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Poppy seeds are those little, fatty seeds that resemble a kidney. Poppy seeds are very adaptable seeds derived from the East Mediterranean poppy plant (Papaver somniferum).

Poppy seeds are very tiny and shaped like a kidney. To demonstrate how little they are, a gram of it would need over 3,500 seeds.

There is always a way to incorporate them into various dishes. What’s the reason? It is simply due to the nutty flavor it emits and the highly crunchy taste.

Because poppy seeds may be used in a variety of dishes, it is an item that you will use often.Looking for poppy seed alternatives? Continue reading to discover feasible alternatives that you may use anytime you run out of poppy seeds.

Substitutes For Poppy Seeds

10 Best Substitutes for Poppy Seeds

1. Flax Seeds

Many people are just learning about flax seeds now because of its many health advantages, but the reality is that they have been around for hundreds of years. Indeed, we would not be mistaken if we said they were as ancient as the earth itself.

Flax seeds have a distinct nutty and crispy taste. Isn’t it an interesting combination? They are said to be an excellent alternative for poppy seeds, with added health benefits.

They are strong in protein and include a variety of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, copper, Omega-3 acid, and many more. Flax seeds have a particular component that has been shown to fight cancer. This element is known as lignans, and it may be found in considerable amounts in flax seeds.

Flax seeds are the most popular poppy seed alternatives in baking.

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2. Black Sesame Seeds

When it comes to poppy seed alternatives, black sesame seeds are the closest match. They are very comparable in every conventional nutritional value, size, color, and so forth.

Black sesame seeds are abundant in antioxidants and, like flax seeds, contain a high lignan concentration. Asians cultivate, produce, and export the majority of them.

When it comes to flavor, it is more nutty, probably stronger, and has a more bitter taste than poppy seeds. Overall, these little, extremely oily black seeds are a great substitute for poppy seeds, being abundant in calcium, copper, and iron as well as being highly flavorful.

3. Toasted Sesame Seeds

The phrase toasted sesame seeds is appropriate since when toasted, you only receive a flash of its highly nutty taste, which is associated with poppy seeds.

These incredibly crispy roasted seeds come in a variety of hues, including brown, red, and white, but only the brown, white, and red may serve as the finest poppy seed alternatives.

4. Nigella Seeds

The Nigella are the real seeds found on Nigella Sativa plants cultivated in areas such as Syria and Turkey. Many individuals claim to obtain the same nutty flavor as poppy seeds from Nigella, although its flavor is clearly overwhelmed by a spicy onion flavor.

Nigella seeds are high in antioxidants and include a variety of vitamins and minerals, including magnesium and iron. Incorporate it into your vegetable, salad, and curry meals to enjoy its crisp savory sweetness.

5. Celery Seeds

Another excellent poppy seed replacement. They are similar in size and form to poppy seeds, but the flavor is significantly different; it is slightly bitter and tastes like celery.

They are one of numerous poppy seed alternatives that are high in manganese, magnesium, and iron. One advantage of celery seeds is that they have a low calorie content.

6. Chia Seeds

We can’t really call this a list of poppy seed substitutes if the Chia isn’t on it. When considering suitable poppy seed substitutes, the Chia is one of the first things that springs to mind.

This is because they not only serve the same job in the kitchen, but they are also quite comparable in terms of nutritional profile, texture, size, and form.

They are powerful antioxidants that refill your body with magnesium, Omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and other nutrients. In fact, the abundance of the seed’s health advantages is what has made it popular in recent times, despite the fact that it has been there for hundreds of years.

Chia seeds are an excellent substitute for poppy seeds. The only significant variation between them is their fiber content.

Poppy seeds do not have as much fiber as Chia seeds. When we say Chia seeds are the best poppy seed alternative, we mean the ones that have been allowed to dry.

7. Amaranth

Amaranth, like most other old grains, provides excellent nutritional value in all of your meals. Talk about protein, manganese, fiber, selenium, iron, and so on, and amaranth has it all, right down to antioxidants.

A cup of amaranth has around 3 grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein, and no more than 170 calories, making it well-deserving of a position on our list.

8. Hemp Seeds

They are, as you would expect, the identical hemp seeds that can be found on the main hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa. They are a distinct kind, although they are still members of the same family as marijuana.

Most vegetarians would find the hemp seeds to be a perfect poppy seed substitute as they are more protein based than poppy seeds.

Try hemp seeds now and you will never have to worry about the scarcity of poppy seeds again.

