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Now that you are ready to cook, you have everything ready, but you notice that the jar of tomato stew you were planning to use is empty, and this stew is an important component of the meal you are preparing.

You don’t need to freak out since there are other options available to you that can replace the tomato stew in the meal without altering the flavor in any way.

But what are some other options you have than stewed tomatoes? It is dependent on the meal that you are creating as to whether or not you can substitute tomato stew.

You may give your food the color, taste, acidity, and sourness of tomatoes by using tomato paste, along with a little amount of sugar and juice obtained from sauerkraut. If you do this, your dish will have all of the characteristics of tomatoes.

The following is a list for the finest alternatives to stewed tomatoes that you may use.

What Are Stewed Tomatoes?

Tomatoes are said to be stewed when they are cooked with salt, onions, pepper, and other seasonings. The vegetable is re-heated before being served as a side dish or included into stews, soups, or sauces.

Tomatoes may be cooked in a number of various ways by different individuals. The majority of people in the United States like adding veggies, while some may choose the more traditional method of preparing tomatoes by stewing them with herbs, mushrooms, and tomatoes.

Tomato chutney and tomato stew are two examples of regional adaptations of this dish that may be found all over the globe.

What Can I Use Instead Of Stewed Tomatoes?

The quality of the brand makes a considerable impact in terms of the variety of tomatoes that can be obtained in a supermarket. There are certain brands that are much better than others.

When making a substitution, it is important to consider what is appropriate in terms of size, texture, and flavor. For example, tomato plum and tomato cherry are not quite equivalent varieties of tomato. The following are some tasty substitutes for stewed tomatoes:

1. Diced Tomatoes

Tomatoes are said to be diced if they are fresh, have good strength, and have been sliced into tiny, often square pieces. They are occasionally prepared, but unlike stew tomatoes, they are not boiled for a long period of time. Tomatoes used for stew are larger and more delicate than diced tomatoes, which are more compact but more robust.

Tomatoes that have been diced may be used in place of stewed tomatoes in a variety of dishes, including stews, soups, sauces, and pasta dishes.

However, if you want to cook them for a longer period of time, you should include veggies in the dish. In any recipe that calls for stewed tomatoes, you may use this instead.

2. Crushed Tomatoes

Crushed tomatoes have a texture that is similar to that of pureed tomatoes and are created by crushing whole tomatoes into smaller pieces.

The consistency of crushed tomatoes is often rather thick, and since they have smaller bits that are easier to pour, they make an excellent stand-in for stewed tomatoes.

Crushed tomatoes have a consistency that is somewhere in the middle of that of diced tomatoes and tomato sauce when they are canned.

Some companies like to turn their crushed tomatoes into a rough mash, while other companies may like to make theirs into something that is nearly as smooth as a puree.

Crushed tomatoes always have their rich taste, which is why they are recommended for pasta sauces and soups with a creamier consistency. They may also be the finest component for your spaghetti and pasta sauces.

3. Whole Tomatoes

Tomatoes that are consumed whole are peeled so that their seeds are not lost. They are often sold in cans, labeled as juice. In a variety of dishes, such as pasta sauces, stews, and others, they are often used as an alternative to stewed tomatoes.

You have more alternatives available to you when you use the entire tomato, and you may season it in any manner you find most appealing in a dish.

When using stewed tomatoes instead of whole tomatoes, careful attention must be paid to ensuring that the dish retains the desired flavor profile.

You may prepare entire canned tomatoes by cooking them with about one-fourth cupful of chopped red bell pepper and one-fourth cupful of chopped onion. This results in a taste that is superior than canned stewed tomatoes in both quality and freshness.

4. Tomatoes Paste

Because you probably already have it on hand, tomato paste is the most convenient option for standing in as a replacement for canned stewed tomatoes.

Because it is able to keep the beneficial qualities even after being heated, tomato paste that is created naturally is a better choice for your health than processed tomato paste.

The use of tomato paste not only enhances your stew, soup, lecho, marinade, and other sauces taste better but also makes them thicker and more concentrated. Your dish will seem more appetizing as a result of the enhancement of its color.

Because it has a robust taste similar to that of stewed tomatoes, it may be used in place of stewed tomatoes in dishes like soups. It will be difficult to tell the difference between this and stewed tomatoes in a dish if you add vegetables such as onion, bell pepper, and celery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Diced Tomatoes Instead Of Stewed Tomatoes?

Diced tomatoes are firm tomatoes that have been chopped into smaller square bits, while stewed tomatoes have had larger chunks taken out of them and are more tender. It is possible to use it in place of tomatoes that have been cooked.

To make diced tomatoes into stewed tomatoes, you need to peel fresh tomatoes, cut them into smaller squares, and simmer them in their liquid for a while. Diced tomatoes are the same size as diced tomatoes.

What Can I Substitute For Mexican Style Stewed Tomatoes?

Tomatoes prepared in a Mexican manner are often cooked with green chile or jalapeno peppers. Therefore, Rotel, which is any kind of tomatoes cooked with chopped chilies and is the kind of tomato that is often used in recipes for salsa and other kinds of dips, is the most suitable alternative to use in its place. Rotel can be found in most grocery stores.

Can You Use Stewed Tomatoes In Chili?

The use of chili, which is a fiery kind of pepper, in conjunction with stewed tomatoes is totally dependant on the dish that is going to be prepared. If you want your feed to have a tomato taste, tomato stew is a fantastic spice that you can add to your recipe. If you want to have tomato flavor in your feed, see the previous sentence.

Are Stewed Tomatoes And Diced Tomatoes The Same?

Although the most obvious distinction between stewed tomatoes and diced tomatoes is in terms of size and consistency, stewed tomatoes and diced tomatoes are distinct from one another due to the fact that diced tomatoes are not cooked.


The stewed tomatoes are a delightful addition to any dish, and they are also very good for you since they have a high nutritional content and a lot of vitamin A and vitamin C. The nutritional value of foods is increased when additional ingredients like garlic, onions, mushrooms, celery, and bell peppers are used.

The question “what are the finest alternatives for stewed tomatoes?” has been on your mind for some time now, and this piece should have provided you with an answer to that issue.

It is possible to successfully replace stewed tomatoes with canned tomatoes that have additional spice added, fresh tomatoes that have been basted, diced tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, or even tomato paste.

However, regardless of whatever alternative you choose, you must ensure that your meal has a variety of veggies in order to get a balanced combination of flavor and nutrition.