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There is nothing that replaces the satisfaction you get serving and relishing any meal that would not take time to cook. And gnocchi is one of many other dishes that offer these qualities.

Gnocchi is a variety of pasta that you can have with other ingredients to make up a full course meal. However, when you cannot get a hold of gnocchi, can you find better replacements?

Yes, since gnocchi is a variety of pasta, one of the best gnocchi substitutes is pasta, but there are also other alternatives that well discuss below.

Lets get started!

What is Gnocchi?

3 Best Gnocchi Substitutes

Gnocchi is a type of pasta from the stuffed pasta varieties. And just like other pasta, it is milled from unleavened bread or durum wheat.

Also known asgnocchi potato dumplings, gnocchi is a nutritious meal that many people, especially Italians, enjoy having.

It has many fillings, which amounts to the taste and nutrition that make up a healthy meal. Gnocchi comes in different types. And when the time calls for substitution, gnocchi can replace other pasta.

Gnocchi can be a good standalone meal or side dish. So, you will savor gnocchi with satisfaction any time you make it.

Taste of gnocchi:Originally, gnocchi tasted like any other pasta. However, because of the potato, it is made off and other feelings like vegetables and cheese, gnocchi is quite taste compared toother types of pasta.

Now, this might make it hard to find the best substitute for gnocchi. However, there are great replacements for gnocchi. Now, let us learn about gnocchi substitutes.

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Best Gnocchi substitutes

3 Best Gnocchi Substitutes

1. Tortellini

Since gnocchi is a type of pasta from the stuffed varieties, tortellini is the best replacement for it. Just like gnocchi, tortellini is a type of pasta that many regions enjoy. It is also popular in Italian cuisines.

Tortellini is a ring-shaped type of pasta, which is made from flour and other important ingredients. And just like gnocchi, tortellini comes with fillings too.

The fillings of tortellini are mainly meat. Tortellini is an excellent gnocchi substitute because it is from the stuffed pasta.

So, when it is time to make your favorite dish but you do not have gnocchi handy you can settle for tortellini.

2. Ravioli

Another great gnocchi substitute to consider having is ravioli.Ravioli is also a type of pasta from the stuffed varieties. Ravioli is pasta that takes the shape of a square or circle, however it has this pillowy look because of the fillings.

Although this type of pasta is popular and mostly eaten in Italian cuisines, many other regions are also fond of ravioli because it is filled with nutrients.

And since gnocchi is from the stuffed varieties, ravioli is an excellent substitute for gnocchi. So when your recipe calls for gnocchi and for many reasons you cannot seem to get, a hold of gnocchi, then ravioli is the perfect substitute for gnocchi.

3. Tortellino

Closely related to tortellini is tortellino. Tortellino is also a type of pasta from the stuffed varieties. However, this type has vegetables as most of the fillings, unlike other stuffed varieties that have meat and cheese as their fillings.

Tortellino is the best pasta for vegetarians. However, anybody can have this great pasta, especially if you do not have issues eating vegetables.

You can have tortellino in place of gnocchi anytime the recipe calls for it.

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Can You Have Any Other Type of Pasta Other Than Stuffed Pasta?

Yes, you can have any other type of pasta replace your gnocchi. You can use pasta from the short varieties; macaroni, penne, fusilli, rotini, and others.

You do not have to worry about not having fillings to make for it. You can have any of the short pasta with cheese, meat, or even vegetables and still have the same feeling and satisfaction you derive from relishing gnocchi.

So, another gnocchi substitute is the short varieties. You could reap the same benefits you reap when you have gnocchi.

Is It Possible To Have Long Pasta As A Gnocchi Substitute?

Yes, it is possible to have long pasta as a gnocchi substitute. However, this does not mean that it comes with fillings of any sort. You would have to pair your replacement with any ingredient you desire to make a filling for your pasta.

So, whether you decide to use spaghetti, fettuccine, or linguine, you would still reap the benefits.


Knowing the right ingredients to replace some foods in the kitchen is the key to making assorted meals without relying on just your intended food item.

Finding gnocchi substitutes is not tasky if you know the other kinds of pasta in the stuffed varieties and other types of pasta, including the long and short pasta.

Hopefully, our guide has revealed all the best replacements for gnocchi. We hope you make the best choice.


What is a good substitute for gnocchi?

Substitutes for Gnocchi: A great substitution is pasta. The small shells or orzo are perfect for adding to this soup as well as rice.

Can you use pasta instead of gnocchi?

When Do You Use Pasta Or Gnocchi? Both ingredients can used in place of each other. There are lots of different recipes out there, but even though they aren’t the same thing they can be used very similarly. If you are a lover of pasta then you can substitute pretty much any of your beloved pasta dishes for gnocchi.

What are the 3 types of gnocchi?

The most common types of Gnocchi are: Gnocchi di Patate, alla Romana, and Parisienne.
Gnocchi di Patate. This type of Gnocchi is the most prevalent around the world and my method of choice.
Gnocchi alla Romana.
Gnocchi Parisienne.

Can I substitute tortellini for gnocchi?

So, can you substitute tortellini for gnocchi? Tortellini is made from a dough of flour, eggs, and salt, while gnocchi is made from a dough of potatoes, flour, eggs, and salt. As a result, tortellini has a softer texture, while gnocchi has a more firm texture. Pasta is an excellent substitute for gnocchi.

What Italian pasta is similar to gnocchi?

Cavatelli is somewhat similar looking to gnocchi. Cavatelli pasta is originally from Molise and Puglia regions. This pasta is popular throughout Southern Italy. Cavatelli is made from three simple ingredients, durum wheat semolina flour, lukewarm water, and just a pinch of salt.

Is gnocchi more unhealthy than pasta?

Nutritional Value

Believe it or not, regular pasta is actually more carb-heavy than gnocchi, coming in at around 2 times the amount of carbs per serving. Gnocchi is also notorious for having a lot more sodium, with over 200 grams of it per serving. Regular pasta doesn’t have nearly as high of a sodium content.

Is gnocchi just dumplings?

Essentially, gnocchi are a form of dumplings, and, of course, not exclusive to Italy. But their light, airy texture and full potato flavor makes them a unique pasta with a long history in classic European cuisine.

Is ravioli similar to gnocchi?

Gnocchi are potato-based dumplings that are not stuffed. Gnocchi are typically boiled and tossed in a tomato-based sauce. Tortellini, ravioli, and agnolotti are all stuffed Italian pastas made with semolina flour.

Is gnocchi more pasta or potato?

While gnocchi are a traditional Italian pasta shape, what makes them distinct is that they use potatoes as the main ingredient. Therefore, they’re commonly considered to be a dumpling. Like many dishes in Italian cuisine, gnocchi vary in both name, appearance, and recipe across the regions of lo Stivale.

Why do Italians eat gnocchi?

Gnocchi, a substantial, high-calorie dish, was prepared on Thursday in anticipation of Friday, when, according to Catholic tradition, people fasted, abstaining from meat. On Friday, Romans traditionally ate fish-based dishes, such as chickpeas and cod, a dish still served on Fridays in the old-fashioned Roman taverns.

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