9. Basil Seeds

The flavor of basil seed is unparalleled. It’s no surprise that many people use it to season cuisine. Meals made with this seed have a highly crispy texture and a very mild flowery flavor.

Not to mention the various nutritional benefits they provide. A fantastic choice at any time of day or night.

10. Sesame Seeds

Apart from their distinctive nutty flavor, sesame seeds have many of the same characteristics as poppy seeds, making them an excellent candidate for inclusion on this list.

The taste and texture are remarkably similar, and apart from the nutty flavor, it would have been difficult to discern the difference between it and poppy seeds.

Sesame seeds are very wonderful in chicken curry recipes. The scent and taste of the meal will take your breath away. Get the whole dried sesame seeds today and have it become a part of your recipes. Your taste buds will appreciate it.

What Are The Two Types Of Poppy Seeds?

10 Best Substitutes for Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds are available in two colors: black and white. They have comparable textures, but the distinction between them, apart from the apparent one of color, is in how they are employed in cooking and the taste they provide.

White poppy seeds are often used in Indian cuisine because they have a more delicate taste. It is also a regular ingredient in their baking preparations. Europeans like the rich nutty taste of black poppy seeds.

However, both black and white poppy seeds have one thing in common: they are rich in nutritional content. They are high in protein and fiber, as well as an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. However, it is recommended that you drink it in very little amounts since too much of it, like everything else, is not beneficial for your body.

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Have you ever heard of the term khus khus? This is how most people refer to poppy seeds. Because of its high nutritious content, this well-known seed has become a household staple.

Poppy seeds are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, which assist to reduce the onset of cardiovascular disease and protect your overall health.

We have gathered a list of replacements for poppy seeds that are just as healthy, sweet-flavored, and delicious.

You know what to do if you run out of poppy seeds again or need a new but distinct taste for your food.


What can I substitute for poppy seeds?

Sesame seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, and even the more difficult-to-find nigella seeds are great substitutes for the crunchy texture or pleasantly nutty flavor. If you want to replace poppy seed oil, olive oil is a great option.

Are chia seeds the same as poppy seeds?

Because this recipe uses less sugar, the taste is comparable but not as sweet. The main difference is that chia seeds are used instead of poppy seeds. As previously stated, chia seeds are less expensive and contain almost twice as much fiber than poppy seeds.

Is black sesame the same as poppy seed?

Poppy seeds may be used in lieu of sesame seeds since they have a similar nutty flavor and texture. Opium poppy plants yield these seeds. They are used as a topping for salads, breads, cakes and pancakes, and even sweets, so they may be utilized in a variety of meals that pair well with sesame seeds.

Can I substitute celery seed for poppy seed?

To taste, poppy seeds

Add 1 tablespoon vinegar as an alternative. To create a slaw dressing, replace the poppy seeds with celery seeds. To create a potato salad dressing, use the original recipe but replace the poppy seeds with celery seeds.

What does poppy seed do to a recipe?

Poppy seeds serve numerous purposes in baked foods, including:
taste: offer a deep nutty taste that may be enhanced by toasting.
scent: a faint nutty scent is provided.
Texture: adds a crunchy texture.
Fat substitute: The seed oil may be used as a fat substitute.

Are unwashed poppy seeds illegal in the US?

Commercially accessible poppy seeds, such as those used in baking and other culinary preparations, are lawful to buy since their seed coverings do not contain opium alkaloids. In the United States, purchasing and possessing unclean or uncooked seeds is illegal.

Can you use chia seeds like poppy seeds?

Chia seeds, like poppy seeds, are high in fiber, protein, manganese, phosphorus, and calcium, as well as antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds are particularly abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, with more omega-3s per gram than salmon.

Are poppy seeds and sesame seeds in the same family?

Other foods in the same botanical food family may sometimes cause sensitivities or allergies in youngsters. The Composite Family includes two seeds: sesame and sunflower. Poppy seed belongs to its own botanical family, the poppy family.

Are poppy seeds good or bad for you?

The high quantities of thebaine seen in certain batches of retail poppy seeds are the result of non-food grade poppy seeds entering the human food supply chain inadvertently. These seeds are not fit for human consumption and should not be consumed.

What is the bagel with black seeds called?

Each Seed Bagels

The inclusion of black seeds is the important component in this particular bagel. They are the seeds of the annual blooming plant Nigella Sativa, which is native to South and West Asia and is also known as black caraway or fennel flower.

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