes, they vary in taste and texture. Swiss has a stronger texture and a nuttier flavor due to its extended maturing period, as well as big holes known as “eyes.” Havarti is a semi-soft cheese with a buttery, creamy taste.

What cheese does Havarti taste like?

The taste of Havarti is comparable to that of Monterey Jack. The flavor is buttery and varies from slightly acidic to highly sweet. It’s often seen on sandwiches, fondue, and salads.

Does Havarti taste like Muenster cheese?

Another popular store-bought cheese that may mimic the creamy texture and mild flavor of muenster cheese is Havarti. Havarti is a semi-soft cheese that comes in a variety of flavors, including herbed and with spicy pepper.

Is provolone similar to Havarti?

Havarti is a decent alternative for provolone since it is often prepared with cow’s milk and has a tangy flavor. It melts perfectly. It’s worth noting that Havarti cheese is prepared using full milk.

What happened to Jarlsberg cheese?

Jarlsberg vanished off the market after many years of success defined by a high volume of output. Ole Martin Ystgaard of the Norwegian Agricultural University’s Dairy Department invented modern Jarlsberg cheese in 1956.

Why is Jarlsberg cheese so good?

The original JarlsbergĀ® is based on a secret Norwegian recipe from 1956, which is so secret that only a few trusted persons are aware of its location and caretakers. The mix of ancient cheese-making techniques and contemporary technology provides the cheese a distinct flavor that is enjoyed by both professional and amateur cooks.

Why is Jarlsberg so good?

Jarlsberg is a mild cheese with huge irregular holes and a characteristic nutty taste, similar to Swiss. Its semi-firm golden interior has a buttery rich texture and a mild and somewhat sweet taste. It’s a versatile cow’s milk cheese perfect for snacking, sandwiches, entertaining, and cooking.

What is closest to Havarti?

Tilsit cheddar

Tilsit is an excellent havarti cheese alternative. Tilsit cheese is a semi-hard European cheese with a flavor profile similar to havarti cheese. The comparable look of tilsit and havarti may be ascribed to the microscopic holes that run through both cheeses.

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