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Fans of Dr. Pepper, rejoice!

There are several methods to add Tabasco flavor to your meals without using Tabasco sauce. So don’t be concerned if you don’t have Tabasco on hand!

Don’t allow a scarcity of Tabasco sauce prevent you from cooking your favorite food since you can always substitute ketchup, Cholula, chili oil, Asian chili garlic sauce, Sriracha Sauce, Texas Pete, or Worcestershire sauce.

Join us as we look at some of the greatest tabasco sauce replacements that will make you miss tabasco less and show you how to use them!

What Is Tabasco sauce?

Tabasco sauce is a fiery condiment created from vinegar, salt, and tabasco peppers. Depending on the producer, other ingredients may be added to tabasco sauce. Tabasco sauce gets its name from the Mexican state of Tabasco, where it was invented.

It may be used in a variety of ways, including as a condiment, to flavor food, and as a component in sauces and marinades.

Tabasco sauce gives a great hot flavor to salads, burgers, sandwiches, spaghetti, pizza, French fries, cheese fries, and even mashed potatoes.

The tangy taste of Tabasco sauce makes it a popular addition to many foods, and the heat of the pepper itself enhances the flavor and satisfaction of the cuisine.

Best Tabasco Sauce Substitutes

1. Texas Pete

In many circumstances, Texas Pete may be used in instead of Tabasco sauce. Yet, it is not always flawless. If you want your food to be hotter than it would be with conventional Tabasco sauce, Texas Pete is a fantastic alternative.

Texas Pete has a considerably higher Scoville rating than typical Tabasco, so you’ll probably want to use less of it than you would Tabasco.

This makes it excellent for folks who like spicy meals but do not need as much heat as tabasco. Pete is where you put your spicy sauce in chili when you don’t want to use Texas.

2. Cholula

The difference between Cholula hot sauce and Tabasco sauce is analogous to the difference between a jalapeo and a habanero: both are peppers, but one will set your tongue on fire.

Tabasco has a Scoville scale rating of 2,500 to 5,000, but Cholulas is just 1,000 to 2,000, indicating that it is milder.

Cholula may be a better alternative if you want your cuisine to have a kick without scorching your palate.

Additionally, Tabasco sauce has a more vinegary flavor and is often used to provide a spike of spice to drinks, while Cholula employs red and brown peppers to enhance flavor rather than heat.

Cholula provides hints of garlic, oregano, and salt to enhance the taste of your cuisine.

It’s great on almost everything and is a true delight for any palette!

3. Chili Oil

Chili oil is created by steeping crushed red pepper flakes in vegetable or sesame oil.

The fermenting time necessary for tabasco sauce is substantially less.

In certain recipes, chili oil and Tabasco sauce may be used interchangeably, but the flavors will be drastically different if you replace one for the other.

Chili oil may be used as a condiment in Asian meals or mixed into cooked items like noodles or fried rice immediately before serving.

4. Ketchup

Numerous red sauces complement eggs, pizza, and hamburgers. Which one, though, is ideal for each?

Tabasco sauce is a fantastic spicy sauce, however when it comes to ketchup versus Tabasco sauce, ketchup comes out on top as the finest condiment for practically any food since it contains:

  • Tabasco has a thicker consistency.
  • Natural sugar rather than added sugar (can’t say the same with Tabasco!)
  • Tabasco has a stronger tomato taste.
  • Tabasco has a better combination of acidity and sweetness.

It will be a good substitute for tabasco sauce in your recipes anytime you run out.

5. Sriracha Sauce

Do you get tired of using Tabasco sauce?

You could discover that Sriracha Sauce improves the flavor of all your foods and brings more vitality to your dinner table.

Sriracha Sauce provides many of the same advantages as Tabasco sauce, but in a unique and fascinating manner.

You could be thinking, “But I enjoy Tabasco sauce.” Why should I alter my behavior? These are a few reasons why:

  • Sriracha sauce has more fresh ingredients than Tabasco sauce.
  • It is more nutritious than Tabasco sauce.
  • Sriracha sauce offers a wider range of flavors than Tabasco sauce.
  • Sriracha sauce is less harmful to the environment than Tabasco sauce.

Sriracha goes well with anything from pizza to ice cream, but Tabasco has a relatively limited flavor profile (its almost exclusively good in savory applications).

6. Asian Chili Garlic Sauce

If you want to add flavor to your cuisine, Asian Chili Garlic Sauce is your best buddy.

Tabasco sauce does not have the depth of flavor that Asian Chili Garlic Sauce has.

Unlike other hot sauces, Asian Chili Garlic Sauce has a far more complex flavor profile that will set your taste buds on fire and make your breath smell like the pits of hell.

This garlic sauce may be used in lieu of tabasco in any dish.

7. Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire sauce saves the day, whether you’re a culinary master or simply looking for additional flavor and fun.

Although it may be tempting to go with the known and proven, tabasco sauce cannot compete with Worcestershire sauce in terms of sheer taste and adaptability.

Worcestershire sauce is a wonderful substitute for Tabasco sauce because it has all of the taste and just the appropriate amount of heat.

