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Do you wish to spice up your home-cooked meals? Get to know the poblano pepper! Poblano peppers, which originated in Puebla, Mexico, have gained worldwide notoriety as the popularity of Mexican food has grown.

This huge and luxuriant dark green, practically black chile is praised for its oaky, full-bodied, and somewhat spicy flavour.

Due of its mild spice and sweet flavor concentrations, this renowned pepper may be grilled and enjoyed whole or packed with meat and cheese to offer just the right amount of heat to your meal.

If you don’t have any poblano peppers on hand, you may add flavor to your meals using cayenne pepper, Anaheim pepper, New Mexico chiles, bell pepper, guajillo peppers, jalapeno pepper, and ancho chilies.

What to Consider When Getting a Poblano Pepper Replacement

Despite of the similarities, even the best poblano pepper substitute may not be to your liking. Individual preference is often a question of trial and error.

Consider the following while looking for a poblano pepper substitute:

  • Spice threshold: Not everyone can handle the heat of spicy peppers. Poblanos are still considered mild peppers, although many other alternatives may have a higher Scoville rating. The improper kind or fraction of pepper in a dish may destroy it. Excessive spiciness, on the other hand, might induce stomach aches and other digestive issues.
  • Physical characteristics: Are you looking for a pepper that can fill a hole? Maybe something to give your meal a little zip? Big chilies with thick walls are ideal for stuffing dishes, whilst smaller peppers are ideal for sauces or garnishes.
  • The peppers’ characteristics are closely tied to the meal type. While searching for alternatives to poblano peppers, consider the kind of meal you want to prepare in mind. For example, not all peppers are ideal for slicing or chopping. Some are exclusively meant for use in salsa preparations or as a garnish on top of meals.

Best Poblano Pepper Substitutes

Consider this, though. You enter into your kitchen, ready to create a substantial dinner of laced poblano peppers with chicken and cheese, when you notice you’re missing a key ingredient.

Before you rush back to the grocery, take care of your horses. Thankfully, the hot pepper family is rather vast, so you may always have a suitable substitute in your fridge or freezer.

1. Anaheim pepper

Go no farther if you’re looking for an excellent poblano pepper substitute. Anaheim peppers, which resemble and have the same structure as poblanos, might be utilized in the same way.

Although being native to New Mexico, this hot pepper was called after Anaheim, California. Anaheim peppers have strong walls that are perfect for sustaining stuffed pepper meals, and their breadth is comparable to that of its fiery relative.

Anaheim peppers, on the other hand, are the greatest substitutes when cut up, sliced, or finely diced and added to a salad, soup, or stew. If you don’t have any Anaheim peppers on hand, look in your kitchen pantry. This versatile chile is also available as a powder.

2. Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne peppers follow. These hot peppers from Central and South America are too long and slender to be used in encrusted dishes.

Yet, its spicy, peppery flavour is remarkably comparable to that of poblanos, making it a good spice substitute. Cayenne pepper is a spice that you are most likely acquainted with and have on hand in your spice cabinet.

Cayenne peppers are often used dry or as granules to give a meal a fiery bite. The best thing about this standby component is that it is simple to replace.

3. Guajillo Chilies

Guajillo peppers, like poblano peppers, are unique to Mexican cuisine and have become more popular over time. Because of its sleek, dark red surface and rich taste, these peppers work well in sauces and salsas.

They will begin by elevating any pastry dish or stir fry with their highly delicious taste. Unlike the majority of the other peppers on this list, Guajillo peppers are most often found dried, pelletized, or paste.

Therefore, if you’re in a hurry, check your cupboard for Guajillo variations! Guajillo peppers are hotter than poblanos and have the same heat ratings as jalapenos.

4. New Mexico Chilies

Poblano peppers may be replaced with New Mexico chilies. These spicy peppers have a deep, rustic, and vegetal flavor with a modest amount of spiciness, similar to poblanos.

If you’ve selected this substitution for your meal, you shouldn’t be afraid about the peppers producing much too much heat, but you should expect and prepare for a different flavor character.

This pepper, which is often used in red stews, is excellent in baked goods, soups, stews, sauces, and stir-fries. Green New Mexico chilies, which have a crisp and brittle feel similar to garlic and onions, are a fantastic substitute.

5. Bell Peppers

When you don’t have any poblanos on hand, bell peppers are a good substitute. Bell peppers and poblanos are similar in size and appearance.

This style is suitable for a stuffed pepper dish because to its strong walls and big porosities. Choose the green variety option if you have a multitude of bells in your fridge. Green bell peppers have a richer, more savory flavor than yellow, red, and orange bell peppers.

When it comes to spiciness, poblano and bell peppers are, at best, cousins. Bell peppers are significantly milder, yet others feel that they lack heat.

6. Ancho Chilies

Lastly, Ancho chiles are a great substitute for poblano peppers. This sweet and tart pepper is just a dried poblano and works well in recipes that call for finely chopped poblano peppers.

