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There is no greater sensation than a barbecued brisket at a Texas barbeque. Whereas there may be times when beef brisket is unavailable, does not quite match your demands, or is expensive.

If you must use anything else because beef brisket is unavailable, the finest beef brisket alternatives will vary depending on the manner of cooking.

The finest beef brisket alternative depends on your demands; if you want a less costly cut of beef, chuck or beef clods are wonderful possibilities, but if you need a non-beef equivalent, chicken thighs or lamb will also suffice.

This post will walk you through the numerous alternatives to beef brisket that you might utilize.

What Part of Cow Is the Brisket?

7 Best Beef Brisket Substitutes

Brisket is a boneless beef cut from the breast of cows, and since it is a tough cut of meat, it is best utilized when braised, smoked, or roasted for a prolonged amount of time over indirect heat. Brisket is a great cut of beef when cooked properly.

Best Beef Brisket Substitutes

It is usually preferable to choose brisket alternatives that may be cooked in the same manner as the brisket. As a result, the ideal alternatives must be harsh, have a large number of connective tissues, or both.

We’ll look at three good brisket alternatives, and I’ll advise the ideal settings in which to utilize each one. If you’re searching for a beef brisket alternative since it’s not available, you may try these.

1. Short Ribs

Even though they originate from separate parts of the same animal, short ribs and brisket have a lot in common. Short ribs, like beef brisket, are thick and full of juiciness since they include meat, lipids, and even bone.

Because of their delicate nature, their bones may be sliced crosswise or parallel. One method for cooking short ribs is to marinate them until they are tender.

2. Beef Shanks

Beef shanks are a kind of cow leg. They are generally used in soups and stews since they are dry and difficult to work with.

The beef shank is one of the greatest brisket alternatives because it tenderizes and becomes incredibly tasty when cooked over low heat, exactly like the beef brisket. The cut of meat is commonly offered in sliced form at beef markets.

3. Beef Clods

Beef clod is a difficult and fatty portion of the cow that is best cooked over a moderate heat. Baaf clods are frequently marinated or grilled since this brings forth their juiciness.

Clods are often separated into three sections: the shoulder, the strong blade, and the heart. Beef clods may also be grilled or smoked to improve their flavor.

4. Tri-Tip Roast

Because of its taste, tri-tip roast might also serve as a nice replacement. This sirloin cut originates from the bottom of the sirloin and is delicious when roasted, smoked, or grilled.

Another benefit of selecting this cut of beef is that it is tasty and cooks faster than brisket. A single tri-tip roast cut weighs around five pounds and serves six people.

What if your situation is unique? You want a replacement because you want to test different kinds of meat; here are some options.

5. Poultry

Poultry is another inexpensive and simple alternative to brisket. Brisket replacements include chicken thighs, turkey thighs, and duck thighs.

Turkey thighs may be roasted and seasoned in the same way as brisket is, except duck thighs cook quicker and have a more interesting flavor. Chicken thighs, which are the most widely available, have enough fat to allow them to cook quickly without burning.

Then, for our vegetarians, you are not forgotten. Vegetarians may utilize alternative beef brisket substitutes in lieu of meat, such as the

6. Seitan

Seitan is a gluten-free food manufactured from wheat. It’s soft and chewy, and although it’s normally purchased in shops, you can create it entirely from the comfort of your own home.

Once you’ve bought or cooked it, you may always use it in recipes that call for beef brisket.

7. Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a popular meat alternative among vegans. This is a huge green fruit with a rough skin and a This. It is often cultivated in India and other tropical areas.

Jackfruit is one meaty-tasting replacement, and although it is low in calories, it is rich in fiber and ecologically beneficial.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Brisket Substitute Is Best Used For Soups?

The difficult beef shanks are dry sections of cow legs that perform well as a replacement for soups and even stews. They are a fantastic replacement for soups and stews because they become soft and flavorful when cooked over low heat.

What Are Some Cheap Alternatives For Brisket?

Poultry is a low-cost alternative to brisket. When properly prepared, thighs from poultry species such as chicken, turkey, and ducks may serve as excellent alternatives. Another benefit of using this alternative is that it saves time. Poultry meats cook quickly and do not burn easily.

What Are Some Best Brisket Substitutes For Chili?

Chili might benefit from several less costly replacements, like as

Ground beef is the simplest and most uncomplicated sort of meat to use in chili. Even if your recipe still has to simmer for a bit, you won’t have to worry about the meat tenderizing.

Another fantastic option is beef pieces, which originate from the shoulder of cows and are normally served chopped. This cut is often rough, but it tenderizes after approximately 90 minutes of stewing. Another benefit of this cut is that it has a stronger beef taste than ground beef.

Other substitutes include brisket and short ribs.


Many individuals say that there are no true replacements for beef brisket since the alternatives do not taste precisely like beef brisket.

This is true since no substitute can be exactly the same as the original, although some of these other alternatives would get close.

If you still don’t want to utilize any of the beef cuts or other alternatives given here, you can always go with your style and add another sort of meat that you think you’ll like. You have a choice!

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What is a good substitute for beef brisket?

The Best Beef Brisket Substitute
Chuck Roast, also known as Poor Man’s Brisket. The closest substitute for brisket is Chuck Roast, sometimes known as “Poor Man’s Brisket.” …
Ribs on a short plate. The short plate primordial is the source of short plate ribs.
Tri-Tip. Tri-tip is a kind of beef that is sometimes mistaken with brisket.

What is a good substitute for brisket for Passover?

Boneless short ribs are simpler to serve to a crowd and may be used in your grandmother’s time-honored brisket recipe pound for pound.

What meat is better than brisket?

If you want something a little more complex and tasty, I suggest trying tri tip. It has more muscle and can be cooked at a higher temperature, giving in a juicier steak. It’s perfect for leftover tri tip sandwiches with some BBQ sauce on top.

What meat is poor mans brisket?

What exactly is this? Both cuts are ideal for low and slow cooking techniques including as smoking, roasting, and braising. Chuck Roast is known as “poor man’s brisket” because it is a less expensive cut of beef that may be cooked in the same manner.

What is beef brisket called in the grocery store?

What Is the Grocery Store’s Name for Brisket? A “full-packer” brisket is an entire brisket that includes both the tip and the flat. A “flat” or “half” brisket may just comprise the flat. Packages of meat are sometimes simply labeled “brisket” with no more information.

Is top round the same as brisket?

Round is derived from the cow’s back (or butt!). It is also a tough piece of meat. The primary distinction is that it is leaner than brisket. When it comes to cost, both cuts are relatively affordable and among the cheapest portions of the cow you can purchase.

What kind of brisket do Jews eat?

A sweet-and-sour brisket is one of the most typical ways brisket is made in American Jewish cuisine. It consists of a brisket cooked in a sauce including crushed tomatoes, herbs, brown sugar, vinegar, and beef or chicken stock.

Why did Jews eat brisket?

Brisket was a popular dish during Jewish holidays such as Rosh Hashanah, Passover, Hanukkah, and Shabbat. This cut was once popular among Jewish communities since it comes from the cow’s front breast, which is kosher.

What are the three types of brisket?

Prime, Choice, and Select are the three most well-known grades, from highest to lowest degree. (There are grades lower than Select, but we’ll ignore them for the time being.)

Is beef chuck the same as brisket?

Chuck roast is derived from the cow’s forequarter. It might originate from the neck, shoulder blade, or upper arm. Meanwhile, beef brisket is derived from the breast and lower chest.

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