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Anchovies are a kind of tiny saltwater fish found in the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic seas. They are available in a variety of forms, including whole, paste, and canned. Soaking them in seawater preserves them.

Anchovies may be used alone or in combination with other ingredients. If you can’t obtain anchovies, there are many of anchovy replacements that will give your meal the same savory flavor as anchovies.

Shrimp paste, sardines, capers, umeboshi, Asian fish sauce, and other ingredients are excellent anchovy substitutes.

Let’s take a closer look at them now!

Best Substitutes For Anchovies

1. Other Forms Of Anchovy

If you can’t find whole anchovies, try another type of anchovy. There are several varieties of anchovy items available on the market.

Anchovy goods such as complete anchovy, dry or non-dry; canned anchovyfillets; anchovy paste, and so on are often available.

These are all different types of anchovies that can be used to replace each other when it comes to flavor.

However, if the recipe calls for a factor other than flavor, you must make the substitution work in the dish.

Anchovy paste is likewise rich in texture and taste, so use it sparingly as an alternative. Whole fillets may also be used in lieu of anchovy paste, and they have a milder taste than the paste.

When substituting a filet for paste, use one filet for each teaspoon of paste.

You may alternatively smash the fish fillets into a paste-like consistency, but it will lack the vinegar and flavors found in store-bought pastes. Here’s a simple substitution measurement you can use:

  • One anchovy fillet equals half a teaspoon of anchovy paste; however, this ratio is affected by how thick or salty your anchovy paste is.
  • You may use anchovy paste instead of crushed anchovies in the same proportion. This notion, however, only holds true if your mashed anchovies are thick and concentrated).

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2. Shrimp Paste

Shrimp paste is a flavor enhancer that is often used in Asian cuisines. While it has a strong odor, shrimp paste enhances the taste of your food significantly. It adds a fantastic taste to sauces and curries when utilized in these meals.

Shrimp paste adds a rich flavor and spice to dishes and can be used in place of anchovies in the ratio of 1 teaspoon shrimp paste to 1 teaspoon anchovy paste.

To make shrimp paste milder, add pureed tomatoes or margarine to the compound; you can also adjust the flavor with any liquidy ingredient appropriate for your dish.

3. Asian Fish Sauce

Another ingredient that can be used to replace anchovies and accurately replicate the flavor is Asian fish sauce.

It is derived directly from anchovies or sometimes catfish sauce; and is a popular Asian sauce; it should be used sparingly due to the powerful flavor and appealing scent or smell it imparts to a dish!

Fish sauce works best as a substitute for anchovies in soups, stews, stocks, and braises. It may also be used in Caesar salads with mixed greens.

4. Sardines

Sardines and anchovies are both delicious fish, however they may not be the greatest alternative for anchovies for numerous reasons.

To begin, both fish have distinct flavors; sardine has an extremely mild and light flavor and cannot replicate the saltiness that anchovy provides.

They also vary in texture, however if you only have sardines on hand, using them as a substitute for anchovies may need some effort since it may affect the texture and taste of the meal.

Since these two fish are only superficially similar, they can only be used as a substitute for complete anchovy fishes in meals that call for whole fishes.

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5. Worcestershire Sauce

Because Worcestershire sauce contains anchovies, it makes an excellent substitute. Because this sauce contains anchovies as an ingredient, it has a similar flavor difference when used as a substitute.

Worcestershire sauce may be used in recipes that solely call for the flavor of anchovy paste since it has the same flavor and taste.

This sauce incorporates a variety of components other than anchovies and does not impart a fishy flavor to your food. As a result, Worcestershire sauce is one of the best sauces for replacing anchovies.

6. Capers

Pea-sized capers are often seen in canned salt and vinegar. It may be used in sauces and seafood meals and is a good choice for giving your dish a substantial taste that isn’t overpowering when compared to other options.

Replace one teaspoon of anchovy paste with one teaspoon of capers. Capers are widely available, and you may purchase them in a variety of places, including grocery shops.

7. Umeboshi

If you’re acquainted with Japanese cuisine, you’ve probably heard of umeboshi. This is a Japanese dish that is frequently served as a side dish with rice and is bursting with flavor.

This may be used in place of anchovy paste and provides a delicious umami taste.

Since it is plant-based, it is popular among vegans and vegetarians, particularly as a replacement for fish sauces in Thai meals. It may also be used in salad dressings with mixed greens.

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What fish is similar to anchovies?

Some people use the phrases anchovy and sardine interchangeably. Anchovies have a more powerful taste than sardines, and since they are thinner and smaller, they are generally utilized in tiny quantities, while sardines are usually eaten whole. Both are fatty fish.

What taste similar to anchovies?

Umeboshi Paste as an Anchovy Replacement

The paste is salty and rich of taste, making it an excellent substitute. Chefs incorporate it into vegetarian dishes as well as salad dressings. Because of its distinct “umami” taste, umeboshi paste is an excellent anchovy paste alternative.

What can I use instead of anchovies in Caesar salad?

If you’re wondering “how to make Caesar dressing without anchovies,” go no farther than this recipe. Anchovies offer a salty and umami taste, which we replicate using Worcestershire sauce and Dijon mustard. You may absolutely add additional Worcestershire sauce if you like the anchovies taste.

What can I use instead of anchovies in puttanesca?

Although the majority of the components in a classic puttanesca sauce are vegan, the canned anchovies (fish) are not. The good news is that dried seaweed (nori) may be used to replace the fishy flavor of anchovies. If you don’t like dried seaweed, just leave it out.

What is a vegetarian substitute for anchovies?

We hit on a strong combination after some experimenting: miso combined with ground toasted nori (toasting brings up the nutty taste of the seaweed). Miso is high in glutamates, whereas nori contains both glutamates and ribonucleotides (including some of the same ones that are in anchovies).

What is the vegetarian equivalent of anchovies?

To substitute the anchovies, I used two ingredients: seaweed, which offered a fresh-ocean taste, and tamari, which added a rich, deep, sweet saltiness. My Vegan Spaghetti Puttanesca did not disappoint in terms of taste.

Why do chefs use anchovies?

Anchovies are prized by chefs and home cooks around the world for their funky, briny flavor and extraordinary versatility. They don’t just adorn pizzas, salads, and sandwiches; they also make their way into unique sauces, rubs, dressings, and dips, where they lend a meaty umami backbone to, well, anything.

What tastes better sardines or anchovies?

Sardines are typically preserved in olive oil, giving them a milder, more rounded flavor, whereas anchovies are typically salt-cured, giving them a more pungent, fishier flavor.

Are anchovies just sardines?

They’re two completely distinct species. Anchovies (Engraulis encrasicolus) are 4 to 10 inches long, whereas sardines (Sardina pilchardus) are 6 to 12 inches long. Anchovies are more likely to be salt cured, and the small dark-brown filets are available canned or in olive oil jars.

What can I use instead of canned anchovy?

Anchovy Paste is the best anchovy substitute. Because it is a type of anchovy, anchovy paste substitute can work well as a replacement…. Worcestershire Sauce. Since Worcestershire sauce contains anchovies, it may also be used as a replacement for anchovies. … Soy Sauce…. Fish Sauce…. Shrimp Paste…. Kalamata Olives…. Umeboshi Paste.
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