Ancho chiles and poblano peppers have vastly diverse taste characteristics, despite their closeness. When ancho chiles are dried, they have a smoky, leafier taste than fresh pepper alternatives. Additionally, Ancho chillies are far gentler in terms of heat.

Limit the quantity of Ancho chiles you use in your dish while using this alternative. To begin, don’t overload your meal with peppers; due to the differences in flavor between such primary components, you’ll want to taste test and make modifications.

The most important aspect of employing such a backup component is that it be juiced before usage.

7. Jalapeno peppers

If you’re searching for a stand-in with a big punch, look no further. Try the little but potent jalapeño pepper.

Yet, don’t be fooled by looks; although jalapenos seem like chili peppers, they may still be used in filling recipes. Keep in mind that jalapenos are significantly smaller peppers than poblanos, which resemble the bigger bell pepper kind.

Poblanos are no match for the hot and spicy jalapeño when it comes to providing the heat, so if you’re looking for extra heat, this is an excellent option.

Remove the grooves and pits of the jalapenos before incorporating them into your recipe to lower the temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use in place of poblano peppers?

Bell peppers may be used instead of poblano peppers. They have the appearance of Jalapeos but lack the oaky tastes of Poblanos. They have a similar taste, although they are milder than Poblanos.

Is a poblano pepper like a jalapeno?

With a Scoville value of 1,000 to 2,000, the poblano pepper is a mild to medium pepper. With a Scoville heat unit range of 2,500 to 8,000, they are hotter than banana peppers but not as spicy as jalapeño peppers.

What is the flavor of poblano?

Poblanos are often offered green and underripe, making them very delicate. They taste similar to green bell peppers but with a stronger bite. Heating this pepper softens it and turns it moderately sweet. Additionally, mature poblanos are scarlet and have a hotter taste than green peppers that are underripe.

Are poblano peppers hot?

The large and heart-shaped poblano is widely used in Mexican cuisines such as chiles Rellenos. Poblano peppers are they hot? Yeah, but just little spicy. When ripe, the poblano becomes a dark red-brown hue and may be dried, at which time it is referred pepper as an ancho or mulato.

Is Anaheim a poblano pepper?

Anaheim peppers, like poblanos, are normally fairly spicy but may surprise with spiciness on occasion. They have a narrower shape and a softer hue than poblanos and are more sensitive. Like poblanos, they are often grilled and scraped before use, although they may also be used fresh.


Peppers are an excellent substitute for poblanos since they provide fresh dimension to any meal by adding deliciousness without diluting the flavor character.

When switching hotter components, use cautious or you may end up with an unexpected taste profile for your dinner!


What pepper is most similar to poblano?

Jalapeo Chili

Since they have a similar flavor profile, jalapeo peppers are a decent alternative for poblano peppers. They’re also a wonderful option for folks who want a little spice in their food but not too much.

Are ancho and poblano peppers the same?

Ancho chiles (sometimes known as anchos) are dried poblano peppers. The majority of poblano peppers are green, indicating that they are immature. Anchos are made by allowing peppers to mature on the plant until they become red in hue. They are then harvested and dried.

Are Anaheim peppers and poblano peppers the same?

What is the difference between an anaheim and a poblano pepper? An Anaheim pepper is a mild pepper that is mostly cultivated in California. Poblanos are twice as fiery as Anaheim peppers and were initially cultivated in Mexico, yet they are still considered moderate.

Can I substitute poblano for bell pepper?

Poblano peppers are often regarded as the greatest bell pepper replacement. They taste and look similar to giant bell peppers, with a few minor differences. Poblano peppers have an earthy and deep taste that makes them a great replacement for bell peppers, although they may be a touch hot.

Are Anaheim and poblano similar?

These are two distinct types of peppers. The Poblano is a mild chili pepper that is hotter than the Anaheim. Poblano is distinguished by its long, somewhat twisted heart form, pointy tip, and dark green hue. Anaheim is longer, skinnier, and lighter green in hue.

Which is milder poblano or jalapeno?

The poblano pepper is a moderate to medium-heat pepper with a Scoville rating of 1,000 to 2,000. They are spicier than banana peppers but not as spicy as jalapeno peppers, which have a Scoville heat unit range of 2,500 to 8,000.

Which is hotter poblano or habanero?

The moderate poblano has roughly 1,500 Scoville heat units (SHU), but the super-hot habaero has a staggering 250,000 SHUs (or more).

Is pasilla the same as poblano?

The Poblano pepper is a huge, heart-shaped pepper named after the state of Puebla in central Mexico, where it originated. The Poblano is also known as the pasilla in northern Mexico, the United States, and Canada, while elsewhere, pasilla refers to a dried chilaca pepper.

What are poblano peppers called when they turn red?

The mulato is a completely mature dried poblano pepper that is brown in color before drying, and the ancho is an almost-ripe dried poblano pepper that is red in color before drying.

Can I substitute canned green chilies for poblano peppers?

We understand that not everyone can handle the full heat of a fiery Indian green chili, but the flavor of green chilies adds so much to a meal that they’re an essential element. A green bell pepper may do as a replacement, but there is no better alternative for green chiles than poblano peppers.

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