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Almond extract is a powerfully scented liquid that can transform any baking dish with only a few drops.

And nothing surpasses the excitement and satisfying sense of quickly whipping together a delicious cuisine with such a miraculous ingredient.

But, certain substitutes create a wonderful blend of fruity and nutty tastes, exactly like almond extract, and you will surely need these replacements if you don’t have almond extract on hand.

Vanilla extract, cinnamon, orange zest, and almond liqueur are some of the greatest almond extract replacements we’ll be exploring today.

Furthermore, after you’ve mastered each of these alternatives and their applications, they may become your secret ingredient for enhancing the intensity of anything from sweet delicacies to warm winter drinks.

Best Almond Extract Substitutes

If you can’t get your hands on any Almond extract for whatever reason, you can always rely on these replacements.

1. Vanilla Extract

The first on our list is Vanilla Extract, which is prepared by macerating and percolating vanilla pods in an ethanol and water solution.

This extract is regarded as a fundamental component in many Western sweets, particularly baked goods such as brownies, cookies, and cakes, as well as ice creams, custards, and puddings.

Just the scent of vanilla has relaxing effects on adults and is a safe replacement, particularly for people who are allergic to any form of nut.

Nevertheless, vanilla extract has little to no taste and mostly provides a sweet-smelling scent.

In contrast to Almond, they only have a sweet smell and a strong taste.

And vanilla extract in recipes has a sweet, almost caramelly flavor with a subtle floral component that tastes like jasmine.

As a result, if you find almond extract a touch too intense for your tastes, vanilla extract is your best choice.

Use 1 teaspoon vanilla extract instead of 3 drops almond extract for the substitute.

They have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, boost brain health, and help minimize added sugar consumption.

What’s the greatest part? They are widely accessible in most bakeries and supermarket shops.

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2. Vanilla beans

If you can’t obtain vanilla extract, you may always use vanilla beans. They’ll be an excellent substitute for almonds, since they’re the closest taste match.

All you have to do is gently cut the bean in half and use a knife or fork to scrape out the soft seed center.

You may either discard the outer bean pod or reuse it by using the seeds in lieu of the vanilla essence.

Use the inner seeds of 1 full vanilla bean pod to replace 1 tablespoon (15 mL) of vanilla extract.

More significantly, there is a broad array of vanilla bean flavorings available online and in specialist food shops, each of which is an excellent substitute for vanilla extract.

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3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a delightful spice derived from the inner bark of plants known technically as Cinnamomum.

This substance has won awards for its therapeutic powers for millennia.

Cinnamon may have no resemblance to almonds. But make no mistake, this is a sweet, fragrant woody spice with a subtle lemony note that complements any baked meal, rice pudding, french toast, churros, pumpkin, squash, or sweet.

This almond extract alternative will never let you down. That just reminds me of how pleasant fall and winter can be.

They are inexpensive and widely accessible at supermarkets.

And since it doesn’t compete with the scent of the fruit when blended, I wouldn’t hesitate to put it on chocolate or nut-based pastries instead of fruit ones.

Use just half a teaspoon of cinnamon instead of two drops of almond essence.

4. Orange Zest 

Citrus Zest (such as orange zest) is by far the simplest substitute on this list.

Citrus peel not only imparts a delicious fruity flavor and zesty perfume to fruit-based cakes and pastries, but it also has powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial characteristics that are beneficial to your general health.

Therefore, the next time you toss away an orange peel, remember that it contains all of the taste and nutrients.

When you run out of almond extract, use orange zest in baking and cooking, as well as salad dressings.

Wash the fruit well and pat it dry with a towel. Finally, for the finest results, use a cheese grater.

Don’t worry, orange zest has a powerful, pungent sweetness that isn’t bitter like pith.

As a result, as long as you use a teaspoon of orange zest to replace 2-3 drops of almond essence in every baked item, it won’t spoil the dinner.

