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The spices used to flavor Indian foods are one of the nicest elements. The chaat masala, also known as the chat masala, is a spice from South Asia, notably India.

The various tastes of chaat masala make it highly intriguing to use in meals and make each mouthful unique. Chaat masala is similar to garam masala, however it is used in fruit dishes. Chaat masala translates to delightful spicy mixes since it is complex and contains many distinct spices.

However, chaat masala may not be available in all regions of the nation, which is why we will provide you with some of the finest chaat masala replacements that you may use instead.

Tikka masala, dried mango powder, garam Masala, black salt, lemon juice, Baharat, and curry powder are some of the best chaat masala replacements you can use!

But why use these instead of chaat masala? Let’s find out right now!

What is Chaat Masala Made Of?

6 Best Chaat Masala Substitutes

Chaat masala, like other spices found in India, differs depending on the dish. Nonetheless, 5 key components are almost always included in most chaat masalas.

These ingredients are;

  • Red chili powder
  • Toasted cumin seeds
  • Black salt
  • Dried pomegranate seeds
  • Dried mango powder

The taste of chaat masala changes based on the recipe and the amount in which it is applied, making it quite versatile.

Best Chaat Masala Substitutes

There aren’t many chaat masala substitutions, but the handful I’ll mention are good options.

Lets get started!

1. Dried Mango Powder  

One of the major elements in the chaat masala is dried mango powder, which may also be used as a replacement. You should use this replacement because chaat masala, like dried mango powder, has a sour and acidic taste.

You should keep in mind that dried mango will not have the same nuanced flavor as chaat masala, so use this replacement sparingly.

Start with a few spoons of dried mango powder and then add more later.

2. Garam Masala

Garam masala is another prominent spice used in many Indian dishes. Its recipes and flavor, like chaat masala, vary from area to region and recipe to dish.

Garam is another important replacement for chaat masala since it contains some of the same components as chaat masala, such as black peppers, cumin seeds, and red chili powder.

These are not the only components in garam masala; depending on the recipe, it may also comprise a variety of other delicious ingredients.

It’s worth noting that the garam masala lacks dried mango powder and salt, which are key elements in chaat masala.

This should not be an issue since you may add a bit of salt and dried mango powder to your meal if they are available. You should use this substitution sparingly in your recipe since too much of it might radically affect the flavor.

3. Tikka Masala

Like garam, tikka masala is created from a variety of spicy, flavorful, and fragrant spices.

This spice contains some of the same elements as chaat masalas, such as black pepper, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, and red chili powder. You may also buy tikka spice with a hint of mango powder, so always choose tikka with mango powder.

For a better taste, add a little of salt when replacing. As with any alternative, apply the tikka masala in little amounts until you obtain the desired taste.

Because it includes string components like turmeric, you should not use it in a 1:1 ratio.

4. Baharat

Baharat is a good chaat masala alternative owing to its high quality, making it an appropriate component and condiment.

If you want to know more about the flavor of this condiment, you should know that it tastes similar to coriander seeds and black peppercorns.

When using Baharat as a replacement, add the salt and mango in pinches first, and then use this substitution in salads and soups.

5. Curry Powder

If you don’t have any of the mentioned substitutions, curry powder is a decent option that may be used as a secondary substitute for the chaat masala.

There are several curry powder mixes available on the market and even in your own house.

The curry powder, like the garam masala and tikka masala, does not include salt or mango powder, so you must add them yourself.

Curry powder is a better ingredient than a condiment, so use it in cooked foods like soups rather than salads.

6. Black Salt and Lemon Juice

This alternative is not the finest you should settle for, but it is enough. This substitution would give your food a bit of the sulfurous flavor of black salt while also carrying undertones of lemon juice.

Even if the end product isn’t exactly like chaat masala, it’s worth a go. The end product is generally zesty, and you should keep in mind that this alternative is best used sparingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Black Salt the Same as The Himalayan Salt?

The black Himalayan salt is a variation on the pink Himalayan salt. In this instance, however, the salt is burned to very high temperatures in kilns with charcoal before being infused with specialized medicinal characteristics. They are the same because black slat is just a kind of Himalayan salt.

Is Amchur Powder and Chaat Masala the Same?

Most of you may be perplexed by the term “amchur powder.” Amchur powder translates to “mango powder,” and it is a main spice in chaat masala that gives it a unique flavor. Even though they do not signify the same thing, they might be used interchangeably.

Is garam masala a good substitute for the chaat masala?

It is, indeed. Garam masala is one of the greatest chaat masala replacements available. When used as a replacement


What can I replace chaat masala with?

Chaat Masala Replacement

If you don’t have chaat masala and a recipe asks for it, try using dry mango powder, dried pomegranate powder, or black salt instead. You may possibly get away with using garam masala in lieu of it depending on the dish (Example: Aloo ki Tikki).

Can we use garam masala instead of chaat masala?

Is garam masala synonymous with chaat masala? Because chaat masala and garam masala are not the same thing, garam masala is not a suitable alternative for chat masala. They have radically diverse taste profiles due to the use of various spices.

Can I use lemon instead of chaat masala?

Lemon or lime juice: Lemon or lime juice is a fantastic replacement for chaat masala. It has a sour and acidic taste, similar to amchoor powder, and may add zest to any cuisine.

Is chaat masala the same as tikka masala?

Masala (Massala) – An Overview

So a masala is not a dish; it is an ingredient or a spice blend. The phrase “Chicken Tikka Masala” or “Garam Masala” (a spicy spice combination) or Chaat Masala (another spice mixture created for side dishes like as Aloo Chaat) is often used in a description.

What is the composition of chaat masala?

Chaat masala, often written chat masala, is a powder spice blend or masala from South Asia that is commonly used to flavor chaat. Amchoor (dried mango powder), cumin, coriander, dried ginger, salt (frequently black salt), black pepper, asafoetida, and chili powder are common ingredients.

Can I use curry powder instead of masala?

1. Curry powder: Use curry powder as a replacement for garam masala in your dish. Although you won’t receive the same warming spices, the taste of curry powder will complement most Indian recipes.

Is amchur same as chaat masala?

Chaat masala is a spice mixture that includes amchur as a primary component. The spice combination is often used in chaats and also tastes delicious sprinkled over fruit! While it is not a substitute for amchur, it may be used in dishes such as chaat.

Can I use curry instead of masala?

If you’re in a rush and just have a few ingredients on hand, use curry powder as a suitable garam masala substitute. Curry powder may not include the same warming spices, but it does serve to add flavor depth to curry meals.

Why is chaat masala used?

Uses for Chaat Masala

Chaat masala is liberally sprinkled on all chaat dishes like as aloo chaat, dahi puri, bhel, and so on. Chaat masala powder will lend a tangy flavor to all chaat recipes. A teaspoon of chaat masala powder combined with lemon drops provides a tangy flavor to fruit and vegetable salads.

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