Worcestershire sauce can give your favorite dishes a kick while also adding a good dose of umami.

Worcestershire sauce also comes in a variety of tastes and variations, so you can spice up your kitchen counter with different brands and bottles, or even create your own!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Hottest Sauce?

The Mad Dog is the hottest sauce in the earth, with a SHU value of 9 million. There are other sauces out there that claim to be spicy, but they can’t even compare; they’re simply posers in disguise.

Is Tabasco Sauce The Same As Cayenne Pepper Sauce?

No! Tabasco sauce is prepared by fermenting a mixture of chiles, salt, and vinegar. Cayenne pepper sauce is created by first drying cayenne peppers and then soaking them in vinegar. Tabasco sauce is less spicy than cayenne pepper sauce.

If you want something comparable to Tabasco but with a spicier taste, consider sriracha or chili garlic sauce.

Can You Substitute Tabasco For Cayenne Pepper?

You may replace Tabasco for cayenne pepper, but be mindful of the variations in flavor and heat level before committing. Red chili peppers are used to make Tabasco sauce and cayenne pepper. The only difference is how they were created.

Is Sriracha Hot Sauce?

Very emphatically. Sriracha is, without a doubt, a red condiment. Sriracha may not be the hottest spicy sauce, but it packs a punch. Sriracha has 1,000-2,200 Scoville heat units per tablespoon (SHU). That’s enough heat to tingle your taste receptors, but it’s around 20 times milder than tabasco sauce.


When you’re in a hurry, there’s a reason tabasco is constantly sold out. Every day, there is a lot of order. You don’t expect it to always be available, therefore having a backup should be your next step.

Another hot sauce with a comparable taste and heat level would be the finest Tabasco alternative. And, based on what we have on hand, several spicy sauces fit this criteria. Although there are other Tabasco imitations available, I prefer the Miraculous Spice Co in Sacramento.

They provide a fantastic product that is an excellent alternative for the genuine thing. It’s almost hard to distinguish between this and the gunk that comes out of the bottle.


Is Frank’s hot sauce the same as Tabasco sauce?

Is Tabasco similar to Frank’s spicy sauce? Not at all. Both are spicy sauces, but they are not the same. Tabasco sauce contains tabasco peppers, while Frank’s sauce contains cayenne peppers.

What can I replace hot sauce with?

Chili Powder is a hot sauce substitute. If all you want is a little spice to sprinkle over your food, a nice chili powder or chili powder mix would suffice. …
Chili Flakes… Sambal Oelek… Harissa… Sriracha… Gochujang… Curry Paste…
Sauce with chili and garlic.
Mar 3, 2019

Is Texas Pete hot sauce the same as Tabasco sauce?

Texan Pete’s original hot sauce has a Scoville heat range of 340 to 740 Scoville heat units (SHU.) In the realm of spicy sauces, this translates to a moderate to low-medium heat. Tabasco Original Red Sauce has a SHU range of 2,500 to 5,000, whereas Louisiana Hot Sauce has a SHU range of 450.

What’s the difference between Louisiana hot sauce and Tabasco?

Unlike other Louisiana-style spicy sauces, Tabasco employs tabasco chilies rather than cayenne peppers. According to Tabasco’s website, they are blended with salt and vinegar before being stored in oak barrels for “up to three years.”

What is the closest to Tabasco sauce?

Chili powder (with a few dashes of vinegar optional) You may go directly into the spice rack for a fast fix. Cayenne pepper powder may deliver the heat that Tabasco was intended to provide, and a few dashes of vinegar can approximate Tabasco’s hot taste.

What can I substitute for Tabasco sauce?

Huy Fong Sriracha is an alternative to Tabasco sauce.
Louisiana Hot Sauce is a brand of hot sauce from Louisiana.
Habanero Yellowbird Spicy Sauce.
Red Hot Sauce from Frank’s.
Crystal Hot Sauce is a kind of hot sauce.
Valentina’s Spicy Salsa.
Oct 13, 2022

What are some healthy hot sauces?

The healthiest spicy sauces to use on everything
Real Made Foods Veracha, $10; McIlhenny Co. Tabasco Pepper Sauce, $4. This veggie sriracha is a favorite of Angela Lemond, RDN.
Trader Joe’s Jalapeno Sauce, $4; Secret Aardvark Habanero Sauce, $9; Cholula Hot Sauce, $3.

What hot sauce is being discontinued?

Huy Fong’s iconic Sriracha hot chili sauce, as well as its Chili Garlic and Sambal Oelek brands, are all on hold. So what does this imply for Sriracha enthusiasts?

What hot sauce is similar to Taco Bell hot sauce?

If I had to choose one Taco Bell sauce packet that TJ’s Organic Spicy Taco Sauce can replace, it would be their Hot sauce. Do you still not trust me? I dare you to be bold and bring your own bottle of TJ’s taco sauce to Taco Bell. Please let me know if you agree.

What is the #1 hot sauce in the world?

Mad Dog 357 Plutonium No. 9 is the world’s hottest sauce, with 9 million Scoville Hotness Units (SHUs).

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