What if you don’t like the Zest?

You may just squeeze the orange and add roughly 1-2 tablespoons of juice instead. This will also give you the proper zesty taste and scent.

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5. Almond Liqueur

If you can’t live without the benefits of almonds for any reason, Almond Liqueur can help.

Manufactured from bitter apricot kernel oil, almond liqueur tastes and has almost the same properties as almond extract, however the extract’s flavor is more intense.

Both include alcoholic content, although it tends to evaporate after boiled, making it safer for youngsters to ingest.

Moreover, almond liqueur is easily accessible at any grocery shop or internet retailer.

To avoid a harsh flavor and a strong scent in your baking dish, don’t use too much liqueur.

Use the same 1:1 substitute ratio and follow the same instructions as you would for baked foods that call for almond extract.

Conclusion | Alternatives to Almond Extract

Which of the almond extract replacements spoke to you the most?

 Is it almond Liqueur, Vanilla, or Orange Zest?

Well, any will suffice. But, since this is a question of personal opinion, select what works best for your recipes.

Nevertheless, if you do not want to use orange zest, you may substitute any citrus fruit zest or juice, such as:

  • lemons
  • limes
  • oranges
  • grapefruits

They all provide flavor to your dish without any acidity or extra liquids. Just add 12 tablespoons (1530 mL) of zest to baked items, salad dressings, sauces, or even as a garnish.

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What can I use instead of almond extract in cherry pie?

Vanilla extract is substantially milder in taste than almond extract. As a result, when substituting it, use twice as much almond extract as the recipe asks for. Since it has a comparable taste profile to almond extract, vanilla extract is our preferred replacement.

How important is almond extract in a recipe?

Almond extract adds taste to sweet sweets and balances the acidity of sour cherries in your favorite cherry pie. This extract is seldom required in a recipe and serves mostly as a taste enhancer. While baking and cooking, you may simply replace almond extract without compromising too much flavor.

What’s a substitute for vanilla and almond extract?

Extracts with flavors

Other flavored extracts may be substituted for vanilla in a pinch. Depending on the recipe and how strong you want the taste to be, butter extract, peppermint extract, rum, or any fruit-flavored extract may be added in a 1:1 ratio.

Is imitation almond extract good?

It’s regarded as a safe alternative for almond flavoring, and it’s virtually usually less costly than “natural” sources of almond flavor. On the label, look for the terms “imitation almond extract” and “artificial taste.”

Is there a substitute for almond extract?

Vanilla extract is the most often used alternative for almond extract. Since the almond taste is significantly stronger, you may add up to twice as much vanilla.

What tastes like almond extract?

Cherry Maraschino Juice

Hence, if almond extract tastes like cherry and vice versa, it’s because they have almost identical flavor profiles. If you have maraschino cherry juice on hand, it will suffice as a replacement. Use four parts cherry juice for every one component extract.

Why is almond extract so gross?

Almond extract, which is used in baked products and pastries, does not taste like almonds. This is due to the fact that it is created with bitter almond oil and ethyl alcohol.

Do almond extract and vanilla extract taste the same?

While almond extract is far more strong than vanilla, it will produce a comparable taste profile if used judiciously. You’ll only need half as much almond extract, and you may be surprised how much you like its nutty taste in your favorite vanilla dishes.

Can I use amaretto instead of almond extract?

You may be able to use as much or as little of each almond extract alternative as you need depending on the recipe and what you have in your cupboard. Bourbon, brandy, or amaretto may be used in place of vanilla extract in a 1:1 ratio. Brandy, an almond-flavored liquor, is made from apricot kernels.

How much vanilla can I substitute for almond extract?

Following vanilla, almond extract is one of the most often used extracts in baking. You may use almond extract for vanilla extract in a 1:1 ratio. That is, for every 1 tablespoon (15 mL) of vanilla extract used in the recipe, substitute it with 1 tablespoon (15 mL) of almond extract.

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